The Twilight Saga

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This story is about a girl named Melania. She is 13 years old and livs in a small pueblo in Mexico. When her life begins to change she realizes that there are things close to people that are good.

Words on Spanish:

I was doing my chores, helping my madre clean the house. As I sweeped my mind started to wander.

I don't know how much longer I can stand living in this tiny house. Everyday my padre comes home drunk and either beats my madre or me. Maybe I should try running away alone. I thought to myself. But how can I do that and leave my madre here alone? She doesn't want to leave not matter what my padre does to us.

Once I tried to convince her to leave. But instead of saying yes she told me that once a women is married she can't leave her husband no matter what. I kept trying to convince her but we both started yelling at each other and she ended up smacking me and telling me to shut up.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear when my padre came stumbling inside.

"Where's dinner!" He yelled.

"It's right here. Come and eat. You too Melania."

As we sat down my padre started to stare at me funny. I pretended to act like I hadn't notest. This wasn't the first time he'd looked at me that way.

When my we sat down my madre said "Today I went to the Docter and they did some exams on me." Lately my mom's bones have been hurting. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

"Hm." Was all my padre said.

"I'll be getting them back tomorrow" My madre said. Usually during dinner I preferred not to talk. Before I speak I don't really think. So I sometimes would end up with a smack in the face from my madre or something much, much worse from my padre, not even realizing what I said.

After dinner I helped my madre wash the dishes and put them away. Then I went back to my room to draw a little bit. I wasn't very good at it but it did intertain me.

I ended up falling asleep.But then something got on me and woke me up. Before I could scream a big hand covered my mouth.

"Don't scream or you'll be sorry."

I hope you liked it. Please comment! And if you like it I'll make the chapters longer.

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Hey that story is great you should continue with it i'd like to read more and find out what happens to Melania. cya
yes grrrrr.... write more its actually really good keep m updated
Don't worry...I just sent the edited chapter to the author!
So no fear! Your beloved story shall be updated soon!
it's so beautifull please send me more

Chapter 7
What new life? What does that mean? That’s when I realized something was different, I was different.

My eyesight and hearing had become clearer and sharper.

Outside I could hear the waves crashing against a boat. I could hear the shipmen upstairs walking and talking about the strange things that were going on. I could even hear the thud of their hearts as they pumped blood through their bodies.

And I suddenly felt like I was thirsty. But this thirst was not like a normal thirst for water, this was a thirst of craving, a craving for blood, a thirst that must be quenched.

But at the moment my curiosity as to my surroundings and what I had become prevailed over my need for blood.

"Who are you? What am I doing here? What happened?" I asked.

"You've been turned, into a vampire" said the man with the voice of Corin.

"A… vampire? What are you talking about? You can't be serious. Vampires don’t exist."

"We are very much serious. You are now a vampire, as are we. And you, you have been gifted with one of the greatest gifts in the entire entity of our history. That's why you have been chosen to serve the Volturi as part of the guard." said Eleazar.

The confusion I was feeling must've been written all over my face because he paused for a second, as if to gather his thoughts, then continued.

"The Volturi are like the royalty of our world. Aro is afraid that someone will try to overthrow us, so Corin and I go around the world to find humans that are worthy of being part of this powerful coven."

I was finally beginning to understand what was going on. But I still had more questions.

"What exactly is my gift?" I asked.

"You are able to obtain any gift that another vampire possesses. I don't know how exactly but I know you can, so you will just have to work on that part out yourself."

"Well I'll do my best to find out. To tell you the truth the idea of being part of this vampire coven sounds good to me. I have nothing left hear, where else would I go?" I really was ok with it. I most certainly didn't want to be alone in this new world. And they're powerful too, why not?

"Excellent. Now you must be thirsty, all go call some of the shipmen to come down here." said Eleazar.

I just nodded.

When Eleazar left, I turned to Corin, who looked sad.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He looked up like he was just remembering that I was there.

"Oh…nothing. All of this just brings back some sad memories."

"What memories?" I said looking deep into his eyes truly curious. As I did, I felt something stir inside of me, a feeling to look deep into his soul. I had a sensation of something humming deep inside of me.

"Wow! Your eyes! They're- they're glowing…" he trailed off dumbfounded.

Then Eleazar was standing next to Corin looking down at me in awe.

"She-she has your gift now. That's how it works! She just looks into the person’s eyes and then she has their power…amazing." he said with wonder in his voice.

I hoped you liked the chapter and I'm so glad more people are reading! Plz keep reading and comment!
Plz write more soon
just post more ppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
do i hear spin off? keep it coming i want to read this entire story
I thought Corin was a girl! lol:D
love the story!!!
This is great!!! Can you add me and tell me when you write more!!!
very very cool pic's and this is also a great fan-fic


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