The Twilight Saga


Embry Pov
She isn't suppose to be here.
I can't protect her if she doesn't want me too.
Who the hell is this?
Why does she like him?
This will not turn out to be a Bella Edward and Jacob triangle.
I won't let it.

My life is in her hands now.
It is her decision to make.
I have to learn to accept that.
If she wants him then it is her choice, once she is happy.

The day Rebecka walked into my life was the day I started to live.

Rebecka Pov

Embry Call has made my fantasy a reality.
Alec has made me feel special and wanted.
I want them both but for some reason I have to choose.
I am destined to have one soul mate, who is it?

Embry or Alec?
A part of me needs Embry in my life
A part of me also needs Alec. 
Why is it this way?
Is it because of what I am or because of what Alec made me?
I know something is wrong with me.

Who will help me?
Who will I choose?

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thanks guys
combing my ex hair i now finish
message me and we'll talk or go back on The wolf adventures okay
im happpy she found out! I cant wait til she meets Embry
Amazing story!!!! You are a wonderful writer and I can't wait to see what happens when she finally meets embry
Looking forward to more!
Chapter Five
I need to get out of Here

Jake’s Pov

I sat at my sister’s side on the couch. I knew it would be hard to take in all that at the same time but I didn’t thought she would have fainted. Well at least she doesn’t know about the wolves’ part as yet, I thought to myself.
“You know you have to tell her, right?” Edward asked reading my thoughts again.
“Sometimes I which I could have Bella’s powers.” I said to him.
“Nessie, let’s get some fashionable items for her.” Alice said running up the stairs with Nessie. They were back in a flash with a whole set of clothes and shows and bags.
“What are those for?” I asked them and Edward actually laughed staring at Alice.
“That isn’t going to work Alice.” Edward said to Alice and she just smiled.
I felt Becka fidget on my lap. I looked down at her in time to see her flutter her eyes open.
“What happened?” Becka asked faintly, rubbing her temples.
“You want the long story or the short?” I asked her and she smiled at me. My sister actually smiled at me. It looked like it was a warm happy smile.

“Well, the short version is always quicker and blunter. So give me the short.” She said and I helped her to get up very slowly in case she swooned again. Now how would I tell her this? I asked myself.
“Let Renesmee show her.” Edward said from across by the window.
“Dude, you really need to stop doing that.” I said hotly at him and he shrugged. Nessie and Alice stood there with the clothes behind their backs. Nessie nodded her head and gave Alice the outfits she was holding. She walked over to Becka and sat next to her with a huge smile on her face. Becka looked completely confused and scared, I think.
“It’ll be okay. Don’t worry and don’t scream, please.” Nessie said to her softly.

Becka POV

Nessie smiled at me and placed her hand on my cheek. It was like a soft caress until I started to see images of pale teenagers and coming downstairs and Alice next to me. And then that freaky introduction. Mom, dad, uncle, uncle, aunt, and grandmother and then grandfather. Then Jake was there and then I was talking to Edward about staying out of my mind and then I fainted. I vision was so clear it was like I was watching everything happen right before my very eyes. When she moved her hand from my cheek the visions were gone and I was staring at her.
“How was that even possible?” I asked her softly and still dazed by the vision. She just smiled and placed her hand back on my cheek. This time she showed me a little baby being horrifically born into the world and Edward biting Bella and licking her, a really bloody scene, and then Rosalie holding it and carrying it outside, I saw Jake on the stairs looking as if he was watching his meaning for existence. Then it showed Bella with red eyes and the whole family together looking completely alike in certain ways. Then she went back to this huge russet wolf that the baby, or better word now would be toddler, was riding and then some other huge wolves. Then what looked like a battle field where a lot of people in black, red and gray cloaks were gathering. I saw a women being ripped apart and then burnt.

I was feeling really uncomfortable watching this. Then she showed me Bella again next to the russet wolf with….is it the same toddler or a different one? I saw everyone in front the house smiling when the sun shone brightly making the place sparkle. The sparkling was coming from the pale family. I saw the coppered skinned boys stand around more closer to Jake and they all were bare backed and they looked good. Well there goes one of my fantasies. I could have sworn I saw some of them already. Now I was seeing a little girl and Jake running through the woods. I had to admit the girl looked a lot like Nessie, now. Then every new image I saw of the girl looked like she was aging and she was always with Alice, Jake or Bella and Edward. Sometimes I saw visions or Carlisle measuring her with a measuring tape. The last visions I saw was Jake and Nessie on the beach talking then they were in a cave and he proposed to her and then I got a insight of them doing…

“EW, EW, EW. Nessie stop.” I yelled closing my eyes tightly shaking my head. When they images stopped I finally opened my eyes and looked her then at Jake. I wanted to throw up now.
“Sorry about that part.” Nessie apologized to me.
“It’s okay; just don’t ever show anyone that. I beg of you.” I said getting up and walking straight to the door.
“Becka, where are you going?” Jake asked me.
“Just out for a walk.” I lied and walked a little faster. I need to get the hell out of here. Okay now which way to the main land. I thought when I was outside the door. That is not something you tell someone when you now meet them. If it is true and I believe it is true, I can’t stay here. I need to get out of this country.
“And you feel leaving this country will help?” Edward asked from right behind me. I spun to see him right there. I didn’t hear the door open again. “We are everywhere, we don’t show ourselves to the world just so, Becka. It makes no sense you try to run away from that fact.” He said more firmly this time.
“Okay, but what about the huge wolves and the evil people in cloaks? Are they all over the world as well?” I asked him. He laughed.

What the hell could be so fricking funny to him now? I can’t see anything to laugh at.
“The funny part to me is that you know one of the huge wolves. He is closer to you than you think.” Edward said laughing even harder and then Jacob and Nessie walked outside with Alice right behind them.
Oh God!
Jake was- I mean is - the russet wolf. I was taking some serious steps backwards into the road. I didn’t even hear the car coming up the road. I just froze when I heard the car horn and I looked at the black car coming straight towards me.
“Becka!” I heard a lot of people yell my name before I was tackled out of the road by…
Tammy you can't do that girl
Who tackled her ?????

I hate cliffy endings
Nice cliff. Like it.
I not telling and it is chapter six is all you guys will love when i finish it okay but i not telling you who pushed her
look forward to more... soon! please.


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