The Twilight Saga

Bella is only eight years old. Bella is running away from her two deadbeat parents. She is trying to run as far away from home as she can. Walking on an empty road she meets two people she never expected to find...

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hahahhaha LOL but Jessic is such AH!!! annoying i wear a urity ring on my ring finger and nobody ask and if they do I just say it's y purity ring and I problably know Bella will agree to purity ring rules has much Edward does LMAO!! :)

more ASAP and happy that Bella is finally happy and not depress!! yay!! wedding :)
SO COOL! great job, jessica deserves it to lol
love it
poor jessica NOT LOL
cant wait to read the next chapter
post more soon please
love it update ASAP
Loved it!
And I made you a banner :)

Enjoy :D

What do yah think?

Tell me what you think
love it
i like how that chapter was writtn that it didn't give her answer right away
Ahhh! I love it!
omg i love it!!!! post more soon!!!!
@ Abby and Stephenie: To both of you I will reward the surprise character! I feel bad that you both took your time to makeme banners and greatly appreciate it from both of you do I will reward your time and effort as well as gratefullness of reading my story by having you BOTH in the story:)
luv this story!!!!!!!! i hope tanya stays out though................... i wanted to punch her..........................


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