The Twilight Saga

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I Heart gradients <3

These are amazing Juliee :D

How do you get the border on the top two? I can't figure that out >./p>

I'm glad you liked them <3

I used the Section Editor Like this;[Click the pictures if you can't see them :) 

On The Top Bar go to Select> Selection Editor 

Then This Little Box will pop up make sure the Line is white if it's black just click the Black and white circle i highlighted in yellow then just click the last button i highlighted in purple :)

 A new box will pop up like this one and you can adjust the size of the border lastly hit stroke and your done I like to edit them using the modes :)

Hope This Helped 

Thanks Juliee, lol. I'ma try this later :D

Okay Your welcome :D

These are beautiful Juliee!

Aww thank you Claire :)

These are so pretty!!

Awe thank you:}

I love this and your header!

I made this by acciedent lol Glad you like it :D


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