The Twilight Saga

Nessie just turned five and it's starting at a new school, where she'll find new people and have new adventures, while hidding who she really is. She'll find friends, enemys and maybe even a new love. Sequel of "A New Life" but it stands on its own.


A New Path

Five years

"Happy birthday," I heard in my ear and my eyes flew open. Jacob. I smiled and he smiled back.


"What time is it?" I asked him.

"Time for you to go to school," he said, smiling even wider. "I came here to see you in your uniform and to gave you this," he handed me a little gift bag with a pink ribbon.


I opened it and saw a beautiful bracelet inside. I took his arm and showed him my first Christmas, when he gave me a bracelet that looked exactly like this one.


"Yeah, you grew too fast so I thought you needed a new one," he said taking the bracelet out of my hand. "Do you like it?" he asked me, a little insecure.


"I love it," I told him, stretching my arm so he could clasp it around my wrist and I felt myself blushing instantly at the feeling of his touch.


Jacob and I are close, like really close, best friends, to be more specific, but he doesn't know that I want us to be more and I'm scared to tell him 'cause I'm sure he doesn't feels the same about me. He's always been there for me, ever since I was a little girl, he's been like a brother to me, but lately those feelings morphed and now I can't stop thinking about him; his smile is always in my mind, making my head spin and butterflies to fly in my stomach. He is so caring, so understanding and so beautiful that I'm slowly falling for him, not that he notices me, I mean, yeah we're best friends and spend lots of time together, but for him is just that; we are friends and nothing else. That only thought bummed me in a second.


"Why the long face?" he asked furrowing his eyebrows, he could read my face so easily. "You should be happy; today is your birthday and you'll get to go to school, isn't that what you have always wanted?"


"Yes, it is, I'm just nervous, that's all," I lied to him and smiled. School starts today, actually started a couple of weeks ago but my mother told me I was able to go the moment I turned five, that day being today, so today I'll start school with new people to now and new experiences to live. Even though I'm five I look like I'm fifteen, that's why my parents allowed me to go; I'll start today as a sophomore in a private school here in Seattle. My father insisted in a private school, agreeing with that was the only way he would let me go, so I accepted immediately, the second reason he let me enroll in high school is that my mother we'll be a literature teacher there, so I'll always be protected, and, like my father always says 'protecting you is the most important thing'.


Is a good thing no one in the school would now the teacher is my mother, they'll think she's my sister, at least that's our story now; my mom is my sister, she's 22 (actually she's 18, and will always look like one, but she can go by like a 22 years old), she just graduated from Dartmouth (she actually graduated a couple of years ago) and she's my dad girlfriend. My dad is 20 years old (he's really 17) and he's in his second year of medicine in U-Dub. My dad is grandma's brother, she's acting like she's 26, so my dad can't act like her foster kid anymore, grandpa is acting like he's 27 and he will be working in a hospital here in Seattle. Aunt Alice is acting like one of the foster kids; she'll be 18, just graduated from high school and is starting a business with Aunt Rose, she is also pretending to be 18, is the same business as they had in New Hampshire – an event planner company – but they started again so they can act like they are younger and we'll be able to be here for a while. Aunt Rose and uncle Jasper are acting like they're twins and they are relatives of grandpa Carlisle, Uncle Jasper helps with Alice and Rose's business, but only when is extremely urgent. Finally is Uncle Emmett, he's also acting like one of the foster kids, he's 19 and he's Alice's brother, he got a work in a bar downtown.


Messy, huh? Well, that's my life, we always have to pretend because we are vampires and we don't get old, well, actually I'm a half-vampire and I do get old, but from Grandpa Carlisle's estimations I'll stop growing when I turn 7 and I will always look like an 18 years old, just like my mom. One of the benefits of being a half-vampire is that I look much more human, my skins isn't that white and my eyes don't change color depending if I'm hungry or not, I have human needs, like going to the bathroom and eating something besides blood, and I get human reactions; I can blush and I can cry, so is easy to hide my real identity.


We are not all vampires, Jacob is actually a shape shifter, he can turn into a wolf willingly and won't age if he keeps shifting and that's why he looks like he's 25 ever since he was 16. He looking like a 25 year old since he was 16 is due to the fact that half breeds – like me and Jacob – age really fast, so he aged from 16 to 25 in a matter of months, like I've aged from newborn to 15 in five years.


"Nessie, you have to get dress or you'll be late to school," my father told me from the first floor. Jacob stood up from my bed and offered me his hand; I took it and got up for school. I went to my bathroom and he got out of my room. I took a short shower, I tried to get the knots out of my hair while I was there; my curly hair becomes a wild mess if I don't brush it constantly. I got out of the shower and dressed with my new uniform, it's a deep blue tartan pleated skirt with a white blouse, a deep blue tie and cardigan, with the school logo in the chest. I went down stairs and everyone was waiting for me in the kitchen.


"Ohhh, you look so cute," Aunt Alice squeaked and went to hug me. Everyone hugged me, telling me I looked beautiful, wishing me a happy birthday and giving me gifts. Aunt Alice and uncle Jasper gave me like ten new outfits I could wear when I was with my friends out of school (of course this was Alice's idea), aunt Rose and uncle Emmett gave me an iPhone, they said I could do a lot of fun stuff with it, but more importantly I could call them whenever I needed and they'll be there in a heart bit, all the important numbers where already on the phone. Grandpa Carlisle and grandma Esme gave me a brown leather diary, so I could write every exciting moment of the new adventure that I was heading and finally, my mom and dad gave me a simple silver necklace with a big R.


"If I could produce tears I'll be crying now," my mother said hugging me again. She kissed the top of my head and held me a little tighter.


"You grew so fast," my father added, joining the hug. "I can't believe you are already five and you are going to school!"


"I'm fifteen," I whined.


"You may look like you are fifteen, but you are only five," he replied. Jeez, if they all keep treating me like I'm five Jake would never take me seriously. I felt my father stiffen and I rolled my eyes. That's what happens when you hear another people's thoughts, I added in my mind.


"You know I can't help it," he said sighing. "I wish I could."


Everyone looked at us funny, but then understood that I was having a silent conversation with my father, something we do a lot. My father new before I do that I was falling for Jacob, he tried to get me distracted, he did his best effort of keeping me away from him, but he could pick from my mind that that wasn't helping matters. I was falling for him irrevocably and no one could do anything about it, not even me.


Then they sang "happy birthday" with a cupcake, saying they'll have a real cake in the afternoon; I thanked everybody, ate the cupcake and drank a cup of tea. My mother always says that I should drink milk, but I don't like the smell of it and the flavor is even worse, so she stop trying to persuade me when I was four. At least I eat more food now that back then, but I drew the line in milk.


"Okay, are you ready to go?" My mom asked me. My father was going to give us a ride, something I'm not particularly excited about; no one wants to be seen with her parents on the first day of school.


"You won't be seen with your father, you'll be seen with your sister and her boyfriend," my father reminded me and I winced at the word 'boyfriend', that was plain creepy.


"I can give you a ride if you want," Jacob said smiling at me, obviously sensing my discomfort. My dad growled softy and I smacked him on the arm and warned him with my eyes.


"That's actually great," I answered smiling. My father was going to protest but my mother spoke first.


"Edward, is already too embarrassing for her that I'll be a teacher in her school, maybe it'll be less embarrassing if she doesn't show up with us on her first day," she said, stroking his face. My father melted instantaneously at her touch and I knew he wasn't going to argue anything after that. I touched my mother and thanked her silently; she winked at me and smiled.


"Okay," my father agreed, "but you'll go behind us at all moments. Are we clear?"


"Sir, yes, sir," Jacob and I said at the same time and laughed afterwards. They all looked at us and rolled their eyes; coincidences like this were common with me and Jake.


We went outside and everyone went to the door and said goodbye. We were living in two secluded houses near Lake Union; my father's house and my grandparent's house. In my house it's only me and my parents; in the other house is everyone else. Jake is sharing an apartment downtown with Seth, Seth is also at the U-Dub – studying business management – and Jake is working at a restaurant; he's taking a couple of classes to be a chef.


My parents went to my father's black Volvo; he used to have a grey one but changed before we got to Seattle, saying it was way too updated. I went to Jacob's truck, he used to have a rabbit but changed a couple of years ago for a new shiny silver ford; it was big and it was manly and I loved the stupid thing.


We were already on the road when I started nibbling my bottom lip nervously and shaking my leg furiously.


"Don't be nervous, you'll do great," Jacob told me, patting my hand.


"I don't know," I said looking through the window. "What if no one likes me?" I asked him and he snorted the moment the words came out of my mind.


"What's not to like?" Jacob argued and gave me a reassuring smile. "You are funny, smart and beautiful; everyone will like you, just wait and see."


"Yeah right," it was my time to snort. "You only say that 'cause you're my best friend."


"I only say that because is truth," he said stopping at my school's parking lot. We saw my dad getting out of his car and walking to open my mom's door, he extended his hand to help her and she came out in a fluid movement. Everyone in the school was watching them; the girls were clearly talking about my dad, whispering who knows what in other girl's ears and the boys were elbowing each other and pointing at my mom. It was always like this with this two; the worst of it is that they both get jealous every time someone of the other sex notices them and that's why my dad kissed my mother thoroughly in front of everyone. I shivered and screamed 'stop it!' in my head, so my dad stopped and laughed, he obviously heard me in his mind, he told something to my mom, kissed her one more time and let her go. When he was getting to his door he looked at me and gave me a little wave, I say 'bye, I love you,' in my head and he smiled, he got in the car and drove away.


I took a cleansing breath and shivered when I was exhaling. Jacob put his hand on my shoulder and I turned around to look at him.


"Everything is going to be fine, stop worrying, call me if anything goes wrong and I'll be here before you hang up, okay?"


"Okay," I said with a shaky voice.


"I'll come to pick you up in the afternoon; I don't have to work in the restaurant today and I want to know how everything went. Relax you'll do great."


"Okay," I said a little more forcefully, knowing that Jacob we'll be here when all of this is done is something to look forward. I smiled and he smiled back.


"Now, go kick some asses," he said and his smile grew wider.


"Here we go," I said and came out of the car, ready to start my newest adventure.






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ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nessie likes him :)) poor , poor jake :(( LOVE IT :)) can't wait for the nxt update :))

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Keep Writing!!


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I'm glad, I will!
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I'm glad :) Thanks for the comment.
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I love♥

A/N: From time to time I'll throw a chapter in Jake's POV like this one.






"Why are you so nervous?" Seth asked, sitting next to me in the swing outside Bella's house.


"Nessie is out with someone who might be dangerous," I answered. "That's enough reason for me to be nervous."


"She's with someone who might hang out with someone who might be dangerous, that's a big difference, now she's with a human, Nessie can handle a human bro, you already know that."


"Maybe is a trap, maybe Josh set her up and he's gonna take her somewhere her sister can attack her," I argued.


"Now you're being ridiculous!" Seth exclaimed. "It was Nessie the one who made the invitation, not him, you're overreacting Jake. Besides, you know Edward will be near, you are not the only one who cares about her, you know?"


"I know!" I yelled. "But I can't help it! I don't want her anywhere near that boy!"


"Are you sure this has nothing to do with the fact that you're jealous?" Seth inquired, making my blood boil.


"This is about her safety," I hissed between clenched teeth. "My feelings got nothing to do with it."


"Why don't you just tell her?"


"I have! I told her this morning! I told her I didn't want her to go out with Josh! But she didn't listen to me."


"I'm talking about your feelings, you fool!" Seth sneered. "You ought to tell her how you feel! She's in school meeting new guys while you're here doing nothing!"


"I can't tell her, not until I'm one hundred percent sure she feels the same way," I replied after a big sigh.


"Oh, come on! You know how she feels, you know how this imprint thing works," Seth argued.


"What do you mean?" I asked confused, looking at my cellphone for any signs of Nessie for the tenth time in half an hour.


"What do I mean?" Seth asked in disbelieve. "You become whatever she needs, if you love her that means she needs you to love her… That only can mean one thing, man."


"That she loves me back," I concluded closing my eyes. I always knew this day was going to come – the day we fell in love – but I always thought it was going to be easier, that one day we were going to wake up, realize what our feelings were, and be together. But is not like that and I hate it.


"Yeah," he agreed. "So you gotta tell her how you feel."


"I can't Seth," I told him, the defeat thick in my voice.


"Why not?" he asked me; I opened my eyes and smiled.


"Because I made Edward a promise," I answered. "He told me he wouldn't make my life impossible if I ended dating with her daughter if I could promise him two things."


"What things?" Seth pushed, furrowing his eyebrows and sitting in the edge of the sit.


"I can't tell her that I imprinted on her until we are actually together," I sighed. "And I can only tell her how I feel until after the moment she says it to me."


"So, you can't tell her you love her unless she tells you she love you first?"


"Exactly," I sighed and got up, just in that moment I heard Edward's car parking outside the house. Seth looked at me with wide eyes and we both ran inside.


We got to the living room just in time to see Nessie getting inside the house, arguing with Edward. The rest of the family was already there – except for Carlisle who was at work.


"I need to be able to block it dad," she whined. "I'm sick of it."


"Your mom can protect you with hers when I'm around," Edward answered softly.


"That's great," she smiled. "But not enough."


"What do you mean, sweetie?" Bella asked confused, cocking her head to the side. Apparently none of them where paying attention to the room full of vampires and shifters who wanted to know how everything went.


"In a second Jacob," Edward answered to my thoughts, making me shush with his index finger.


"My main goal isn't keeping dad out of my head – that's just a plus. What I want it's to be able to control my power, to block other people out," she answered.


"But I don't know if your power works that way," Bella replied. "Maybe you can't block it, like your father."


"Well, at least I need to try," Nessie argued. "I want to be able to shake hands with someone without them hearing – or seeing – what I'm thinking."


"I thought you loved your power," I argued and she looked at me, blushing.


"I do," she said in a lower voice. "But it doesn't help me in the task of acting human. Besides, you've been around my dad; you know how annoying it is when someone's hearing to your every thought."


"But, why now?" I inquired.


"Because the only human I've been around in the past five years is Grandpa Charlie," she replied, looking a little confused, clearly thinking it was obvious. "Now I'm surrounded by humans, Jake, I need to be able to control my power."


"I think Nessie is right," Jasper said. "We can't run any risks."


"Yeah, I know, but what if she can't?" Bella replied.


"Then she'll never be able to touch a human for long without exposing herself," Jasper concluded calmly. "But we'll never know if she doesn't try it."


"You're right," Edward agreed. "We'll start working on your power today."


"Yeay!" Nessie squeaked.


"Now can we know what happened with Josh?" Alice asked, clearly annoyed that they were taking so long.


"His sister is the vampire and they know about us," Nessie told us without beating around the bush.


"They know we are a big coven – who is one of the biggest in the vampire world - and they don't have problems with it?" Jasper inquired.


"Well, I think they just knew about me and mom," Nessie replied, sitting in the couch. "Now they'll know about the rest."


"You told them about us too?" Seth asked and she shook her head.


"Of course not! I only showed him the vampires," she told him.


"You showed him?" Rosalie asked her, freaking out. "You mean you showed him your power?"


"Yes," Nessie whispered gulping. "He was willing to tell me all about his sister; I had to do something to show him I could be trusted."


"But you can show him about our extra powers!" Rosalie shrieked. "We try to keep them a secret in case someone tries to attack us Nessie, you know that! We need the upper hand!"


"Rosalie, there's no need for you to raise your voice," Esme warned.


"Yeah babe, take a chill pill," Emmett agreed. "Beside, we are one of the biggest covens in the world, we already have the upper hand against them, they are just two."


"I didn't tell about any of your powers," Nessie replied looking to the ground. "I just showed him what I can do."


"What did you find out about them?" Jasper asked, ignoring Rosalie's outburst.


"Not much," she answered.


"Why don't you just show us what happened?" I asked her and she looked at me alarmed.


"That's a good idea," Esme agreed. "Maybe we could end the fighting and the doubts if you just showed what happened sweetie."


Nessie bit her lip and looked at the ground.


"She doesn't have to show us," Edward came to the rescue. "She already told us everything she knows, she'll find out the rest tomorrow."


"Are you going out with him again?" I asked her, trying really hard not to show her it bothered me one little bit, but failed miserably.


"No," she blushed – I don't know if she was angry or embarrassed. "We'll see each other at school."


"Oh, sure," I replied, but I still didn't like the idea of her being near him.


"Well, that's it, he knows all about us – except for your powers – they know we don't drink human blood and that we are a peaceful gang. Now, if your excuse me, I'm going to my room," Nessie got up, smiled, and went up the stairs, leaving all of us discussing about what she told us.


I was barely listening to the discussion, my mind was upstairs with Nessie; she obviously was upset about something – or else she'd be hear giving her opinion, like always – but I don't know what… Since when she doesn't like to show everybody what she's thinking? Even though she can communicate just fine without using her power, she still prefers talking like that, I know that because she's always talking to me like that when I'm at reach. But now? She was arguing about blocking her power and she obviously told Edward through her mind she didn't want to show us what happened with Josh…


I finally gave up trying to hear the conversation in front of me and decided going upstairs to Nessie's room. I knocked and she opened the door after a couple of seconds.


"Can I come in?" I asked and she opened the door wider, giving me room to enter. I sat in her bed and she sat in her desk, facing me.


"What happened today, Nessie?" I inquired.


"What do you mean?" she asked, looking at her hands intently.


"You are upset about something and it's worrying me. Did something happen with Josh that you haven't tell us?"


"No, our conversation went smoothly," she replied with a tiny smile, still looking at her hands.


"Then what is it? You know you can trust me…"


"I know," she told me, finally looking at me. "The problem is that everything is different that I imagined."


"What do you mean? You don't like going to school?"


"Yes! I do," she corrected me. "But I thought it was going to be different; I thought I'd be feeling less like a freak and more like a human, but I don't! Every time I'm with April or with the team I feel like I don't belong, I feel everything but human."


"I thought you loved being different," … like me.


"I… I don't know anymore; I feel like I don't belong anywhere," she replied, looking to the ground again, her voice barely a whisper.


"You belong somewhere Nessie," I told her, jumping down her bed and kneeling in front of her, she wouldn't look at me so I raised her chin with my index. "You belong here, surrounded by vampires, werewolf and humans, 'cause it doesn't matter what you are – what any of us is – it matters who you are."


"I don't know who I am," she whispered.


"You are a sweet girl; you're smart, funny, impulsive, stubborn, trustworthy, beautiful… You may be one of the few half-vampire in the world but, without meeting other than Nahuel, I know you are best."


She smiled and snorted.


"Thank you Jake, you always find a way to make me feel better," she kissed me in the cheek and got up. "But I still want to learn how to control my power."


"It's a good idea," I agreed. "But you can still use your power with me."


I'd love that... she said by touching my face. With you I feel almost normal.


"A seven foot shape-shifter makes you, a half-vampire, feel almost normal? You have a serious problem Ness," I joked and she snorted. I took her hand in mine and looked at her – you could see she was trying really hard not to show me what she was thinking, trying to concentrate only in our intertwined hands, without adding any thoughts to it.


"Promise me," I said in a low voice, looking deep into her eyes. "That whatever happens in the future, you still going to be you around me, that you'll never try to change because you think that's what I want or what the rest considers normal, that you'll come to me whenever you have a problem… That you'll always have me in your mind."


I promise, she said trough her mind, biting her lip furiously and blushing a lovely pink.


Perfect, I thought to myself. That's the only thing I wanted to hear.

I loved it!! It's great!!


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