The Twilight Saga

Bella is only eight years old. Bella is running away from her two deadbeat parents. She is trying to run as far away from home as she can. Walking on an empty road she meets two people she never expected to find...

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luv it post more soon plzzzz
wats wrong with rose? =)
this is SO good and you are an exceptional writer Janie!
please continue! this is SO food ;D
xoxo--Dancing Vampire
I am truly loving this (:
*New Reader*
It's really good so far !
When are you posting next ?
wow this is amazing!
OMG! i love it plzz keep me updated plzzzzz
We love it please keep us updated..........................................................Post more soon please :))
New reader ,awesome I like how bella is not so whiny and helpless she's more sassy :-)
y is rose sad??? post more and make rose happy again!!!

aw poor rose! post more soon!!!

 Are you going to post the next chapter soon ?

dude i loved the chapter (i cudnt speell that 4 a sec) when u gonna write mre of ur epic storiess

wow i love your story!!! 


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