The Twilight Saga

After a long journey Brennan and 2 year old Christine are finally home. What happens when Pelant , who unbeknownst to them, is a wolf. kidnaps Christine?

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Pelant looks down at the little one with Brennan's blue eyes and booth's smile "they'll find you he says

Christine: but i cant go theyll be mad,i dont you,i wanna go back.''i cry turning around and making my way back.


Booth:bones i cant find christine where did she go.''

"Christine!" Brennan breathes hugging her tight "you're back!"

Booth:" christine,where did you go are you hurt.''

christine"no daddy,i was just talking to that man over there.''i say pointing to the spot where he was standing.''where did he go.''

there was only one man who could play that game. "Pelant," I whispered low enough for booth to catch it

Booth: were leaving now.''i say scooping up christine.

Christine''but dad.''she complains

Booth.''were going now.''

( im comin bac on later so plz stay on)

"Booth set her down," Brennan says suddenly getting an inspiration.


Booth:Why we gotta leave,we need to get you and christine home and out of Pelants playground.''i say

"relax Booth," I tell him "Christine show us where he was

christine swermed out of booths arms.''over there mommy ,oh and when i asked him to leave cause you sound worried he told me youll find me.hes polite but super creepy.''christine  said to her mom.

"do you remember anything else?


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