The Twilight Saga

Dana's new to La Push and wants to make a new start for her and her daughters 4 year old Christine and 2 year old Temperance, Tempe for short/ Dana is on the beach with the girls one day when Jacob imprints on her. what's next?

Dana- me



Renesmee Cullen (Clohe Dames)

Tempe-Bella Swan-Cullen(natyna smith

name any other wolf

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"Tempe's got a boyfriend,Tempe's got a boyfriend"I giggle.

"Stop it,Chrissy."I said throwing a big lump of sand in Chrissy's  face.I blushed bright red."Momma make Chrissy stop"

"all rght chrissy stop teasing

"Yeah,stop it.'I say,sticking my tongue out at her

'So tell me tempe who is he

"Mommma,I already told you I don't know.I'm tired can we go home now."

"sure/ come on chrissy

"THANK GOD."I whisper running to the car.

she drove them home

I stay quiet the whole ride home and when we arrive home I take a shower and head straight to bed.No Questions Tonight.

the next morrning she made breakfast

I awake to the smell of chocolate pancakes.She rushed downstairs to find it."Morning Momma,"she said sitting down."4 pancakes please."


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