The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella oldest daughter, but got pregnant from a one night stand and is now a single mom to her daughter Jalice Mary

you can have up to 4 people

you can add people into the story if you want just fill out this form and i will add them

name of person:

played by:

the cullens:

alice cullen:Tayla Preston

Jalice cullen:me

bella cullen:me

edward cullen: Alice Cullen

emmett cullen:

nessie cullen:me

The Hales:

Jasper hale:

rosalie hale:me

The Steven's:

Jackson Steven(jalice's boyfriend):

The Blacks:

jake black:

The Volturi:

Aro Volturi:

Cauis Volturi:

Marcus Volturi:

Jane Volturi:

Alec Volturi:

Felix Volturi:

Demetri Volturi:

Heidi Volturi:

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Replies to This Discussion

jalice:*does jasper's hair*


rose:*smiles and sits next to you*dont get mad ok

Alice sighs as she heads down stairs to jackson "I have showered"

Jackson nods "great have no idea what she wants you to do now"

Jake smiles back pulling her close

Emmett laughed "I doubt you can say anything to make me mad at you"

jalice:*finishes jasper's hair and calls alice*

jasper:*gets up*


rose:im in love with you

Alice picks up her phone "why did I have to shower?"

Jackson laughs "your gonna find out now I'm guessing"

Jake kisses your cheek

Emmett looked at you in shock "I'm kinda in love with you"

jalice:you will find you and your not wearing jean and a t-shirt mom*puts her hand over the phone*JASPER HURRY UP*takes her hand off the phone*i will do your make up and hair and clothes when i get there*hangs up*JASPER

jasper:im coming*walks outside and gets in his car and drives to alice's house*

jalice:*gets on her motorcycle and drives home and gets there before jasper and parks and goes inside and takes her mom's hand goes upstairs*



Alice followed annoyed "what is with you and the spontaneous makeovers lately"

Jackson waves at Jalice as she runs past

Jake holds her close "so what shall we do"

Emmett nods slightly

jalice:oh hush*takes you to my bathroom and sets you in the chair and starts on your makeup*

bella:*walks in*need help

jalice:yea can you do her hair

bella:sure princess*does alice's hair*

jalice:*does her make up*

jasper:*gets there and parks the car and gets out and walks in*hey guys

nessie:well i have one idea but i dont think my mom or dad would like it


Alice rolls her eyes and allows them

Jackson smiled "Hey Jazz"

Jake laughs "Yeah I doubt that too"

Emmett smiles back looking at you

jalice:*finishes your make up and goes to get the dress and shoes and puts them on you*

the dress:

the shoes:

bella:*finishes your hair*

jalice:*skips down*

jasper:hi jackson so do you know what jalice is up to

jalice:shes ready

bella:*walks downstairs*


rose:*smiles and looks at you*

Alice sighed "are you going to tell me why now"
Jackson shakes his head "I just followed orders to get Alice in the shower"
Jake smiled "so any ideas they wont kill me for"
Emmett smiled back and leant in kissing your cheek


jasper:*laughs*shes playing matchmaker again

nessie:hunting but im not in mood for hunting

rose:*smiles and slides your lips to mine and kisses you*

Alice rolled her eyes "I'm coming" heads down stairs

Jackson nods "I would say so"

Jake smiles "sure thing lets go"

Emmett kisses back putting an arm around you


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