The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella oldest daughter, but got pregnant from a one night stand and is now a single mom to her daughter Jalice Mary

you can have up to 4 people

you can add people into the story if you want just fill out this form and i will add them

name of person:

played by:

the cullens:

alice cullen:Tayla Preston

Jalice cullen:me

bella cullen:me

edward cullen: Alice Cullen

emmett cullen:

nessie cullen:me

The Hales:

Jasper hale:

rosalie hale:me

The Steven's:

Jackson Steven(jalice's boyfriend):

The Blacks:

jake black:

The Volturi:

Aro Volturi:

Cauis Volturi:

Marcus Volturi:

Jane Volturi:

Alec Volturi:

Felix Volturi:

Demetri Volturi:

Heidi Volturi:

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I will be Alice

I'll be Jasper :3

lets start now people can join as we go on

sure thing


jalice was out in the woods hunting when she got a vision and smiled when she saw that her mom would be happy for once and she ran home at once

Alice was sitting at home silently doing housework

jalice ran though the door and grabbed her mom's hand and ran upstairs to her bedroom and took her to her bathroom and sat her in her chair.

Alice looked at her daughter worried for a momment "What are you doing"

jalice didnt answer and open her makeup and started on her mom's makeup.

Alice rolled her eyes at her daughters spontanious makeover

(Real sorry at school and the bell went so g2g)

jalice giggled and finished her mom's makeup and started on her mom's hair.



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