The Twilight Saga


Embry Pov
She isn't suppose to be here.
I can't protect her if she doesn't want me too.
Who the hell is this?
Why does she like him?
This will not turn out to be a Bella Edward and Jacob triangle.
I won't let it.

My life is in her hands now.
It is her decision to make.
I have to learn to accept that.
If she wants him then it is her choice, once she is happy.

The day Rebecka walked into my life was the day I started to live.

Rebecka Pov

Embry Call has made my fantasy a reality.
Alec has made me feel special and wanted.
I want them both but for some reason I have to choose.
I am destined to have one soul mate, who is it?

Embry or Alec?
A part of me needs Embry in my life
A part of me also needs Alec. 
Why is it this way?
Is it because of what I am or because of what Alec made me?
I know something is wrong with me.

Who will help me?
Who will I choose?

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thats an awesome story cant wait 4 the rest

Thank you Blanca.

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great update can't wait for more...please write more soon!
looking forward to reading more. please let me know when you do. enjoying reading

hey everyone

I'm sorry i haven't updated the story but i promise i will very soon. Now that i am back on more than before

I'll try me best to write more for you all...

Thats it!?   Wen r u goin 2 write more
i will post more but i am working and going to school i dont really have the time to do all that

Chapter Eight

Becka, I love you.



Alec POV


I was keeping my distance from the Cullen’s and their pets when I saw Becka run off behind some guy. I followed her from in the distance, Bella and Edward caught up to her before I did and then they both left. Why would she run after a boy that she hardly knows. I hoped it wasn’t because I had to lie to her about leaving. I can’t allow her to get turned or hurt by my sister and the other vampires. In all of my 200 years of being a vampire I never took a mate. So why am I having strong feelings for a human. I mean her chocolate brown eyes were just to dazzling to not want to pay any attention to them. Her scent wasn’t like any I had ever smelled. Now I have to lie to my sister about my liaison with her to get closer to the Cullens’. I needed to speak with her before I left for good.


I walked up to the tree where she was sitting next to and whispered in here ear, “Will you come with me?”

“Em—” she stopped short when she looked at me. “Alec?!” she got up and hugged me. “Oh thank god you’re here.”

“I can’t stay for too long so, please answer me. Will you come with me to Italy for the next week? Just for a little while. I promise you’ll be back before school starts.” I said to her. I hope this works.

“Italy. You really want me to come with you? To meet your family?” she asked a little awkwardly.

“Yes, they won’t mind and trust me they might be even happier to meet you than you’ll want to meet them.” I said passing my hand through my hair. I knew it was a nervous gesture but I had to pretend to be human somehow.

“I would love to, but I will need to get permission from my father first.” She said after studying my question. That was when I got the scent of one of those wolves the Cullens’ are always with. It was the one she had ran after.

I wondered what he had meant to her that she would run after him calling his name like that?



“I’m sorry. But I have to do this for your own safety.” I said to her quickly.

“Do what?” she asked before I rubbed her of all her senses. I lifted her into my arms and started to run back to Seattle. By the time I reached back to the hotel Jane and Felix were waiting on me. I walked passed them straight with Becka in my arms still and headed for my bedroom. I laid her on the bed and kissed her gently.

“I’m really sorry.” I whispered to her before leaving the room. I walked back into the sitting room where Jane stood waiting with Felix.

“So you brought back dinner, my dear brother.” Jane said with a smirk on her face and a glint of mischief in her blood red eyes.

“Jane, I swear if any of you touch her, I will kill you and leave you senseless for a very long time.” I snapped and sat down. “Find yourselves dinner elsewhere.”

“Playing greedy, are we?” Jane hissed at me. I glared at her and listened to Rebecka’s slow breathing from in the bedroom. For some reason she was better just the way she is. How could I change her when we reach Italy?

“I swear sister I will kill you and Felix if you as much take an inch nearer to that room. She is coming with us back to Italy as my guest. I will change her when she is settled in with me.” I said moving closer to Jane. “Just drop it. I’ll handle everything my way.” I said softly and deadly, with a strong protective tone with it.



“So I take it that you fell for a human, my little brother. How protective you have become since you’ve met this one?” she asked floating about the room. I glared at Jane then at Felix.

“I only met her today, why are you so inquisitive, Jane?” I lied. She smiled and walked over to Felix’s side and turned to face me.

“So you say, my brother, but I know different. You meet her a few days ago and you have been following her for a while now. She has the same scent as the girl I saw you with at the theatre the other night.” Felix smiled at my sister’s words.

‘Whatever we need to leave tonight before they find us and her.” I said grabbing the phone and calling the airport. I booked four tickets back home and walked back into my room to be with the only human I will ever love.

“By this time tomorrow I will be with you in Volterra and we will be together, forever, my love.” I whispered to Becka and sat next to her on the bed. Jane and Felix were extremely quiet in the next room. My guess was that they had took off to go hunting. Becka stirred in her sleep and she hugged me and fell back into a deep slumber. I gently removed her hair that fell over her face and tucked it behind her ear.




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