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Happy Cinco De Mayo Everybody! I just wanted to inform my readers that I have moved the story to a different Discussion, so that new readers can find each section of the story with more ease. I will soon be unable to fit any more of those nifty little glitter links to the new sections. The coding has too many characters, and the forum only allows so many per post.

Anyways, that new discussion will be closed and I will re-open it only for my story updates, so please continue to leave your comments here.

Here is the link to my Fan-Fic:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank my readers for their support and awesome feedback. But I also want to address and preempt some concerns other members have expressed. I have received several angry complaints from fans insisting I am disrespecting Stephenie Meyer's wishes by writing and continuing this story. I assure you, I do understand where they are coming from. I often have second thoughts about it myself. I don't want to plant false expectations for her novel we are all on our tippy-toes waiting for. I do not begin to compare my writing with hers. But I also doubt the meek writings of one fan such as myself could possibly affect an entire fan-base's anticipation or Meyer's compulsion to continue the novel. I have read several Fan-fics on this website and on others, that are doing the same or similar to what I am doing.

So, please use discretion before proceeding. For those of you that think reading Midnight Sun was wrong, or who wish to wait for Meyer's finished product (if she ever does)... or any who disagree or feel bothered with my decision to post this forum.... Please, I urge you NOT to continue reading. Leave this page, direct your curiosity elsewhere, and keep your opinions to yourself.

Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this Fan-Fic, and I welcome your comments and thoughts.

Thank you,
Jillian Shaw

Just discovered permalinks... This will make it much easier to link to new sections from now on. I can't believe I didn't figure this out before. I am normally right on top of these these things!
Ch. 12 Complications
Ch. 13 Balancing
Ch. 14 Confessions (Parts 1 & 2)
Ch. 14 Confessions (Part 3)
Ch. 15 Mind Over Matter (Part 1)
Ch. 15 Mind Over Matter (Part 2)
Ch. 15 Mind Over Matter (Part 3)
Ch. 15 ¾ The Wager (Part 1)
Ch. 15 ¾ The Wager (Part 2)

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pl keep writing more
Are you a fan of David Eddings?
Great chapter! Can't wait for more!
This is incredible..just awesome
This is great. Can't wait to read more!!!! Please make it quick. You are doing an awesome job!!!!!
oh i love it.. but i was not able to find Chapter 13... i love to read more of ur writing... do u mind sending all of it to my email?? please... ... look forward to read more of ur writing soon...
KEEP GOING!?!?!?!? This is great!! And, can I just thank you. This is hard work--all of the making sure it follows along with the Twilight timeline and all. ;)/body>
My favorite of Edward's thoughts from this newest segment..."Never before you waltzed… or more appropriately, *tripped* into my world." Great line!

I also like his recollection of Alice being on his side to not kill Bella, and how Alice even went up against Jasper. His sentiments that he'll have to repay her are *exactly* what I'd expect to hear from Edward.
I like your opening disclaimer, got me there. I am looking foirward to reading your version of the story.
I cant find CHAPTER 13.. :((
no um i think your doing amazing of showing edwards desires, you could still go into bit more depth for edwards pain & anguish. however if you read SM's twilight, you realise that edward starts feeling different desires while and after, he & bella are in the meadow so from now on i think you could go 50% depth into his struggles and the other half of his romantic desires towards bella, if that makes sense.
CorenzJade - BellaEdward, chapter 13 is on page one of the discussion.
there is part 1 and part 2 on the same page =]


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