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I had this posted before, but it was deleted. So I went back and cleaned up some of the language in it. Since it's rated PG-13 I didn't get rid of all it, but I did delete some. You can find the link to my orginal in my blog (I'm not allowed to post it here). I will update them both at the same time. :) Enjoy!

I will be posting 2-3 chapters at a time.

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Thanks! (:
really liking the story emmett finally got his fun lol
i LOVED it!!

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Haha! What else is there for vampires to do at night? (:

Emmett plays a pretty big part in this story. His personaility really helps lighten the mood.
Chapter 20

I had no idea immortality would bring with it so much drama. When I was human, the Cullens had appeared to live somewhat normal human lives. It had been over a month since the wolves had attacked, and we had not seen or heard from them since. We weren’t sure why. Everyone had their own theories. Emmett was convinced that they were just big cowards and didn’t dare show their faces to such superior creatures. Everyone had rolled their eyes at that theory.

Edward had said it might be a strategy. They were planning another attack. Apparently, they had acted on a whim last time, and hadn’t thought through what they doing at all. Carlisle could see the possibility in that theory, but it was obvious he didn’t want to accept that it could be true. I hadn’t how much he hated violence until I had become immortal.

Alice was still frustrated that she couldn’t see the wolves. She was determined to find a way into their future so we could have some warning on any possible attack. Not even Jasper could talk her out of her pointless attempts at seeing the wolves.

Rosalie seemed in a surprisingly good mood later. She and Alice had spent a lot of time together planning our ‘Make-up Girls’ Night Out.’ Rose seemed very excited to spend time alone with just me and Alice. When I questioned Edward about he said he just muttered something about how it wasn’t his business.

“Come on, Bella! We’re all packed and ready to go,” Alice called from outside. She forced Emmett and Jasper to pack and repack Emmett’s jeep at least twenty times in the last twenty-four hours.

“I still don’t understand why we need all this stuff,” I complained. “We went on foot last time.”

“Rose and I have made improvements since the last time. We’re going farther away this time, anyway. If you want to travel during the day, we’re going to need a car, so I figured we might as well make use of the extra space,” Alice sang.

“Go on, love,” Edward whispered in my ear. “You’re going to lovely time.”

While we said our goodbyes Emmett started whooping, but thankfully someone shut him up.

Alice got into the drivers seat while Rose went around to sit in the back. I made my way to passenger’s seat. When I opened the door I was hit with the powerful smell of ten different perfumes.

“Ugh, Alice,” I groaned. “What is all this stuff?”

“Just the necessities,” she chirped.

I threw one last pleading look at Edward before Alice started the car and we were on our way to what remained to me as a mystery.


“No, Alice!” I yelled once again. “There’s no way I’m wearing that tonight.”

Alice and Rosalie were already in what I could only call stripper outfits. There just wasn’t another word for them.

“Come on, Bella,” Alice explained yet again. “I already you, yours’ isn’t as revealing as mine and Rosalie’s. You’ll look just you always do.”

I continued to shake my head. There was no way Edward had known about this. He couldn’t have let me come if he had.

“Do Jasper and Emmett know what were doing?” I asked.

Rosalie let out a laugh that sounded like wind chimes. “Of they do. Emmett said he wanted pictures. That was the only way he would let me go.”

“And Jasper?” I asked Alice.

“He couldn’t stop laughing long enough to tell me ‘No,’” Alice giggled.

“Edward?” I said, trying to keep Alice distracted.

“He was harder to convince. We both tried to hid our thoughts from him, but once we told Jasper and Emmett…,” Alice let her thought trail off.

“We ended up making a deal with him,” Rosalie spoke for the first time. I was so distracted I hadn’t realized Alice had undressed me until I looked down and I was wearing the revealing clothes.

“What kind of deal?” I asked as I glared at Alice. She stuck her tongue out at me.

“Well, it was more of a threat than a deal, I guess,” Rosalie admitted.

“I’m confused,” I said.

“Good, because you’re not allowed to know about it,” Alice said.

“That was part of the deal,” Rosalie laughed.

“What do you mean ‘I’m not allowed to know?’” I demanded.

“Come on! We’re going to be late. Put on your shoes, Bella,” Alice said.

I stared down at the stilettos Alice was trying to get me to wear. I normally wouldn’t wear them, but I was determined to get that information out of Alice somehow, so I decided to be good and do what she said.

I put the shoes on and stood up. I took a few steps, and realized I wasn’t the least bit off balanced. I stood up straight and walked purposely toward the hotel room door. “Wow.”

Alice and Rose giggled. “You’ve been a vampire for four months now and you haven’t realized your amazing balance yet?” Alice practically shouted.

“I haven’t exactly been running around in stilettos,” Although now that I thought about it, I haven’t fallen down since becoming a vampire. I smiled.

“Ok. Is everyone ready for our Girl’s Night Out!” Alice shouted. Rosalie cheered while I simply muttered “Yea.”

As we walked through the lobby of hotel, every male head in the room turned toward. I was extremely conscious of the stares, but Rosalie and Alice just smiled and walked on. I was positive that even after a century of immortality I wouldn’t be able to consider myself beautiful, not while standing next to Rosalie.

We decided to get a cab, since the club we were going to was over twenty blocks away and we wanted to stay as inconspicuous as possible.

I was surprised that the cabbie was able to drive the car without difficulty, since he didn’t take his eyes off of us for than 3 seconds at a time. He stared wide eyed with his mouth open into the review mirror, which was conveniently positioned right at me.

When we came to a stop at our destination, he got out of the front seat and walked around to open the door for us. I’m he sure he would’ve stopped there if Rosalie hadn’t giggled and flirtatiously thanked him. Instead, he bowed deeply and said, “Have a wonderful night, ladies.” Looking up, and winking at me.

“Hey, Alice?” I asked after we walked away. “Did he remember to charge us?”

Rosalie burst out laughing.

“I’m going to take that a ‘no.’” I smiled.

“Okay. Enough chit chat. Let’s go!” Alice grabbed mine and Rose’s hands, and pulled us toward the club. We bypassed the long line of awaiting hopefuls, and went straight to the bouncer. Like the cabbie, his pupils widened as he stared at us.

“Have a pleasant evening, ladies,” he said as he moved out our way. Rosalie and Alice smiled brightly at him. I tried to mimic them, but I’m sure I just looked stupid.

The blaring music should have bothered me, but with my vampire hearing I was able to block it out. The neon strobe lights looked creepy and eerie against our skin, but that didn’t stop the guys from staring. As I looked around I felt out of place. I had never been into an over eighteen club.

“Alice,” I muttered.

“Yes, Bella?” she said as she and Rose dragged me unto the dance floor.

“Should I feel bad about being underage?”

Rosalie laughed, while Alice frowned. “You’re not getting out of this, Bella. I don’t care what excuse you come up with.”

I avoided asking Alice any other questions for the rest of the night.

I felt myself letting loose as the music pulsed through my body. I was defiantly taking advantage of my balance. It felt strangely comforting to be able to dance in stilettos. I was really beginning to enjoy myself until Alice froze and let out a high pitchd giggle.

“Get ready girls. We have company,” Rosalie joined in Alice’s giggling, but I didn’t understand what was so funny.

“Would you like to dance with me?” I soft hand tapped me on the shoulder. I spun around to see a blond twenty-ish boy standing in front of me. I snuck a glance at Rosalie and Alice, they both had guys talking to them. I sighed.

“Well?” The boy asked again, when I hesitated.

“Oh! Um… sure,” I stammered. I was going to kill Alice for not warning me. I glared over at her. She was smiling her evil pixie smile. She had plan, and I was the only one that wasn’t in on it.

The boy took my hand and led me to the other side of the dance floor. Away from the traitor pixie.

“I’m David, by the way,” he smiled. I wasn’t really paying attention to him. I was trying to figure out a way to nicely tell him to go away.

“I’m Bella,” I muttered.

“You’re here with some girl friends, right? No one else?” David asked. I smiled. This was it. My escape!

“Yea. My boyfriend couldn’t make it. He had other plans.” His smile fell, but only for a second. Then, he face lit up again.

“If I was lucky enough to be your man, I wouldn’t blow you off. You would be first priority.” Despite the blaring music, I could Rosalie’s laugher across the room. I was to kill Alice.

“How sweet of you to say that,” I muttered. We continued dancing in silence. Every time he moved closer to me, I carefully backed away a few paces. After ten minutes of it, I couldn’t take it any more.

“If you’d excuse me,” I started to pull away, but he caught my hand. “Bathroom.” I tried again. He reluctantly released me.

Alice was waiting for me in the bathroom. “Having fun?” she asked brightly.

“Not exactly. Can we go somewhere else?” I muttered.

“Yeah. Let’s get outta here. I’m bored.” Rose appeared beside me.

This time its not my fault I was so late posting. My computer thought it would be funny and it refused to open Word. (:
Thankfully, I have the problem fixed now and I defiantly will be posting A LOT more often. Promise!
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i love it! u havve to update me on this!
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I love it! It's so cool. Thank you! (:


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