The Twilight Saga

Alice is Bella oldest daughter, but got pregnant from a one night stand and is now a single mom to her daughter Jalice Mary

you can have up to 4 people

you can add people into the story if you want just fill out this form and i will add them

name of person:

played by:

the cullens:

alice cullen:Tayla Preston

Jalice cullen:me

bella cullen:me

edward cullen: Alice Cullen

emmett cullen:

nessie cullen:me

The Hales:

Jasper hale:

rosalie hale:me

The Steven's:

Jackson Steven(jalice's boyfriend):

The Blacks:

jake black:

The Volturi:

Aro Volturi:

Cauis Volturi:

Marcus Volturi:

Jane Volturi:

Alec Volturi:

Felix Volturi:

Demetri Volturi:

Heidi Volturi:

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Replies to This Discussion

jasper:*smiles and sets the menu down*

jane:*closes my eyes*

jalice:*kisses back*

nessie:its nothing*gets up and goes to the bedroom and texts jake*ugh thats it im done with aro as soon as i get to italy im running to rome meet me there in 5 hours ok



nessie:*smiles*you gonna break it off with jane

jalice:i love you too



jane:fine whatever

nessie:*smiles and didnt leave the room until the plane landed*


rose:i dont really want to move

jasper:*smiles and orders*

nessie:*looks at aro*no im not im sorry aro



(Ok Sorry I haven't been on been busy with school work and exams and i promise to try and be on a lot more)

(Ok are Edward and Bella married?)

Edward: Bella where are you? I said Shouting as I walked into the house it look like there was no -one here so I decided to look around to see if you where in the house after looking around downstairs  I sighed then I sat on the couch put the tv on and flicked through channels waiting for you to show up.

(its fine)


bella:*walks in reading a book*alice is on a date with jasper, nessie is with aro and jane who is talking to jake emmett and rose are somewhere in the woods and jalice and jackson are upstairs

jasper:*smiles and takes your hand*

nessie:*nods and runs to rome and sees you and runs to and attacks you*hi

jane:*walks over*



jasper:can i ask you something

nessie:*smiles*jane really*slaps the back of your head*

jane:master aro are you ok

jalice:well like i said i need to plan my mom's wedding


jasper:will you be my girlfriend

nessie:*giggles*that was just to annoy my dad and i had to see what you saw in jane and its not my fault aro is little hot but not as hot as you

jane:why do we bother with the cullens



jasper:*smiles and kisses your hand*

nessie:she didnt tell that was one of my close friends did she

jane:jake broke it off




nessie:*rolls eyes*

jane:i know*looks at you and smiles*

jalice:im good

rose:*smiles and listens to you*

jasper:*smiles and sees the waiter come back*



jalice:*smiles and goes into a vision and smiles*



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