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  Standing at the alter of her own wedding, Bella is overjoyed to marry the love of her life, Edward Cullen. But right as she reaches up to kiss him and make it final, she is suddenly shocked to find herself in an alternate world, farther away from Edward than she's ever been. Bella is quick to realize that she is now living in a life where she is married to Jacob with three kids, and comes to the conclusion that she is having a nightmare the night before her wedding.

  But what happens when she doesn't wake up like she expects herself to? Bella struggles and searches as hard as she can to find a way to escape this nightmare, but finds that it isn't going to be a very easy task. How long will Bella be stuck in this twisted world before she comes to like it? How will she find a way to escape this nightmare, or, will she want to?





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Epilogue- Edward




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Thank you to all of the wonderful readers and your beautiful comments! I can't tell you guys how many times you inspire me to never stop writing!!!

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Your writing is flawless, it flows so easily I can see the scene perfectly.
Its so...VISUAL. Amazing, extraordinary. Its impossible for improvement, because its already perfect.
If you don't update in five seconds I will die.
Thank you!! I love to get amazing comments like that! And i really love how much you enjoy my writing!! thanks! ill update by the end of the day today. sorry its taking me so long :)
juv it
thanks! :D
WOW what happened she gets married then poof shes not. Update me
alright! :)
so sorry it took so long but here it is :)
i wont be doing anything for THREE weeks starting this saturday so i will have a bunch of writing done in my free time :) im looking forward to that :)

I knew Jacob probaly suspected something was up, but he tried to hide it, and I liked him for that. I didn’t want to have to explain myself for everything I do. I didn’t want to have to say where I was going and why, and where, and when I’ll be back… I could just go and he was alright with that.
It got me to thinking about old times. Back not to long ago when I wanted to visit Jacob and Edward would always try and stop me. Then, when I finaly convinced him that it was safe to be around Jacob, he still had to drive me to the border or La Push and have me carry a phone and wear a helmet and blah blah blah . . .
It made me want to laugh, and I did. How irratating Edward could be. Then I realized what I was thinking and stopped real quickly. How could I be thinking badly of Edward? He was only trying to keep me safe! Jacob was a werewolf with a temper that could do some serious damage!
At the thought of Edward, I settled down. I smiled to myself. I was so happy to see Edward. I would tell him about my dream in a couple days. I would tomorrow but the first time we were going to see each other was at the altar and that wasn’t a good place to tell stories so it would have to wait.
The closer I got to his house, the more I thought against telling him the dream. What if he heard the dream and thought I wanted Jacob and not him? What if he got jealous or thought I loved Jacob still. What if he leaved me? I couldn’t tell him about the dream! What a terrible idea! I was upset that I was having the dream to start with!
I drove up the drive way to the Cullen’s house with a new excitement. I didn’t even get the car all the way up to the front, and hopped out of the car. I ran up the the house and rang the door bell, antsy.
It was Esme that came to the door. She answered it with a confused, but happy smile.
“Hello?” she asked.
“Is Edward here?” I asked.
She looked at me starnge as if she didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry sweaty, he’s moved out.” She spoke sweetly.
“Do you remember me?” I asked her.
“I’m sorry dear I don’t.” she said. That caught me off guard. Suddenly Alice came up to the door.
“Hi Bella!” she smiled, but didn’t do her usual by skipping to me and hugging me.
“Alice! You remember me!” I said releaved.
“Yeah. We went to the same high school remember?” she said.
“Yeah but . . . Don’t you remember everything else?” I asked.
Both Alice and Esme looked at each other for a split second and then back to me.
“What are you talking about?” she asked.
I just stood there. The rain started to poor down hard. My hair and clothes started to soak and when Esme offered to let me in, I refused. “Where’s Edward at now?” I asked not caring that the rain was one of my least favorite things.
“He moved in with his new wife a couple of weeks ago.” Esme said.
“What?” I asked.
Alice paerked up “Tanya.” Where had I heard that name before? I knew I had heard it… I just stared at her. “He married a girl named Tayna.
“That’s all I needed to know.” I said and then started walking away. They watched me leave but I tried not to look at them for a second. As I drove away, I remembered who Tanya was. I not only remembered who she was, but I remember a conversation I had about her months ago…
“Goodnight, Bella.”
“Wait- there was something else I wanted to ask you about.”
“What’s that?”
“I was talking to rosalie last night . . .”
His body tensed again. “Yes. She was thinking about that when I got in. she gave you quite a lot to consider, didn’t she?”
“She told me a little bit . . . about the time your family lived in Denali.”
There was a short pause; the beginning took him by surprise “Yes?”
“She mentioned something about a bunch of female vampires . . . and you.”
He didn’t answered, though I waited for a long moment.
“Don’t worry.” I said after the silence had grown uncomfortable. “She told me you didn’t . . . show any preference. But I was just wondering you know, if any of them had.” I said.
Again he said nothing.
“Which one?” I asked, trying to keep my voice casual. “Or was there more than one?”
“No answer. I wished I could see his face so that I could know what the silence meant.
“Alice will tell me.” I said. “I’ll go right now.”his arms tightened. I was unable to squirm even an inch away.
“It’s late.” He said. His voice had a little edge to it that was something new. Sort of nervous, maybe a little embarrassed. “Besides I think Alice stepped out . . .”
“It’s bad.” I guessed. “It’s really bad isn’t it?” I started to panic, my heart accelerating as I imagined the gorgous immortal rival I’d never realized I’d had.
“Calm down Bella, You’re being absurd.”
“Am I? Then why aren’t you telling me?”
“Because there’s nothing to tell. You’re blowing this widly out of proportion.”
“Which one?” I insisted.
He sighed. “Tanya expressed a little interest. I let her know in a very courteous, gentemanly fashion, that I did not return that interest. End of story.”
I kept my voice as even as possible. “Tell me something. What does Tanya look like?” I asked.
“Just like the rest of us . . . white skin gold eyes.” He answered too quickly.
“It’s late.” He said agin. “Sleep my Bella. Dream ahppy dreams. You are the only one who had ever touched my heart. It will always be yours. Sleep my only love.”
I thought over the conversation. He answered to quickly… he stayed silent… he tried to refuse to talk about her. And in some other world where I wasn’t in his, Tanya was. That’s why it was so difficult to get him to talk that night. That’s why he answered quickly… he loved her too. For all I know, in the many decades before I knew him, he could have been married with her, or in a relationship, or worse.
I shivered as I drove. I didn’t really know where to go. I just cried in the car. Even if this was a dream, why did it have to be so bad? And what if I woke up and him married him, never knowing if there was something behind that conversation? What if he had something with her?
I never really started paying attention to where I was driving but somehow, someway…. I ended up back where I begun this crazy dream. At Jacobs…
I'm freaking out! This is so incredible!! I LOVE IT!!!
She's dreaming right? SHE HAS TO BE DREAMING! *Hyperventilates*
Wonderful writing! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!

lol Thank you Bella... that's a wonderful comment!!!

whoa big shocker with edward being married to tanya. loved it!

Thank you Gianna!!! Glad to surprise everyone!


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