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This is beautiful girly!!!

Thank you Claire 

Texture By: Rachel

I Made This For My Mom She is a Poet and she wrote this Poem for/About her Artiest Boyfriend. Hope You Like it Guys! 

[I'll Post a link to The Actually Poem Later Guys in case you want to read it.]

Texture By: Rachel

Stock: [The Stock I used was Photos she took of his art that he gave her]

Here Is The Poem:) 

You need to learn patience.
Clear you desk and your mind.
Slow down.
Read the actions right.
Miss you , wish that I could kiss you.
I want him, wish that I could have him.
It’s alright,
“I can afford to lose a day or two”,
I am thinking all the time:
crazy how I want to watch him paint,
he doesn’t know how to say my name.
He calls me sweetie,
when he slides his hand
across the canvas
and up and down my back.
I need to hold the brushes and touch the paint.
I smile when I think of his animated ways.
Watching him through bubbles in a glass,
in a crowd of friends and fans.
He lives in the moment,
I get lost in my thoughts,
but he always says
“don’t be afraid”
Genius of love,
I am courageous.

Super pretty girly!

Thank You :)

Which One Do You Guys like Best?


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