The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella oldest daughter, but got pregnant from a one night stand and is now a single mom to her daughter Jalice Mary

you can have up to 4 people

you can add people into the story if you want just fill out this form and i will add them

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the cullens:

alice cullen:Tayla Preston

Jalice cullen:me

bella cullen:me

edward cullen: Alice Cullen

emmett cullen:

nessie cullen:me

The Hales:

Jasper hale:

rosalie hale:me

The Steven's:

Jackson Steven(jalice's boyfriend):

The Blacks:

jake black:

The Volturi:

Aro Volturi:

Cauis Volturi:

Marcus Volturi:

Jane Volturi:

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jalice:*gets to jasper's house and parks her bike and gets off and walks inside and goes to the kitchen and grabs jasper's hand and goes up and pushes him to the bathroom*shower now

jasper:*chuckles and goes to take a shower*

ness:hey sweetie

jalice:*calls jackson*


Jackson answers his phone "Hey babe"

Jake kissed her cheek "how are you today"

Alice hummed softly as she cleaned

Emmett sat down to take a break from his hike

jalice:hey can you get my mom to take a shower

nessie:borred jalice is playing matchmaker again

jasper:*takes a shower*


jackson laughs "Why am I forcing your mother into the shower"

Jake shrugs "most likely"

Alice finish up the cleaning and sits on the sofa

Emmett layed back on the ground

jalice:i will tell you later just do it*hangs up*

jasper:*walks out dressed and his hair wet*

jalice*holds a suit*go put this on and then im gonna do you hair

nessie:*rolls her eyes and kisses you*

rose:*sees him and walks over*hey emmett

Jackson rolls his eyes laughing as he heads into the house "Alice jalice wants you to take a shower"

Alice sighed nodded then went and took a shower

Jake laughed and kissed back

Emmett looks up at Rose "Hey"

jasper:*takes the suit and goes puts it on and comes back*

jalice:*does his hair*

nessie:*wraps arms around your neck*i love you

rose:can i tell you something


(I gotta go I have class now)

Alice showered wondering what her daughter had planned

Jackson sat on the sofa and watched TV

Jake smiled sweetly "Love you too"

Emmett sat up "Sure whats on ya mind"

"Hey what you guys doing?" I said as I  walked into the room puzzled, then I sat down by Jackson and said "what are you watching?"

"Where's Alice?" I asked wanting to talk to her, "If you find her tell her I want to talk to her and that I will catch her later"

Then I walk to Jasper's house and enter and I said  "hello, Jasper are you there, what is going on?"


Jackson shrugged "nothing really still trying to find something"

Alice got out of the shower and put on her jeans and shirt

bella:*walks in*


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