The Twilight Saga

After a long journey Brennan and 2 year old Christine are finally home. What happens when Pelant , who unbeknownst to them, is a wolf. kidnaps Christine?

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Michael Vincent-





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She went back to reading and stopped when Christine climbed into her lap "hey there you

booth-imma go take a shower''i say ,kissing bones on the head.

"ok I'll be in in a second

Booth-''ok bones,ill go run the water.Christine then we can take you to the park,ok.''i say rubbing her head which she hates, but its cute when her hair is messy.

I close the journal and followed

i run the bath with warm water and add lather and rose petals and candles just to make it romantic and dim the lights.I grab bones my the hand lead her in.''how do you like it.''i ask her.

"well played Booth I must say."she giggled "there's something I should tell you

what ,what is is?''i say with one eyebrow raised.

"nevermind it'll wait." I kissed him slipping into the warm water

i slipped in after her and we both relaxed.After about five mi utes my head shot up like a bullet.''Bones ,whose watching christine.''

I listened for any sign of anything that belonged to Christine. "she's playing her music right next door," we finished and stepped out and dressed "so to the park?

well sure,ill get christine.And you go pack some snacks.''l say giving her a kiss.''christine,ready to go to  the park.''


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