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This is a sequel to 2012 in Twilight but, to those who hadn't read it, here's an introduction:

Summary of the first sequel, 2012 in Twilight...

The end of the world happened and there was an earthquake on the Cullen's house. Half of them dropped while the other survived. Bella, Nessie, Jake, Carlisle, Jasper and Rosalie were the ones who fell while Alice, Edward, Esme and Emmet left unharmed. They rantway from the house and while running, they met Amiolet, a half vampire that eats fruits. They got to know them better while t time passed by and one day, Amiolet found Bella and the rest alive. The Cullens got reunited.

Jake died on another earthquake before Amiolet came. When they got reunited, Nessie started choking and passed away sooner. The day after that, they went to La Push to rescue the Quiletes. Billy stayed behind as he knew that he couldnt have catched up with them. The other Quiletes came. They stayed on a mountain as the rest of Forks drowned in the tsunami. Two days after that, they were assigned to do jobs to build a boat. They brought the Volturi along and in two days' time, they were about to go.

Then, a tsunami was about to come in 5 minutes' time but Aro blocked their way to enter the boat. The tsunami came and in the end, Aro got beaten by the wolves and drowned in the tsunami. While they relaxed in the boat, a new coven came in. Their names were Jade, Jared, Emmanuel, Kathlyn, Erick and Ericha. They had different gfts but both Jade and Jared has all the powers in the world. Fire, water, earcth, mind reading.. everything. Kathlyn could see permanent visions. Erick and Ericha could shape-shift. Erick could shap-shift features such as face, body, mind and gender. Ericha could shape-shift into species like vampire to human, human to wolf and things like that. Emmanuel could control people's mind and manipulate them.

After some fun in the boat, they were ready to get out and face a whle new world. A whole new Generation.....

To those who are interested to read the first sequel..
Link to 2012 in Twilight:

Summary: For the past few days, the vampires, werewolves, half-breeds and humans were trying to save their lives. And while doing that, they came across some vampires that helped them. Now that all of them survived, they need to solve some mysteries.. Some humans survived and they knew that one day, the humans will find them.. But, what will they do? Will the vampires, wolves and half-breeds cooperate with the humans and vice versa? Or will it come to war? And as they live on, they meet more strange species. And they find out that... they weren't the only ones who survived.....


I smiled. "How did you think humans found out about vampires and created myths out of them?" I asked. Alice and Edward stared at me and wondered.

"It was because we thought that at that time, humans could understand us. I talked to one human about me. That human spreaded the word and word started spreading. Fast. Another vampire heard the news and tried to stop them. But, to no avail. Unfortunately, the word started to change. They created ridicolous stuff about us. Like transforming into bats, not going out to daytime because we will be burnt. All those things. At that time, humans had technology, also, I was weak. As the centuries pass by, I got stronger and whoever thought I was a vampire, I erased their memories.

So, I am thinking about introducing to them now, where they don't have technology. If something goes wrong, well, Jared and I will handle that!" I exclaimed. I winked at Jared and he smiled, knowing my plan. Edward and Alice shared a worried look, then nodded.

"Well, we have to tell everyone that we landed!" Alice exclaimed and ran out of the room. We followed her. After Edward announced that we landed, some people cheered and others just smiled, happy that we survived the end of the world.

"I guess the end of the world is over!" Emmanuel said, putting his arm over my shoulder. I smiled at him.

"Yep! And now, it will be a new beggining, a new world, a new life!!" I cheered. Edward looked at me, a smile on his face.

"A new revolution" He whispered..

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Cullen Coven
- Carlisle ~ Esme (Catherine)
- Edward* ~ Bella (EJ*)
- Jasper ~ Alice (Jadis* and Ashlyn*)
- Emmet ~ Rosalie (Roseanne and Emmie)

Denali Coven
- Eleazar ~ Carmen (Deisy)
- Kate ~ Garret (Garnett)
- Tanya

Egyptian Coven
- Amun ~ Kebi (Charrissa*)
- Benjamin ~ Tia (Nina*)

Irish Coven
- Liam ~ Siobhan (Alistair)
- Maggie

Amazon Coven
- Kachiri
- Senna
- Zafrina

Volturi Coven
- Aro ~ Sulpicia (Ginger)
- Caius ~ Athenodora (Arius)
- Alec ~ Heidi (Alea)
- Chelsea ~ Afton (Raymond*)
- Demetri
- Felix
- Jane
- Renata
- Corin

New Vampire Coven
- Jade
- Jared
- Kathlyn
- Erick
- Ericha
- Emmanuel

New Vampire
- Amiolet ~ Seth (Amy and Jake)
- Violet

Human and Werewolves

- Sam ~ Emily
- Quil ~ Claire
- Jared ~ Kim
- Paul ~ Rachel
- Rebecca
- Sue
- Quil Snr.
- Embry


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Heres a drawing of the clearing they are living on. I know it's not the best but, at least u get the idea.

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Rachel and Paul:
Boy 1: Pablo
Boy 2: Reece
Boy 3: Scott

Quil and Claire:
Boy 1: Kevin
Boy 2: Alan
Girl: Clary

Jared and Kim:
Boy 1: Jace
Boy 2: Kris

Had Embry imprinted anyone yet?? umm i dont know.. but if he does the girl should be named.. maybe Lizi or Courtney lol hey i tried!
Who else hadn't imprinted?? i have noo clue on this one! lol
Yay!! Thanks to you guys, 2012 in Twilight: A new Generation is saved and Im gunna continue writing now!! Thanks guys!!
A/N: 'Kay guys, here's the chapter you guys had been waiting for!! There's another chapter coming up later, I just have to edit some parts and all those stuff... Here's what Ive written so far... Hope u guys like it!

Chapter 3: Part 2

Jade’s POV

Amiolet woke up from her dream. I’d been keeping an eye on her and I had seen her dream. Edward had too. This dream had scared both of us. ‘Everyone will die’ Jacob had said. But, will we? I had every unstoppable power… How could we die? But, as I thought, I realised that Jacob and Renesmee was right. Everyone will die. And we must have survived for a reason. But… what made us survive that tragetic disaster, no one knows.

But, this scared us both. For two reasons; one, that we would die unexpectedly and – I assume – tragetically. Two, that Amiolet would know what we had been keeping from her; her death. But, she hadn’t. She was too busy worrying about her family.

For some reasons, I’m glad that I hadn’t met my true love because I would worry more about him than myself in this kind of time. I sighed. Too much things are going around here! The humans, Amiolet, Violet and, worse of all, the future. We already have 2 psycho future tellers, but still, we couldn’t even solve a problem!

Amiolet had drifted to sleep again and we started discussing again. Edward explained to them Amiolet’s dream. Then, at that very moment, Kathlyn had a vision. I made everyone had the power of mind reading to know what Kathlyn’s vision was. And it was the most horrfying yet; it was the vision of our death…

The humans had treated vampires and werewolves as slaves or experiments. I and everyone else were there. Except Amiolet. There were some new faces here and there. We were in sort of a science lab as the walls were all white and some microscopes, tables and chairs were scattered around. Where did everyone get those from? Anyway, we were at one side of the room and some humans on the other. One of them was a scientist with a big, sharp injection.

Suddenly, The me in the vision shouted, “We never wanted this to happen! Everyone was supposed to be equal! Having normal lives!” My voice was shaking with outrage. None of them moved or felt sympathy.

A human standing beside the doctor who was wearing a black suit stood in front and said, “For your information, no one wanted this to happen. And no one was and will be equal. No matter how much you tried. And, nobody’s normal. And it isn’t fair for us either. You vampires had killed humans without getting suspicion. We don’t have evidence that you killed them but, I know you did. Who else would have done it?”

“You humans had murdered each other before! And we finally had a chance to stop this violence! In this new world! Instead, you changed it and it’s the same thing all over again! And, for your information, everyone was equal before any of you even came! All of us were normal, even though we were different species. Vampires and wolves, once enemies in the past, had lived in peace in this new world. Why can’t humans?” Edward shouted back.
“Well, vampires eat humans, don’t they?” The man in black suit retorted.

“We didn’t even do those murders! None of us vampires did! Neither did the wolves! And we have lived with 100, 000 years of living with humans! Why would we attack now?” Bella shrieked.

“It’s true, Colonel.” Maggie said.

“I’ll prove it to you.” I said and gave him Maggie’s power. There was silence for a moment.

“I still don’t believe you. I don’t trust any of you. Doc, you may do it.” He said as he left. The only people left were Doc, a few soldiers and us.

I snapped back to reality. So did everyone else. We looked at each other. ‘Great. Another thing to worry about!’ thought. Kathlyn sighed and said, “If Renesmee said we’d die. We’d die. And that was a permanent vision. There’s nothing else we could do right now…”

“What did that vision mean, anyway? Human murders? Vampires and werewolves as human slaves? What happened?” Jared asked, confused.

I shrugged. “Whatever it is, it’s going to happen. I don’t know about you guys, but, I’m just going to let it happen. Just like that. I’m not going to fight it because, it’s a permanent vision. We can’t do anything to stop it. We’ll die sooner or later, we have to accept that and get over it,” Kathlyn explained.

“What?! The future isn’t made out of stone! We could still do something!” Alice exclaimed.

“We can’t, Alice. My visions are set. There’s no turning back.” Kathlyn said.

“But, we can’t just give up like this!” Alice shouted.

I smiled weakly and said softly, “For now, let’s focus on the present. No use trying to figure out our future. We have to focus on the latest problem. The problem that is going to happen at dusk.”

“Amiolet’s suicide attempt?” Jared asked.

I shook my head. “Guys, we have a visitor, remember? Let’s welcome her.”

“But, Jade. Are we going to tell the others about the future visions?” Edward asked.

“How much are we going to tell them?” Alice asked.

I looked at Alice. “Alice, if I decided to tell the everything, what will happen?”

Alice stared blankly and I saw her vision. Everyone was somber, sad, upset, mad. And they were willing to kill the humans. They wanted revenge on them for what they were going to do. The same thing happens. The humans caught us, and we were again, helpless.

I sighed, “Okay. I’ll tell you what we’re going to say. We’ll skip the death vision part. We’ll tell everyone that Violet and some more humans are coming. Don’t tell anyone about Amiolet’s death. Alice, what happens if I decided to do that?”

I saw her vision.

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Hey, guyz! Here's the chapter you've been waiting for! Hope I didn't disappoint anyone...

Jade’s POV

I was telling everyone the news and they looked like they were relieved but, curious. Then, the same girl we saw in our vision – Violet – emerged out of the forest. She looked tired. She was what we expected her to be. She was in tattered clothes and had long hair, like in the vision. We helped her and Alice changed her clothes

I snapped out of the vision, only to get another one…

We were all around the campfire and Violet was with us. We were chatting about something. Violet was staring at Emmanuel with loving eyes and stealing glances at Amiolet. Emmanuel was also stealing glances at Amiolet but, never at Violet. Amiolet was looking at Seth and her kids worriedly. I guess that explains the problem here. Violet loves Emmanuel – though, if she is immortal, she’s forbidden to. Emmanuel loves Amiolet. Amiolet loves Seth.

All of us snapped out of the vision at the same time. Wow, we are having lots of vision tonight. We looked at each other as we pondered the situation. Seth’s imprint is Amiolet, which means, they really can’t be separated. Violet loves Emmanuel, but, she is immortal so, she can’t although she does. Emmanuel loves Amiolet, but, Seth and Amiolet are meant for each other.

I sighed, “Why is this love triangle so complicated?”

“Jade, can’t you see what’s going to happen? I could predict it, even without reading the future,” Alice said.

Jared chuckled, “Of course you could. You’re psycho, remember?”

“Jared, everyone in here now is psycho,” Edward reminded him.

“Jade, if Amiolet dies, everything changes. Seth will hate Emmanuel, because he’ll think its Emmanuel’s fault that Amiolet died. Seth and Emmanuel will come into combat. And… remember what happened with Renesmee?” Edward flinched at her name but Alice continued, “I think I figured out this imprint thing. When one imprint dies, the other one dies too. So that means – “

“Seth will die with her,” I whispered, aghast. I shook my head. That can’t be but, again, Renesmee’s voice echoed through my mind, “Everyone will die....soon. You'll be with Seth soon

“No...” I said.

“This is our only choice. One way or the other, Amiolet and some others will die. Let’s just wait and see how life and fate turns out,” Edward said and I realized it was the same line as the one Renesmee said in Amiolet’s dream.

I sighed defeatedly. They were right. I looked out in the sky and it was filled with purple and pink clouds and the sun was rising in the horizon. It was dawn, the time Violet would be coming.

“It’s also twilight,” Edward said, looking at the horizon as the sun rises, “Twilight, the safest but also most dangerous time of the day.”

I smiled, “It’s also the most romantic time of the day,”

I sensed someone was up and I turned behind. It was one of Amiolet and Seth’s twins, Amy, their daughter. She yawned and ran towards us. She smiled brightly at us.

“I heard all of you talking. Mom and dad are still asleep. So is my brother.” She said. Her voice was a lot like a vampire’s, but, it was more … humanly than a normal vampire’s voice. Her blue eyes were shining brightly.

“Hello, Amy,” I greeted. For all this time, I’d never really talked to any of the children. She smiled at me and looked around, “Is aunt Esme or aunt Emily awake? I want to eat breakfast.”

“Sorry, Amy. You’re the first person awake, besides us,” Kathlyn said.

She looked out at the sky and she said, “It’s alright. You know, while I was asleep, I hear people in my mind. Mom said I could hear and talk to souls and animals. I could hear all of them… whispering in my ear.”

Then, she looked at Edward, “I even heard my cousin Renesmee.” Those made us snap and look at her. Edward sat up straight and looked at her intently.

“What was she saying, Amy?” Edward asked.

She shrugged and said, “There was too many voices to hear only hers. But, I heard something like, ‘Everyone will have peace’. I could even see her and other people. Uncle Edward, Renesmee’s a beautiful girl.”

Alice bent down to look at her closely and she said, “Who else, my dear? Who else did you see and what else did you here?”

Amy looked back at the skies, “Uncle Billy Black, Uncle Alistair, Aunt Didyme, Uncle Aro and lots more people. I also saw some animals. Unusual animals… like myth creatures. They were in my dream. There were griffins and mermaids and centaurs. All the mythical creatures.”

We looked at her in wonder. I’d never met a mythical creature before. But, could it be possible that they were true? I mean, if vampires and werewolves and shape-shifters existed, why not the rest of the mythical creatures?

Amy started talking again, “They said that… they were coming. They wanted to meet us. They said they will be coming soon. All of them. Aunt Jade, they could come here and live with us, right? Because, I’ll really want to see mermaids and ride griffins. Or even ride centaurs if they want me to, like how we rode the animals yesterday.” She said as she looked at me eagerly.

“Honey, I would love to do those things, too, but, I hadn’t really met any mythical creatures – and I’ve lived for almost a million years - so, I won’t guarantee you that they will come. But, if they do, I’ll be happy to invite them.” I said.

“But, Aunt Jade, we exist. Why not them? Maybe you hadn’t met them because they are really good at hiding.”

“But, Amy, if they are really good at hiding, how did humans know about them?”

Amy frowned and Alice interrupted, “Amy, if they came, I’ll tell you, ok?”

Amy looked at her and nodded eagerly.

“And, if those mermaids do exist, well, let’s say I’m still single.” Jared said and smiled dreamily.

“Ehm, um, Jared, I don’t think that’s appropriate to say in front of Amy, don’t you think?” I said cautioning. In my mind, I sent him a message, Jared, I won’t knock your head with a tree right now, for the sake of Amy. So, I’m giving you a chance to stop this behaviour in front of children or I will hit your head with a tree. So, stop it before I change my mind.

Jared was playing with his watch while sending me back a message, First of all, you’re not the mother of the child or me. Second, hitting me with a tree isn’t really that painful. Third, I could easily control you and knock your head with something harder like a stone.

I rolled my eyes at him. I knew that. I just thought that you had your brain washed and didn’t remember anything I said. I thought that maybe you need some remembering. I smiled and while he and Amy wasn’t looking, I took a big rock and threw it at his head. It smashed into pieces and it caught everyone’s attention.

Jared took a piece of rock and threw it at me, and it missed. I laughed out loud. “Jade, you better stop doing that!”

“Or what, Jared? You going to hit me with a tree?” I teased and laughed. Jared calmed down and smiled slyly. I tightened my eyes and looked at him curiously. I tried to read his thoughts but he had his mental shield up. I could only hear one thought: Jade, you better have a newer hobby than hitting me with rocks. Lemme handle that for you...

I flinched. Newer hobby? What kind of hobby is he thinking about? I panicked. I hated it when Jared ‘handles’ something. It always ended up in disaster. That was why I always did all the work and, to be honest, I was glad I always do the work. It was better than Jared trying to do any work at all.

Edward’s thought caught my attention, … Newer hobby, eh? That was what they told me when I was studying 24 hours. Huh, Jared wants Jade to have a partner? And he is going to handle it? I wonder how that is going to work out…

I stood up, “What?! Jared, you better not do anything with my love life! I’m warning you, Jared!” Jared looked at Edward and Edward finally realized what he did.
“Uh…oh... Sorry, Jared.” Edward apologized. Jared looked at me nervously and ran to the forest. I ran after him. He better not do anything that has to do with me. Anything! Especially finding my partner.

He had been trying to find the perfect man for me, but, to no avail. He’d always wanted to find me a partner as he thought I will be too ‘busy’ to care about him if I have found my partner. And, trust me, you don’t want to know what kind of things he had planned in the past.

I ran after him and I realized we were going around circles and he had his mental shield down. I screamed as I launched at him. I jumped at him and we ended landing at the middle of our clearing, the campfire just beside us. I pressed his head on the ground as I stood up. He groaned. I hissed at him.

“You know what, Jared? I think you need a newer hobby other than irritating me. And, you know, Leah is still available. So is a lot more girls. And, if mermaids do exist, I won’t mind if you had a fish as a child!” I hissed at him.

He smiled and whispered, “One day, Jade, you’ll thank me for doing this.”

I banged his head on the ground and he groaned again. Then, I stood up. He stood up too while smiling slyly at me.

“Know what I just realized, Jade? I found out your weakness. And I won’t mind having mermaids and fishes as a family, too. At least I have one.” He said and laughed.

I hissed again, showing my teeth. I glared at him. He was keeping something from me. But, what? I sighed. You may never know what is in Jared’s mind. What he said just now caught my attention. One day, you’ll thank me for this... what did he mean?

“Whoa. What’s going on?” I turned and saw that everyone was awake. I guess what we were too loud.

Edward was laughing aloud and all of us looked at him, curious. He finally stopped laughing and looked at us.

“What’s so funny, Edward?” Bella asked as she went towards him.

“Well… it’s just hard to imagine that the most powerful vampire’s weakness is … love.” Edward said and smiled towards me.

“Oh, so that is what all this is about?” Emmet asked.

Jared chuckled and said, “Well, now all of us could bully Jade, eh, Emmet?”

Emmet and Jared hi-fived. I rolled my eyes and told him, “Oh, shut up, Jared.”

I brushed away the dirt from my clothes and that gave me a thought. I looked at Alice and said, “Alice, remember the dare Jared gave you on the boat? The fashion competition with Kathlyn?”

Alice and Kathlyn snapped up. I smirked, “You guys didn’t forget it, did you?”

“Oh, yeah.” Emmet said.

“But before that, could I have new clothes to wear, Alice? You could design clothes made out of leaves, right?” I asked.

Alice smiled. “That won’t be a problem but, we have news to tell the others, remember?”

All of us sat on the benches around the campfire and some sat down on the ground. Edward, Alice, Kathlyn and I stood up. Jared was about to stand up, too but I told him sternly, “No, you sit down!” He quickly sat.

“Alright. We have news to tell you. Later on, we will have a new visitor. A girl. We saw a vision of her last night and discussed about it.” I said.

“We want everyone to welcome her and make her feel at home” Alice said and smiled.

“Also, I had a vision of humans meeting us. And, we decided that it would be better if everyone could be in good behaviour so that the humans won’t think bad of us,” Kathlyn said.

“So, we want everyone to cooperate and be good. That’s all,” Edward said.

We sat down and everyone started talking to each other. And exactly ten minutes later, we heard the leaves rustling and turned to see the girl in ragged clothes emerging from the forest. Some gasped and some quickly went to help.

Emmanuel, Edward, Bella, Alice, Carlisle and Catherine – Carlisle and Esme’s daughter – went to help her. Edward and Alice played their part and asked her whether she was okay, even though they knew she was.

We sent her to Carlisle’s Clinic Room that Alice built. All of us went inside to see what will happen. Some went in and the other looked through the door and window. The girl was in the middle of the room, lying on a table. Her long black hair was spread all around her.

Carlisle began looking through his things but, Catherine did something amazing. She layed her small fingers above the girl’s wounds and it magically healed. The wounds and bruises around the girl vanished into thin air. We looked at her and the girl’s body as all the wounds disappear. When it disappeared, they looked at me.

“What? You think I made her do those things?” I asked innocently. Then, all of us looked at her.

Carlisle smiled and said, “My little daughter has her own gift.”

“A healing gift,” I said.

I saw the girls’ eyes flutter open and we saw her sit up straight and look around. She saw all of us and she smiled, “Vampires and werewolves and humans? Working together? Unbelievable.”

I smiled back and said, “It’s hard to imagine an immortal still alive.”

She shrugged and said, “Hey, I’m immortal. I don’t die from disasters. Anyway, how did you guys survive?”

Edward came in and said, “We built a boat and survived. Besides, we’re vampires. We don’t die from disasters.” She smirked at him and looked around again.

“Well, I guess these guys aren’t really werewolves? They’re shape-shifters, aren’t they?” She asked as she looked at the Quiluetes.

“You guessed correctly. They are descendants of a spirit warrior called Taha Aki, your friend.” I said and smiled. By using Aro’s power, I found out that she was alive even when Taha Aki was alive. Jared and I were alive at that time, too, but, we were somewhere else.

She looked at me from head to toe, “Jade, is that you? Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, eh?” She smiled and we hugged each other.

“Hey, Violet. It’s been more than a century.” I said and I explained to the rest about Violet and I, hoping that Amiolet and Emmanuel won’t remember her, yet.

After explaining, she said, “Well, Jade, how’s it doing? Still stealing people’s gifts?”

I shrugged calmly and said, “What could I do about it?”

She stood up from the table and told to Catherine, “Thanks, hun, for saving me.”

Catherine smiled at her and said, “You’re welcome.”

Violet exited the Clinic Room and looked around the clearing. “I gotta say, this is a huge clearing.”

“Where did you come from?” Alice asked.

Violet smirked and said, “I came from north. I was living with the rest of the mythical creatures but – “

“Whoa. Are you saying that there are other mythical creatures? I thought they don’t exist!” Jared exclaimed.

Violet looked at him and said, “Ah, Jared. I missed your humour. Of course there are other mythical creatures. Real werewolves, centaurs, fairies, half breeds and lots more. And, why can’t they exist? You exist. I exist. When you’re a mythical creature, you have to believe in all these stuff. And when you’re an immature, you have to believe in mythical creatures to survive from them.”

“Wait, I’ve never met any other mythical creature before. I thought they were just tell tales.” I said.

Violet smirked at me and said, “Like what you always said, how did humans find out about us and created myths out of them in the first place?”

“But, I hadn’t met or seen a real myth creature. Other myth creatures. How could they exist?” I exclaimed. Violet smiled and said, “Because they don’t want you to.”

I stared at her, rooted in my position. Of course I knew that. But… I have seen more than a million humans and none of them had ever thought about seeing other myth creatures. And I have circled the Earth more than once and looked through every jungles and rainforests in the world more than twice. Could it be possible that they do come true?

Jared laughed and pointed at me, “See, Jade? I told you they are real!”

I rolled my eyes at him and said, “Oh, shut up, Jared! Besides, you weren’t the one who said myth creatures were real,” Then, realization hit me, “Amy did.” Amy’s dream was about to come true. Other mythical creatures… that are still alive even after the end of the world. And, they were going to show up to us… soon.

And, for the first time in my whole existence, I felt real excitement and adrenaline rush as I realized I was going to face something I’d never met before…
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You Need To Finish This Please! I'm Gonna Die If You Don't! I Just Spent A Whole Day Reading Both Of This Series And I LOVE It! Please Post More!


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