The Twilight Saga

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This story is about a girl named Melania. She is 13 years old and livs in a small pueblo in Mexico. When her life begins to change she realizes that there are things close to people that are good.

Words on Spanish:

I was doing my chores, helping my madre clean the house. As I sweeped my mind started to wander.

I don't know how much longer I can stand living in this tiny house. Everyday my padre comes home drunk and either beats my madre or me. Maybe I should try running away alone. I thought to myself. But how can I do that and leave my madre here alone? She doesn't want to leave not matter what my padre does to us.

Once I tried to convince her to leave. But instead of saying yes she told me that once a women is married she can't leave her husband no matter what. I kept trying to convince her but we both started yelling at each other and she ended up smacking me and telling me to shut up.

I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear when my padre came stumbling inside.

"Where's dinner!" He yelled.

"It's right here. Come and eat. You too Melania."

As we sat down my padre started to stare at me funny. I pretended to act like I hadn't notest. This wasn't the first time he'd looked at me that way.

When my we sat down my madre said "Today I went to the Docter and they did some exams on me." Lately my mom's bones have been hurting. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

"Hm." Was all my padre said.

"I'll be getting them back tomorrow" My madre said. Usually during dinner I preferred not to talk. Before I speak I don't really think. So I sometimes would end up with a smack in the face from my madre or something much, much worse from my padre, not even realizing what I said.

After dinner I helped my madre wash the dishes and put them away. Then I went back to my room to draw a little bit. I wasn't very good at it but it did intertain me.

I ended up falling asleep.But then something got on me and woke me up. Before I could scream a big hand covered my mouth.

"Don't scream or you'll be sorry."

I hope you liked it. Please comment! And if you like it I'll make the chapters longer.

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write more soon!!!!!
that was awesome chica!
thats so awesome awesome awesome awesome
Love it
omg,, i love it !
it is really good.
u will go far - keep it up !

I love it
ur an excellent writer
write more soon PLEASE!!!
Excellent! I absolutely luv it! :)
loves it its awsome more more :Dplease
omg i loved it please write more soon please please please update me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it pleas send it to me i'm dying of exitment (sorry about my englise )

Chapter 8

Corin's POV

"What's his gift?" Melania asked. She seemed like a very nice girl. If I could have ever had a daughter I would have liked her to be like Melania. Even though I'd just met her I could see she was very sweet.

"My venom can paralyze a human or vampire for a certain amount of time." I answered her.

"Cool. But are you sure? Is there anyone I can test it on?"

Her question was answered with a knock at the door. They were the humans that Eleazar called for, I could smell them.

"Come in." I called.

Before one of them could even blink, Melania through herself at one of the male humans and sliced her teeth through his throat.

"Delicious" She murmured after she had sucked him dry.

Hmm...Just like during Jane's transformation day. She didn't hesitate snapping at the first human she saw. It must be because they're so young.

Once again she launched herself at the next human and drained his blood, also.

"I just slaughtered two humans." She whispered in disbelief and remorse more to herself than to us.

Immediately I felt a fatherly instinct to comfort her.

I walked up to her and hugged her. "It's ok sweetie, it's just part of your new nature." I said, as she hugged me back.

"Will I always have to kill humans to survive?" She asked me.

"I'm afraid so." I wanted so much to tell about the Cullens and their diet of feeding off of animals. But I don't think Aro would like it if someone on our guard were to be like his enemy. And I wouldn't survive if it was my fault that Melania joined Carlisle’s coven and not the Volturi.

"It'll be ok, Melania you'll get used to this new life soon enough." Eleazar said also trying to comfort her. I guess it wasn't just me who took a liking in her. It must have something to do with the fact that she's just a child; a good one, unlike Jane. Well Alec isn't so bad either; he just wants to watch out for his sister.

"Are there more vampires?" She asked while moving out of my arms.

"Yes there are." I said.
"Are there any of them that are my age?"

"Yes, two. Jane and Alec, but you must understand that even though their outer look is 13 they're minds are very matured."

"Oh" Was all she said. And then looking like she realized we were on a boat she said, "Why are we on a boat? Where are we going?"

Eleazar answered. "We're heading back to Italy where the rest of our coven is."

"Oh" Was all she said again. Poor girl is probably going to have a hard time adjusting.

"What did you do with my papa?" She asked.

"I killed him." I said simply. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be." She said in a casual voice. Her father killed her mother and almost killed her too; it wouldn't have mattered to me if I were her.


We finally arrived to Italy two days later, and by then Melania looked a little bit more nervous then before. She also had Eleazar's gift to see what a vampire’s gift is and what a human's gift would be if they became a vampire.

As we all got off the boat Melania held my hand. I really did think that she felt that father and daughter bond that I started to feel about two minutes after her transformation. She'd also become attached to Eleazar, like an uncle you can say.

"I'm scared, Corin." She whispered as we got closer to The Volturi's palace.

"Don't be. I'll protect you." I said and kissed her on her forehead.

Finally we walked through the doors to find Aro, Caius, and Marcus sitting on their thrones and Demetri, Felix, Heidi, and Renata standing near by.

"Who have you brought to me now?" Said Aro in a rather joyful voice.

"This is Melania Garcia. She's 13 years old. We were going to bring her to you as a human and wait until she was older to transform her, but like with Jane and Alec she was very close to death." Eleazar explained.

"Well that's perfectly fine! So tell me child, what is your gift?" Aro looked like he should be jumping up and down with excitement.
Everyone in the room looked to Melania. She squeezed my hand gently, took a deep breath and answered Aro's question.

"I can obtain other vampire's gifts by looking into their eyes. I already have Corin's and Eleazar’s gifts."

Aro smiled brilliantly and said, "Good things are going to come from this child. Now you must be thirsty, Heidi go fetch a human for little Melania, please."

"Yes, master." Heidi answered automatically.

"Renata, show our new guard her room, will you?"

"Yes, master. Melania, follow me." Renata said looking at Melania with a friendly smile.

Melania gave her a half smile and looked up at me nervously.

"It's ok; I'll catch up with you later." I said, nudging her towards Renata.

"Ok." She said quietly.

I watched both of them leave to the door on the right. Then I turned to Aro, Marcus, and Caius who had been sitting there quietly the whole time.

"Why didn't you ask her to demonstrate?" Caius said with a frown.

"There'll be time for that later, brother." Aro answered him. Then he turned to Eleazar and me. "You to have done a very impressive job."

"Thank you, master." We both answered him.

"Aro, now that I've brought you a very wonderful jewel, I would like to go back to my mate Carmon and our daughters Irina, Kate, and Tanya."

Aro sighed. "I see that even now that I asked you for the favor to come back and find another human for me, you still haven't changed your mind about coming back."

"No, I haven't and I'm sorry but I would like to go back to my family."

"Well, yes my friend go back to your coven in peace and send my regards to your mate, Carmon."

"I will and thank you. If it's ok with you I would like to say good-bye to Melania before I leave."

"You may and good-bye my friend." Aro said as he and Caius got up.

As everyone else left Marcus and I stayed there to talk.

"I noticed that you and Melania have a strong bond together."

"Yes we do. I've only known her for three days but I already love her like the daughter I've always wanted." I said with a frown. When I was human I'd never thought about having children. But then when I met Abby the human woman and the aunt of Jane and Alec I'd loved for so long I did consider it. But destiny didn't want us together and she died.

The grief and pain I'd felt so many times when remembering Abby came back.

"I'm glad that you two have each other now. Maybe you should go check on her, she looked nervous."

"You're right. I'll see you later Marcus." I said and walked away.

Hopefully Melania is comfortable here, I thought to myself. Maybe she'll even get along with everyone else.

I was thinking about that when I came to a stop at the room I knew was now Melania's because I could smell her scent. I could also here two pairs of feet walking close behind me.

"Hello, Corin. Nice to see that you’re back." Said Jane with a tight smile.

"We heard that you and Eleazar brought someone with a powerful gift." Alec said.

"Yes we did." I told him with no emotion in my voice. Alec and Jane had never been, exactly nice and I didn't want them anywhere near Melania.

"Well we want to meet the new girl so move." Jane said.

"Look you two Melania is already nervous enough I don't think she wants to talk." I said.

Jane's eyes narrowed. "Well that's fine. We'll just talk to her later. Come, Jane." Alec said, as always, more calm then his twin sister. And then they walked away hand in hand. Alec is always protecting his sister even when she doesn't need it.

I sighed and entered to find the girl that's like a daughter to me sitting on her bed talking to Eleazar looking very, very sad.

I did my best to make the chapter longer this time and I'm gonna keep doing that. Oh and I wanted to say that just leave a comment and I'll keep you updated. So have a good day, keep reading, n comment! :-)


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