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Gone, the title of this story, is the sequel to Innocent in Ruins (see link below).
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Innocent in Ruins (Link):


We thought what we each HAVE been through was hard. We thought it was harder than anything that could come in the future. We thought we were strong enough, after all the pain, to handle something, anything, everything. It took this to defeat our thoughts. It took this to show us that we were wrong. It took this to realize there is worse in the future than what had happened to us before. It took this to show us how wrong we were.But, most importantly, it took this to really show us how strong we were and how strong we could be.

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aww poor eli and max :(
this is so amazing. a teen couple. i love the twist you did on your story. if a graded this as a paper i would have gave you a (O) for outstanding!
I love it!! I feel really bad that they lost teddy! please post more.
thank you!!!
Thank you, everyone!


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