The Twilight Saga

After a long journey Brennan and 2 year old Christine are finally home. What happens when Pelant , who unbeknownst to them, is a wolf. kidnaps Christine?

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christine:umm..something about you and something else about being fascinated by you andv payback.Is ther a reason behind all of this.''

Brennan chuckled "oh it's a long story...." she took a breath and noticed Booth paling, "booth? you all right?

im fine,can we just go now bones.Pelant can be anywhere

"Pelant's run off by now Booth." Brennan said, setting Christine back on the ground "hmmm. do these look like paw prints?

hmmm..kinda of looks like a big dogs print.''i say

"yes so it seems Brennan agreed thoughtfully

yeah,whats so interesting about it.''

As illogical as this may sound Booth I have a feeling these prints are Pelant's

okay your losing it bones,though what he does is animalistic im pretty sure hes not an animal

"No, no, let me explain. See Christine said this was right where he was standing am I correct?

Christine nodded ''yes mommy.''

Booth-''ok doesnt mean these are his.''

"and do you smell that?" it was the faintest scent of a cologne only Pelant would wear "what did the man look like Christine


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