The Twilight Saga

Bella is only eight years old. Bella is running away from her two deadbeat parents. She is trying to run as far away from home as she can. Walking on an empty road she meets two people she never expected to find...

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omg post more soon!!! wuts wrong with bella???
She's depressed
All; We Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!
haha that is NOT always a good thing
i love the story! <3
please post more soon!
::((((( i neeeeeeeeeeeeedddd more
is blla gonna try and kill hrself!?!?! u need to post before i die too
Chapter 18: Bella's POV
I woke up. I was a little sleepy. My depression was fading. Slowly but surely.
"Hey Alice." I said sitting up to find her next to me.
"Morning!" she chirped happily. I walked inside my restroom to get ready. When I was out Alice helped me get downstairs without collapsing from a bad night's sleep. I slipped at least three times but Alice had her arm around my waist to make sure I didn't fall down the stairs. It was a Friday. Edward and Jasper had went hunting. So today I had to endure my second period wihtout him. I sighed. When we got to school some girls seemed satisfied that there was only one guy out of our family to come to school. I noticed a new girl out of the corner of my eye. Her hair was a dark muddy brown with curls. She looked at us and whispered to the other girl. They were obviously talking about us. I had the girl in second period. Her eyes flickered to me and the empty seat in class. The whole time. In fifth period she sat in front of me and Alice. Me and Alice where murmering in french ,talking about when the coven that I JUST met was coming back.
"Hi. I'm Jessica!" She bursted turning towards us. We got silent.
"I'm Alice Cullen. This is my sister Bella." Alice replied. I waved.
"So I'm new here." She said. Realy? I sarcastically replied in my head.
"Really?" Alice asked as though she were interested. I looked at her.
"Ce que veut-elle?" I asked in french. (What does she want?) Alice smiled.
"Commérage." Alice answered.(gossip) I rolled my eyes. Jessica pretended as though she didn't noticed our brief exchange and continued on about herself. We pretended to listen. And when that period passed and thankfully it did. She bid us farewell and said she hoped we had another class with her. I looked at Alice. In gym I tripped but Emmett caught me before I hit the ground. Again. He made fun of me for the rest of the period and said that only I could trip over my own feet. When I got home I did my homework and then made myself some popcorn and watched a movie. The movie I decided to watch was two hours long ,so I could kill time, afterwards I went on the computer. It was 10:19 so I decided to change for bed. When I was all dressed up for bed I called Rosalie to sleep next to me. I did it the way I used to call for her when I was little. She came in and smiled. She sat next to me and held me like she used to when I was little. I smiled. I eventually drifted into unconsouisness. When I woke up Edward was next to me.
"Hey." I said quietly.
"I have a question." He said. I'm just getting up and he wants me to answer something? I wondered.
"What is it?"
"Will you marry me?" He grabbed a little black velvet box and held it out to me then carefully opened it. His mother's ring was inside. The beautiful pattern and diamonds sparkled in the dim light. I gasped.
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha- I could ;)
haha not always


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