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Hey everyone! 
I'm a big fan of Twilight and I have read all the books many, many times. Therefor I would like to ask if any of you know some other great books, that reminds a lot of Twilight - you know, with a great love story, and all that. 

Thanks :)

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If you are patient, Amanda, you might enjoy A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I suggest you need patience because when the meat of the story is being told it is very good indeed. The author has a disconcerting habit of meandering into less interesting description to show off her historical chops so there are long periods when you might want to thump her.

I am a big fan of Francine Rivers, she is a great love story writer.   Historical Fiction. 

Hi! Go to  or for expanded stories of all kinds and tastes about our beloved characters! You can read some beautifully romantic and/or sensual/hot stories of all kinds: vampire, human, historical fiction based, fantasy, alternate universes, etc. There are too many favorites of mine at about mainly Bella and Edward obviously, and some Bella and Jacob ones. But you should definitely checkout Carlisle and Esme's love story (read writer: TwiliteAddict's stories ), Rosalie and Emmett's love story (read: achelle131 = 2 story sagas ), and Alice and Jasper's love story (Eternal Hope:The Alice and Jasper Archive by FrozenSoldier: multiple writers and stories about Alice & Jasper discovering and loving each other, here; ) ---those fantasies that Stephenie Meyer never gave us  ---but some incredible writers at these sites have 'filled in my Twilight-fantasy blanks!!' You do have to sign an age-appropriate waiver at and ----'cause there are some, but not all, stories that are really adults-only (R to NC-17) Most of the stories are PG-PG-13 to M. At, I especially love the works of Lissa Bryan: Written in the Stars; The Better Angels of Our Nature; I Hope You Dance! Some writers, like Lissa Bryan, have created their own blogs where you can continue to read their work.  You'll fall in love with all Twilight-fan fiction, regardless who you read!! Enjoy!  ;-]

I want to read Firelight and its sequels! Thank you, Vampire Lover!

Thanks, Vampire Lover. So far Firelight is the most appealing although I'll give Lies Beneath some thought. Right now I've a very full plate so I may be reacting to that rather than your suggestion.

The best vampire books of all time belong to Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles.

I reccomend picking up Interview with the Vampire, as it's fantastic.

I appreciate your opinion, Meris, although I wasn't fond of the movie. Sometimes a book is not at all like the movie so I won't count it out.

It's similar, but much less annoying, as Louis isn't nearly so flat, nor Lestat so one-dimmensional. Same with Armand.

Thank you, Meris.


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