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chapter 1 :                                        One of a Kind
Sarah's pov :
Ugh! I HATE this. Moving is the worst thing that happened to me in weeks, other than that my parents divorced, they just divorced a week ago , my mom is flying to paris to do something with her work , my dad is going to live with his new WIFE so he's making me go live with granddad's friend , his name is Billy that will probably be my new house . They got to be kidding. Mom knows very well that I hate moving, I don’t want to move and leave my friends and family here in California and go to forks! Today's my last day here I'm going to school then I'll head straight to the airport.
"Sarah, breakfast's ready" mom called from downstairs. "Coming." I said as I went downstairs. "Did u pack your bag yet?" I gritted my teeth "yes, mom I packed it yesterday " I answered threw gritted teeth it almost sounded like a hiss " and I don't want breakfast, bye " I added as I grabbed my bag and got out the door . I went over to the bus stop to meet my two bestest friends since kindergarten, Alice and Minnie. I ran over to them and gave them a big hug "I'm going to miss u guys, so much" I said, then I started crying I heard them crying with me I couldn't bear to leave them. I heard the bus stop and the door open, we let go of each other and got up the bus. "Ok guy's bad news" Minnie said to the bus they all looked "Sarah's …. Leaving" she choked the last word out, and then the whole bus was full of crying teenagers. "But ..." Alice started "we're not leaving her without a goodbye party, are we" Alice said with a grin the bus filled with agreements. I groaned. The one thing I hated worst then moving was parties. We arrived at school, me, Minnie and Sarah went to our first period. English past like a blur, Spanish was a lot like English except that Miss Helena, our Spanish teacher gave us a pop quiz that I without doubt failed in. when lunch finally came, our table was full with goodbye's and I'll miss you's . I had biology after lunch, once the bell rang I ran (if that's the right word) to my biology class. There he is. Mike. I thought .come on go sit next to him, don't be a coward. I thought. I've known mike since kindergarten, he was Alice's sister and I always had a crush on him until now I never told him how I felt about him. He ran his hand through his golden hair; I was too lost in thought that I didn't notice that I was still on the door. "miss.dwyer, you may take a seat… or if you like standing so much the classrooms back wall is open if u need to " Mr. . John's voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up, embarrassed." I'm sorry mr.john" I said as I walked inside the classroom, mike shot me a crooked smile as I sat down next to him."Do you mind if I sit beside you? "I asked mike."Not at all" he replied with a smile. Every five minutes I'd find myself steeling glances over at him, and he'd catch me every time. When the bell rang I started getting up, I felt a hand pull me back down. Mike had a frown on his face, "so are you really, you know, leaving?" mike asked, those big brown eyes full with agony. "Ya, I'm leaving today after school" I said than frowned. He frowned too. His eyes creased. I put my finger to smooth the line between his eyebrows. Then unexpectedly he kissed me, his lips were soft against mine I put my hand in his hair pushing him closer to me. Ha, I knew I could do it. I thought as I kissed him back. "I love you" he said after he pulled away "I love you too" with that we started kissing again.

Seth's pov:
I never thought that hanging around imprints can be this bad, but now I know, their like love birds, Jacob and Nessie, Quil and Claire, Jared and Kim, Sam and Emily, Paul and Rachel even Collin and Brady imprinted. This just sucks. "I can't handle this anymore "I said under my breath as I got up from the circle of love birds."Where are you going Seth?"Leah said the only one that wasn't busy with an imprint because she didn't have one "nowhere just heading home, want to come with me?" I asked her "love to" she said as she got up. Once we were away from the bonfire that they couldn't hear I groaned "man do I hate imprinted people, it just sucks you know, man if I knew that imprinted ones were coming I wouldn't have said yes." I said as I threw a rock of the cliff and never fell in the water again. "When am I going to imprint already" I grumbled under my breath. Leah put her hand on my shoulder, I just shrugged it off. "It's ok Seth I know how you feel" Leah said soothingly, I knew she was right; she was having a tougher time being here than I was. If it weren't for mom she would have been at home by now , but mom's in her own fairytale , she and Charlie got married not a year ago , they've been on their romantic island ever since . I put my arm over her shoulder "let's go home" I said as we walked home. "Did u know that Billy's having his friend's granddaughter live here with him, her name is Sarah" Leah said suddenly "really?? I didn't know, when is she coming?" I asked "she's leaving today; she'll probably be here by tomorrow" Leah answered opening the door, I hadn't noticed that we were home "ok, I'm going to hit the sack and probably pass by Billy's tomorrow " I had to admit I felt some hope that this Sarah would my imprint, I really did hope so .I jumped on my bed, closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.'dring, dring, dring, dring' that was my phone "ugh" I looked at the clock it was six a.m beside it was a letter
I'm so sorry I waked you early, but Sarah's plane is landing at seven a.m thought I'd wake you early just incase , you should know how she looks like so you don't go take any beautiful girl you see at the airport ; she has long brown hair , brown eyes and she's slightly pale.
Take care
"What the …" I jumped off the bed and headed straight to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I took a shower, got dressed in a pair of shorts and headed downstairs for breakfast. Leah had left me pancakes, sweet. I ate as fast as I could and at six and a half I took off to the airport. I was so excited to see her I was jumping up and down my seat as I waited for her flight. I heard them announce California's flight landing I got up and waited by the door. People started getting out young and old, Leah had described her to me in the note; "she has long brown hair, brown eyes and she's slightly pale" and of course beautiful. I waited anxiously for the girl with that description but nobody came , then I heard a voice beside me " um… are you Seth Clearwater " the voice asked "yes" I said turning , then froze and that’s when it happened !

Sarah's pov:
when the last bell rang , I groaned; time for the party , it was going to be really short so I don't miss my flight, and really bad , since I hate parties . They're doing it at Alice's place of course the party maker. Other than that I had a really nice day , mike finally admitted that he loved just like I loved him we exchanged phone numbers because when I land , he can call me and keep in touch. My friends screamed all day when they knew what happened, I had texted them right after I told him goodbye. I had to stop by my house because dad was going to give me the pic of the guy who's going to take me to Billy's house, so I headed off to the bus. "I still can't believe that you made out with my brother" Alice complained as I sat in my seat at the back" oh come on, it's not like we let things get too carried away we just kissed "I said defending myself, while blushing at the memory."Ohhh, she's blushing "Minnie said with a giggle. That really got on Alice's nerves." Hush. For a second Minnie, would you" Alice was furious "look Alice, if you're going to be all mad and grumpy than I'm not going to the party" I threatened and I knew that, that was the key to lighten her up," don't you even think about not coming" she said I just smirked at her, Minnie laughed, then all of us were laughing. "So who is this guy that's going to meet you?" Minnie asked after a long silence "I really don't know, he's kind like Billy's grandson, I don't know him though" I said "if he's cute, then he's all mine" Alice threatened "hey, how come, you? Now that's not fair" Minnie said then pouted, I laughed at her expression. "actually it is , she toke my brother I take her relative it's a match" she said than laughed at the idea " nope , you're wrong if he's cute … he's all MINE " I said with a smirk ." now THAT'S not fair , you can't have two !" Minnie exclaimed." You know what I like that idea, no one going out with MY brother, no one making out with MY brother, sounds pretty good to me. " Alice said with a smile . I rolled my eyes, and turned to face the window. We were on my street now "ok guys, see you at the party" I said as I got out of the bus. I knocked on the door "coming" I heard my mom call. My mom opened the door and I greeted her with a hug "hello, mom, how was your day?" I asked as I let go of her. My mom looked at me as if I were insane then jumped back to reality "fine, hon ,how about yours ?" she asked " amazing" I sang as I went over to the kitchen to get something to eat " ah , no eating right now you have a party to go to " my mom said taking the cereal box that I was about to pour in the bowl out of my hand and back in the cupboard . I frowned "how did you know?' I asked Alice didn't happen to text her or anything, did she? "honey, Alice will always be Alice " mom said with a smile, I laughed out loud, then mom joined in." we don’t want to loose track of time do we I'll put the suitcases in the car, so you don’t have to come back here and het them, oh! And the boy's picture is on the counter" she said pointing to a picture on the counter "enjoy" my said with a smile than went upstairs to get my bags. I went over to the counter and grabbed the picture then froze, he wasn't just cute he was hot; his brown hair, cropped short glimmered in the sunlight, his chest seen through his open shirt was tan and muscular his smile adorable , I would say he was barely older than me with a year or a half . I heard mom laughing, I hadn't noticed that I was drooling over the paper. In the edge of the photo was written
seth Clearwater
"Wow" was all I could get out of mouth.

The one and only Sarah dawyer

Alice (Sarah's friend)

Minnie (Sarah's friend)

Mike (Sarah's crush)
Seth Clearwater

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