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What will happen to the vampires, werewolves and half-breeds if the end of the world came??
This is a sad, tragetic story with lots of crying, so, get ready your tissues! I had just watched 2012 last night and it just made me wonder, what will happen to them? Are they going to die? What about Nessie? Will she die, like any human? And that's how I made this happen..

Disclaimer: I don't owe any of the characters. They are Stephenie Meyers'. The plot is mine.

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Sequel: 2012 in Twilight: A new Generation


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NOVEMBER 19, 2009

TV Announcer: Scientists have been saying that the end of the world would be coming in 2012, September 21. Even religious leaders belived it would be too.. the end of the world...


I snorted. Huh, the end of the world. It happened many years ago, too. They said the world will soon come to an end but, it didn't. Science proffessionals aren't that.. proffessional. They can't even find out that vampires are living among them. Or even werewolves. But somehow, I think that humans weren't supposed to belive in mythical stuff like us. If they did, they would probably be extinct or we will be. And it will become a war.

But, the end of my spacious mind thought, What will happen to vampires - or werewolves - if the end of the world came? Of course, we hadn't experienced it. And what would happen to Bella, and Renesmee? Bella, my vampire, beautiful, irressistible wife. And Renesmee, my intelligent daughter who could die like any human?

I shook my head, trying to erase that thought. I won't let anything hurt me, or my family, or the pack. But, how would I do that? I can only read minds and that isn't going to help, since our enemy is natural disasters. Bella noticed me and sat on my lap. I looked at her now golden yellow eyes that looks like honey.

"What's wrong, Edward?" She asked in a beautiful voice that - for 4 years - I couldn't get used to. She always took my breath away. She looked worried, and now, so did my family. Their thoughts were full of concern, except for Jake's. All he could think about is my Nessie, who until now, couldn't seperate or get bored of her.

"I..I was just.. thinking of the future - "

"No worries. I'll handle that" Alice said and chuckled.

I glared at her. "It is something that happens.. immediately. As in, natural disasters..." I let my voice faint at the last two words.

Jacob finally broke his eyesight at Nessie and looked at me, panicked, So did Alice.

"Scientists said that, in 2012, in 3 years' time, the world will come to an end. Due to the earth's crust." I said.

Alice shook her head and thought, Impossible!! And I saw her vision..
The vision was 3 years from now..

The earth cracked and before I coud even act, the house parted into two; Alice, Emmet, Esme and I was in the left side. Bella, Nessie, Rosalie, Jasper, Jake and Carlisle was in the right. Then, the right side fell while we stood, quite unharmed. I heard the yells of everyone, including mine. "Bella! Nessie!!!" I shouted. But it was too late. The house - with them inside - fell with a thud. All of us wailed, but there was nothing we could do. We could just cry tearless cries. No. That will never hapen. No!

'But it will. I'm sorry, Edward! I am not even sure how I got this future. It was like.. it was decided.' Alice wondered at her vision.

"Edward, no matter what happens, I'll always be with you." Bella said, "Me too, daddy" Nessie joined in and cuddled at my side. I hugged them both. What is 3 years for a vampire? It's a blink of an eye. And so, in a blink of an eye, we would all die. Maybe. For now, we just enjoy life until it lasts. But, questions were stuck at my head: What will you do, if it's the end of the world? If you did do the thing ou really want to do, what if the scientists were wrong? Would you have done it for no reason?

It has been 3 years since I had thought the world was coming to an end. That thought had been glued to my head, but not provoking me like it did before. I was relaxing when, a deja vu happened.

The earth cracked and before I coud even act, the house parted into two; Alice, Emmet, Esme and I was in the left side. Bella, Nessie, Rosalie, Jasper, Jake and Carlisle was in the right. Then, the right side fell while we stood, quite unharmed. I heard the yells of everyone, including mine. "Bella! Nessie!!!" I shouted. But it was too late. The house - with them inside - fell with a thud. All of us wailed, but there was nothing we could do. We could just cry tearless cries...

The house was now broken, with us on the safety. Why? Why can't we just die like humans? Then, I panicked. Nessie. She is half-human. Will she live? Like a vampire? Or die, like a human? No, no, no! That can't happen!

'Edward.. Jasper.. Jasper is in there!!' She shrieked.

"Rose! No, Rose, don't die!" Emmet knelt down and cried tearless cries, like all of us.

"Edward, the humans are coming! We've got to hide!" Alice shrieked at me.

I saw her vision; The police and the press, coming here in less than a minute, asking questions and if we didn't leave, we would be in the front page.

"But, Alice, they are in there! Edward, Bella could still be alive! And Carlisle. All of them could be!" Esme shouted.

"We have to go! We can go back when the humans left." I said. She shook her head but started running towards the forest. Alice followed. I nudged Emmet to follow. I saw his dark purple bruises under his eyes. I saw his sad face and sad memories about him and Rosalie.

"We can go back later. Come on!" I said. He stood up and ran. I looked at the disaster and whispered, "Goodbye, Bella and Nessie." And then, we left.
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While running through the forest, we were all holding back cries. Even me. My Bella. My Nessie. I gasped for breath, even when I didn't need it. We were like this for a whole hour when, a new vision came from Alice. We were about to meet a girl, who was weeping while sitting under a tree. She was hiding her face between her knees so, we can't see her face. I told Esme and Emmet about it. We were going to meet her in 5 seconds.

And then, the girl in the vision was there, sitting under a tree, weeping, her face between her kneees. Before I could even talk to her, she gasped and stood up in one second. I saw her face. She was wearing a knee-length pinkish white dress and her hair was the same color as Bella's, only it was on two ponytails. She has caramel -white colored skin that was radiant in contrast of her dress and hair. But her eyes, the most attractive part of her, was dark purple in color.

"Who..who are you?" Her voice was soft like bell chimes.

"We might ask you the same question." Alice said politely to the girl.

"I'm.. Amiolet." She said.

"Are you a vampire?" Esme asked suddenly.

I heard her swallow and said, "Yes. Yes, I am"

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While running, Amiolet told us about her life. She had a gift of knowing everything about us. She said it was a combination of Aro and my gift. She said that she had purple eyes rather than gold because, she does neither eat animals nor human blood. She eats fruits.

"How?" Emmet asked. We were all curious.

"Well, when I awoke, I did not know who bit me. I've been wondering around, looking for anyone who had bitten me. At that time, I didn't know what happened. Just that there was flames in my throat. I didn't know what to do so, I looked around, searching for food and water, thinking that I was still human. When I ate it, it was.. disgusting but, I got over it, since Im a thousand years old. Im older than Tanya.. your friend."

I looked at her. She was abandoned from an orphanage. She never knew her mom and dad. When she was a vampire, she knew time and, after 20 years, she found out that she wasn't aging. She noticed someone whose a vampire and then, she knew that she was a vampire and she went to the Volturi just to prove herself. She was right but, Aro wanted her. She ran away and never went back to the Volturi.

She was crying earlier because, she fell in love with this teenaged boy. She loved him because of his attitude and character. After a year or so, she knew she had to let go of him, otherwise, it will be trouble. She didn't tell him about her vampirism, nor did he make him one. She knew it was wrong.

At long last, we arrived at Amiolet's 'house'. She asked us whether she can come with us, in return, she will provide hospitality.
Her house was made by nipa leaves. It was in the middle of a jungle so, it was easy for us to hunt. Her walls were made by dry leaves. Inside, there was a bed made by wood and the pillows and blankets made by coconut husks. There were bookshelves made by leaves and inside, was real books. In front of the bed was the kitchen. There were different kinds of fruits; apples, melons, bananas, oranges and lots more.

"Do you even sleep?" Emmet asked.

"Yes. Don't you? Oh, I guess you don't" She said, "Don't you think I may be a half-vampire? I mean, I sleep and eat like a human..."

"Hmm.. myabe you are, Amiolet" Esme mused.

I looked at her book collection. There was Pride and Prejudice, Romeo and Juliet and some other books that were published even before I was born, humanly. "Nice collection you have." I looked at her. She is so much like Bella.

" Yeah, I love reading. It's the only thing I do in my leisure time." She said.

"Besides reading, what do you do?" Esme asked, curious.

"I look for the person who killed my parents. And the person who bit me. I look for them in near towns or, sometimes, I go as far as half the United States. But, since the natural disasters, I think they are dead." And she started chewing on an apple.
Oh, thank you so much!!!!! I REALLY like it!!


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