The Twilight Saga

What if Bella Rosalie Alice Renee and Charlie were vampires?

What if Edward Jasper Emmett Esme and Carlisle were humans?


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This story is based on Edward and Bella and the rest of the of the Cullen clan.



I would of never thought of falling in love again... especially with a human. But he is my own personal heaven. The one that I would love to spend eternity with. The one that I love with all my heart. The one that I will give up my life for. The one that I'll love for eternity. His blood sings to me, it calls me, and thats why I will never let anything happen to him. His eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. And I would hate to see them closed forever. He is the love if my life. He is the stars at night that shine my night. Before it was all dark, now I see everything I need to see and more. My one and only beloved...


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hahah sorry i just think cliff hangers are funny lol

you just have to wait :D

Can't wait for more!!!
thanks (:
wow! it was all happy & every thing did someone really have to scream?? so i love it i cant beleve they kissed!!! im sooooo excided! update soon plz.
updating now (:
Duuuuude! Cliffhanger? That is soooooo not cool! Hahaha(:
hahah sorry i just love leaving cliff hangers
Awwwww so cute!!!... Until the whole screaming thing hahahahah cant wait for more!!!
thanks i know the screaming always freaks people out lol
thank u, thank u, thank u! for updateing i love it


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