The Twilight Saga


Embry Pov
She isn't suppose to be here.
I can't protect her if she doesn't want me too.
Who the hell is this?
Why does she like him?
This will not turn out to be a Bella Edward and Jacob triangle.
I won't let it.

My life is in her hands now.
It is her decision to make.
I have to learn to accept that.
If she wants him then it is her choice, once she is happy.

The day Rebecka walked into my life was the day I started to live.

Rebecka Pov

Embry Call has made my fantasy a reality.
Alec has made me feel special and wanted.
I want them both but for some reason I have to choose.
I am destined to have one soul mate, who is it?

Embry or Alec?
A part of me needs Embry in my life
A part of me also needs Alec. 
Why is it this way?
Is it because of what I am or because of what Alec made me?
I know something is wrong with me.

Who will help me?
Who will I choose?

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Yah Tammy. More to read...........
Let me tell my friend she will approve you
Edith you need to write in your Real name and then after that you can choose a Username for everyone else to see. my friend is trying to stick with all the rules
look to your bottom right side of your screen and go on the chatline I am waitin for you
Becka I know you would choose the wolf but it have a serious messed up part in the story that everyone will like. You are a bad girl Becka
You'll see when I write the story. It is so funny in my head guys. But i going to freshen up and I'll be back in ten okay...
Well Tammy own is a love Triangle that is going to be a.........Can't finish it you'll have to read it yourself to know lol

Bye Edith
Chapter One
Meeting Alec and Jacob

Becka Pov

I was born and raised in New York.
My mother was in the real estate business so we had a lot of money. My mom had a lot of shares all over Wall Street and I really didn’t mind. I had everything made for a seventeen year old teenager. I was driving a brand new silver Mercedes Benz, my pictures are in the hottest teen magazines, I am practically famous, and I knew most of the hottest stars around my age and older.
Everything was what I would call très magnifique.

Everything, excepting hearing those words from my mother. ‘‘I will be flying out of a conference and your father has been dying to finally meet you.’’
I know that a woman isn’t going to say what I think she is going to say.
‘‘I am sending you to Forks for bit. You’ll meet your father, sister and brother. By the way, I heard your older brother is to die for.’’
She was really out of her mind.
She really doesn’t expect me to just drop out by my father.
I don’t even know him and already I don’t like him. Worst yet for his children.

I really didn’t have a say in the matter because I was only seventeen.
My mother and father was married for like a three months and she left him to follow her dreams, which she did fulfill, and then she found out she was carrying me and she only sent my father messages informing him about me.
It didn’t matter to me anyway. I was on a plane that was getting ready to head to Forks, Washington, where that man’s son will be meeting me for the first time. I sat completely unaware of my surroundings and then I felt a cold finger tap my shoulder. I looked up and saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life.

“Do you mind if I sit right there?” the boys sweet voice, that sound like a lullaby to me, asked. I started to think about staying in a plane for three hours with him next to me could brighten up my trip. I hope he was single too.
“Uh…” think Becka say something quick he’s moving away, “Yeah you can. I’m available.” Oh shoot! What the hell did I say that for?
He laughed softly, it was so sweet and hypnotically alluring, I was hooked.
“I’ll remember that.” He said and sat in the seat next to me. “My name is Alec. What is yours, if you don’t mind me asking?” he continued.
“B-B-Becka.” I stuttered. Nice Becka. Great time to start stuttering, I thought to myself and smiled. Alec smiled back at me with a glint in his black eyes.
Wow. Was it contacts or was it his real eyes?

He was really something different.
His complexion was really pale compare to mine. Besides that I think I am falling for someone I now only met.
Is this the love at first sight thing I hear people talking about?
He is absolutely perfect in my eyes. I didn’t know when the plane took off but I knew my heart was racing and I never felt this way for anyone before.
His smile was breath taking. And his eyes were black as night, but full of warmth and sorrow.
I wondered if he had a bad past or something.

After the plane took off and we land, I learned so much about Alec that I felt I practically know him. One thing I was certain about now was the fact that he liked me and he didn’t have a girlfriend. This was really good for me.
He was staying in a hotel here until his sister came.
I told him I was staying with my family and that we could hang out sometime and he agreed.
I gave him my cell number and was on my way to meet the boy who was somehow related to me.
I walked through customs and walked to the pickup area, where I saw my name written in raspberry pink with silver and red glitter on a banner that a little copper skinned girl was holding up.

The girl was jumping up and down next to a tall buff copper skinned boy.
Well this will be interesting I said looking at myself and then back at them. I was dressed completely different and I was much paler than them.
Well I was different and in a lot of ways too.
I walked up to them and said softly, “Hi, I’m Rebecka Porter.”
“You’re Becka. I’m Rachel Black, your little sister and this is ‘our’ brother, Jacob Black.” The little girl said to me, pointing at her and the boy and she stressed on the word ‘our’.
“Pleasure to meet you both.” I said forcing a sweet smile. Yeah right who is being pleased here, me or them? I am not even happy to be in this cold country and I have no other choice. I rolled my eyes a bit to myself.

“Are you ready to leave?” the Jacob asked me. I nodded and he picked up my luggage as if they were papers and walked out the airport, out to the parking lot.
I thought my clothes and luggage were extremely heavy but I guess I was over exaggerating. I followed behind him with his sister asking me a bunch of questions about myself.

Alec Pov

What the hell was wrong with me?
I am never attracted to a human unless they were my lunch.
Rebecka was different. She was special.
I was sent here to meet Jane and Felix to keep an eye on the half breed and her family. That was my orders.
I will still follow my orders but I will see her again.
No matter what it takes.

Becka, you are something special and I will find out what, I thought to myself watching her leave the airport with her family.
Love it too!!!
Tammy it is absolutely great girl keep on writing
You will find out later Becka or you can message me and I'll tell you
love it :)


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