The Twilight Saga


Embry Pov
She isn't suppose to be here.
I can't protect her if she doesn't want me too.
Who the hell is this?
Why does she like him?
This will not turn out to be a Bella Edward and Jacob triangle.
I won't let it.

My life is in her hands now.
It is her decision to make.
I have to learn to accept that.
If she wants him then it is her choice, once she is happy.

The day Rebecka walked into my life was the day I started to live.

Rebecka Pov

Embry Call has made my fantasy a reality.
Alec has made me feel special and wanted.
I want them both but for some reason I have to choose.
I am destined to have one soul mate, who is it?

Embry or Alec?
A part of me needs Embry in my life
A part of me also needs Alec. 
Why is it this way?
Is it because of what I am or because of what Alec made me?
I know something is wrong with me.

Who will help me?
Who will I choose?

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loved it but i dont like the cliffhanger!
oh my god.....grr a cLiffy...LOVE IT THOUGH :)
WHO?!!! i hate cliffies:(
please please write soon!
I am a very good person

BTW guys who do you think pushed her out of the way?
I want to put Alec but of I do Jake will kill him on the spot. If I put embry he will imprint on her. What should I do????
omg put Embry!! then put alec somewhere in there!! start up some drama!
use a stranger that pushed her. That way no one would be killed
Great cliff hanger!!! I can't wait for your next update!!!!!!
just read the story great job. And i would do embry
Can't wait for the next chapter
i will update this story in the morning when i am notsleepy okay guys but enjoy the next two i updated
>Chapter Six

Embry POV

I was walking up to the Cullen’s house after I got a phone call from Jake telling me to come and help him with his sister. I wonder who told him I wanted to meet his sister from another mother right now. I already have issues with my sister and he wants me to help him with his own. I am dreading the fact that my father has another child somewhere out in the world but knowing that I have walk all the way over here to help him with some rich pain in the butt. I was coming out of the woods when I saw Seth speeding up the road in Bella’s car with Jared in the front seat.
What I didn’t notice was that he was heading straight to the front of the house where Jake and Edward and some others were standing. I ran as fast as I could to the girl that was standing exactly where Seth was going to park.

“Becka!” I heard the others yell.
A crazy blind girl I have to save, I thought tackling her out of the way.
“Are you out of your mind? Why didn’t you jump out of the way?” I asked her getting off of her.
I mean couldn’t she see the car coming directly towards her?
“Becka, are you okay? Please tell me you aren’t hurt.” I heard Jake say to her, helping her off the floor with Nessie at his side. “I mean you’re not hurt right? No scratches or bruises. None at all. Dad is going to kill me if anything happens to you. He is already angry at me for keeping you out the entire night.” Jake was babbling to the girl.
Yeah, don’t worry. I am safe and sound as well like if you would care.
If I got bounced by a car what would they say? I know.
He’s a wolf; he’ll heal in no time.
It really didn’t matter because I know it was true but who is she?
I couldn’t see her face but she was dusting off her clothes while everyone was helping her inside. At the door I saw her turn around and look at me.

I think my heart stopped beating.
When she whispered her ‘thank you’ and walked inside.
The Earth stopped spinning at this point, and I actually understood the problems of life.
I think I know have all the answers of the universe in my head.
I was somewhere between Mars and Saturn, exploring the universe, when I felt a hand on my shoulder.
I turned to see Seth and Jared standing behind me with some stupid looking smiles plastered on their faces.
“Hero of the day.” Jared said starting to laugh.
“No, boy. He wanted to impress his best friend by saving his sister’s life when one of the vamps could have done that in less than no time.” Seth said laughing even more scandalous than Jared.
I didn’t really care what they found so funny but I was still buzzing over the fact that I think I now imprinted on my best friend’s sister.
“Are you certain that girl was Jake’s lil sister?” I asked them urgently.
This can’t be happening.
I don’t want to have an imprint, I don’t want to imprint on anything. I was thinking to myself.
When I heard my name being called from a very far place.
“Embry?” Seth and Jared yelled at me. I jumped out of my thoughts and finally looked at them.
What were they staring at?
“Guys, what is it?” I asked them and Jared started to smile uncontrollably.
“Did you just imprint on Jake’s sister?” Jared asked me, still with that grin on his face.
How the hell did he know? I didn’t say anything yet.

I need a quick escape. Think Embry.
“What are you talking about? Jared you must be out of your senses again. Did you see Edith for the day?” I asked him trying to make it sound impossible.
great chap:) post soon.


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