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  Standing at the alter of her own wedding, Bella is overjoyed to marry the love of her life, Edward Cullen. But right as she reaches up to kiss him and make it final, she is suddenly shocked to find herself in an alternate world, farther away from Edward than she's ever been. Bella is quick to realize that she is now living in a life where she is married to Jacob with three kids, and comes to the conclusion that she is having a nightmare the night before her wedding.

  But what happens when she doesn't wake up like she expects herself to? Bella struggles and searches as hard as she can to find a way to escape this nightmare, but finds that it isn't going to be a very easy task. How long will Bella be stuck in this twisted world before she comes to like it? How will she find a way to escape this nightmare, or, will she want to?





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Thank you to all of the wonderful readers and your beautiful comments! I can't tell you guys how many times you inspire me to never stop writing!!!

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thanks! I'm glad people are reading it!
omg awesome!!!!! more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will update um.... i think wednesday :)
haha i love it! i love how out of it she is in this parallel universe thing lol
lol i like to think of it as a parallel universe
k thanks!
love it
cant wait for more

Thanks Sherry!!! I'll update soon!

hope you like!! Comment and tell a friend!!!

I was quiet the entire ride. Jacob seemed to notice that. He asked me several times why I was so quiet, and if I was alright. I responded that I was fine with a smile. I kept wondering why I would have such a strange dream the night before my wedding. Normal people probably had dreams about their wedding the night before. They probably had dreams about being with the one they love for the rest of their life, and the honeymoon, and kids.
I never thought I was normal.
“I love you.” He smiled.
I just smiled back at him. He looked at me funny for not saying anything but otherwise ignored it. After that he was kind of quiet, which I liked because I desperately needed quiet time to think.
As we drove, I thought about this dream. It was a dream of what it would be like if Jacob and I had married and had kids. Maybe I was stressing out about the wedding. I rolled my eyes. Yeah, that’s it. I was having a slight case of cold feet and was just having a crazy night mare.
There was one thing weird about the whole thing though. This dream seemed so real, as if this were really happening. I never dreamed in color. My dreams were also never this specific. I lingered on every detail of the dirty room, what Susan looked like, what everyone was doing, the high way outside my window speeding by us now. It was all so detailed… in all of the rest of my dreams, it was basically a bunch of people wearing the same clothes they always did in either a forest or somewhere I don’t recognize. Even then, it’s not like this.
When I have dreams in a forest, it’s just a bunch a bunch of trees. There’s no moss, or bugs, and hanging sticks, or webs, or anything that’s not just a flat out boring tree. Then again, maybe I didn’t pay attention to those little things in my other dreams. I remembered some of the dreams I had when Edward left. I never did pay attention to little things, just Edward.
Where would he be? Is he in this dream? Does he exist in this strange world? I need to see him! Maybe I can change this dream around! If I spend my dream with Edward then maybe I won’t have to worry about my dream ending so much quicker so I can get to my wedding. As long as I’m with Edward, I’ll be fine.
I was about to say I was feeling sick or needed to get something at the store, just find some excuse to be able to find the love of my life, but Jacob pulled up to a restaurant. He smiled at me. I just sat there in the seat staring at the place. I couldn’t help but notice the flower pots hanging from the top from chains. The flowers were small and pink. I shook my head in amazement at once again, the detail of my dream. Jacob came around and opened my door for me.
“You ready?” he smiled. I nodded. “What’s up today? You seem off.” He noticed once again.
“I said I’m fine.” I shrugged. I was about to add some excuse that would be good enough to make him leave me alone, but then I realized I didn’t have one. Instead, I just walked along side with him into the restaurant. There weren’t a lot of people in there, but it wasn’t empty. I could hear low voices.
The lady at the front asked us for our names.
“The Blacks.” Jacob said. That caught me off guard. I looked at his arm, resting on the post beside him. My eyes followed down his arm to his hand. I gasped quietly.
His ring finger wasn’t lonely.
On it, placed a silver ring that read, “Love for a lifetime.” I quickly held up my left hand and sure enough, there was a ring similar to his on my finger. I gasped. It was way different than the one Edward had given me when we were engaged. This one had one silver gem in the middle with a smaller one just like it on each side. All three gems were silver and very shiny. The ring looked like I’d had it for several years. It didn’t look new. It was still I good condition though.
Jacob looked at me and noticed me admiring the ring. He smiled and tilted his head to the right as if to tell me to follow him. I did so, the waitress leading us to a table.
So we were married in this dream? And those kids back at the house . . . they were our children? I had always tried very hard not to think about what Jacob and I’s children would look like. I tried not to even think about children at all. The idea of children upset me simply because I knew it was one of the couple of things Edward could never give me.
No matter how much we wanted it.
Sure, we could adopt just like Carlisle and Esme did, but it wasn’t the same. It wouldn’t be our child! We wouldn’t be able to look at the child and pick out the things that make her look like her mother, or her father. We couldn’t experience one of the most amazing joys of life, carrying the baby in my stomach and giving birth to him or her. It just wouldn’t be the same. We wouldn’t even be able to keep the child with us for our whole lifetime unless we changed the child! I didn’t want to do that!
I sighed. Maybe I should think about something else. Once we were seated, Jacob smiled at me. But it wasn’t just any smile, it was his smile. Oh how I missed that smile so much. I couldn’t help smiling back at him, and he knew it.
Jacob told the lady he wanted a soda, and I told her I’d just take tea. After taking our orders, she just walked off without saying a word and fled into the kitchen.
“What do you want to talk about?” Jacob asked, flipping the menu in his hand on the side from front to back. I stared at the menu in his hands as he flipped it. It was as if he couldn’t decide whether or not he wanted to look at the front of the menu, or the back. I wondered if he even noticed that he was flipping the menu.
“I don’t know.” I said. It was cold in the restaurant, I realized I was shivering and then immediately stopped. He noticed my shivering and took off his coat. As he was doing so I kept telling him to put it back on and that I was fine but he insisted on me wearing it.
Huh . . . that’s funny. I never got cold or hot in a dream . . . forgetting the thought, I put on his coat and looked at the table at my menu. Suddenly I heard a cell phone ring. I looked down and reached in my pockets pulling out a cell phone I’d never seen before. I was silver and kind of thick. I flipped it over looking at the back. It, as well looked old.
“Are you going to pick that up?” Jacob asked, looking up from his menu cracking up.
“Oh yeah.” I mumbled and picked it up real quick. “Hello?” I asked. I just rememeberd I hadn’t even looked at the number to see who it was that was calling me. Oh well, it didn’t matter. It was probably someone I only knew in the dream anyway.
“Hey this is Susan.” I heard a voice.
“Oh... hey.” I said. Maybe I should have added Is everything okay or how are the kids.
“I’m so sorry to interrupt you like this… Umm, Kasey fell and… well she’s perfectly fine. Just a little scratch but I can’t find the first aid. Did you move it?” she asked.
I started to panic. Jacob saw me panic and looked alarmed. “Just a second.” I said.
“Do you know where the first aid is?” I asked.
“Is everything okay?” he asked, worried.
“Yeah, it’s just that . . .” I held the phone back up to my ear. “Umm… which one fell?” I asked.
“Kasey.” She responded.
“Kasey.” I told Jacob.
He rolled his eyes. “Big shock.” He said. Kasey must be a climber, or a really aggressive kid. One of the two. “The first aid’s under the kitchen sink. You moved it there yesterday remember?” he asked.
I stared at him blankly. “Yeah it’s under the kitchen sink.” I told Susan. I heard rattling on the other side of the phone for a couple of seconds. After thanking me, the phone call ended. I put the phone back in my jacket pocket.
“That’s Kasey for you.” I said laughing, trying to play along with this whole dream.
“I remember when we got that ladder for decoration. Remember the one that looked like it had fake roses growing on it?” he asked me. I nodded, interested in his story. “I still to this day don’t know how she got out the crib. I remember hearing you scream for me. I ran so fast into the room! Seeing her on the top of that ladder… my heart just stopped right there!” He exclaimed.
I laughed. “And what happened next?” It popped out of my mouth before I could stop myself. Before he could say anything else I added “I just love to hear you tell this story.” Then I realized that I shouldn’t have said that either. What if this story ended badly?
Thankfully, he just continued. “I was so happy she was okay!” he said. “Goodness we got rid of that ladder immediately.” He smiled.
I rested my head on my hands, looking at him. The waitress passed by dropping off our drinks. I never really thought of life this way. I always said I did, but I never really actually did. I’d been so busy running away from vampires, and saving Edward from the Volturi, and dealing with a bunch of Alice’s silly things like parties and wedding dresses.
I’d never actually thought about Jacob and me walking down the sidewalk pushing a stroller… us. But as good as the idea sounded, and as much as I enjoyed his company at the moment, it wasn’t nearly as amazing as seeing Edward’s face.
I loved Jacob, but I loved Edward so much more. Which reminded me, I needed to get to Edward. I needed to find him and forget about all the rest of this stuff. I started trying to think of an excuse I could use to get out of the rest of the date, but time passed by and the meals came, but till no excuse. By then I was too distracted between the tasty chicken and his stories about our mystery children that I forgot all about making an excuse.
Oh well, I’d have Edward forever anyway, why not have one last time with Jacob? Even if it was imaginary.
After we were done, we passed on desert and Jacob paid the bill. We walked outside to the car and headed home. By then it was about nine thirty.
“Wow we were in there for two hours.” I stated surprised.
“Wow.” He smiled, looking at the clock. I studied his face. He looked truly happy. As if his life were so perfect, he couldn’t take it all in at once. He loved me and he loved his kids and he loved his life. He looked as if he loved the old car we were in. As if he loved the bad tasting bread sticks we had not too long ago. I kind of felt bad for Jacob. He truly loved me, just like Edward did and he lost to Edward. I could see it in his eyes now like never before.
Once we got home i waited in the car for him to get out. As soon as he did, I slid over to the passenger seat and held my hand out of the window. “Can I have the keys?” I asked.
He looked suspicious but willing. He dropped them in my hand. “Where are you going?” he asked as I buckled my seat belt.
“I’m going to visit an old friend.” I smiled at him.
He walked up to my window, the car already started, ready to go. He leaned his head in a little and kissed me lightly on the lips. He smiled and then started towards the house. I tried to forget about him kissing me just now, and surprisingly, I found it very easy to forget.
Because I was on my way to see Edward again.

This is an interesting story! Im a bit confused though... Was the wedding with Edward a dream or is this whole thing with Jacob a dream? I am liking this story though! This was an awesome chapter!
wow! is it all a dream or did she pass out on her wedding day... ???
youll see!


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