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A Tribe’s Miracle

Chapter 1

Emmett’s POV


It hit me yesterday that with everything that has happened, Alex and my 2nd anniversary has snuck up on me.  We haven’t had a date night in forever.  Two small kids will do that to you, but I’m about to change that.  Alex has dropped hints that she wants this New Kids On the Block/ Backstreet Boys cd, but I think I can do better than that.   They are performing in Seattle next weekend, and I think I can get tickets.


It hit me that Jessie is into that boy band stuff also.  Collin might like to surprise Jessie with tickets also.  If Jessie is there, Alex will have a girl to talk to, and I won’t have to hear about how hot some other dude is.  I mean, she has me, what more does she need?


“Hey, Collin.  If I can get tickets to that New Back Boys concert, or whatever they are called, do you want to take Jessie?”  I called Collin.


“Yea.  I figure I might have to drop a name or two, but I haven’t used the Cullen name for anything recently, so I might as well use it to make my wife happy.  If you and Jessie are there, I won’t have to listen to Alex gush over these dudes.  I’ll call and see what I can do.  4 Tickets and two hotel rooms shouldn’t be that hard to come by.”  I said.


I called the ticket office, just to be informed that the show was sold out.  I thought for a moment, and then called Alice.


“Pixie, I need your help.  What’s the name of your entertainment coordinator for Seattle?  I need tickets to a concert that’s this weekend.”  I asked.


“For the trillionth time I AM NOT A PIXIE!!!” Alice screamed.


“Whatever just give me the number.  There’s a concert that Alex will love, and love me for taking her to, but it’s sold out.  I know your guy can get me tickets.”  I said.


“Ugh, you procrastinate too much.  His name is Craig, and his number is 578*7872.  Make sure you tell him that I am your sister, or you will get nowhere.  Oh… and you owe me something expensive from Seattle.”  Alice said.


“Thanks, and I’ll buy you something glittery, Pixie.”  I quickly hung up before she could yell at me again.


I dialed the number and waited for Craig to pick up.  “Craig, my sister Alice Hale gave me your number and said you were the guy to help me out.  Is there any way you can get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this weekend?  I need 4 tickets.  I know its sudden notice, but I want to surprise my wife for our anniversary.”  I held my breath.


“Well, all I have left are the VIP ticket packages.  They can be quite pricy, but since Mrs. Hale is your sister, I assume money is no object?  Mr…you didn’t tell me your name, I’m afraid.”  Craig said.


“It's Cullen, Emmett Cullen.  Money is no problem.  If it makes my wife happy, it’s worth it.  What is a VIP package, and what type of money are we looking at?”  I asked.


“Mr. Cullen, the VIP package includes backstage passes, autographed seats, and concert tickets.  We are talking $250.”  Craig explained.


“That’s it?  That’s not expensive.”  I said.


“Sir, I mean $250 per seat.  I’m assuming you want them.  I need a credit card number, and there will be a $25 currier fee.  This is to deliver the tickets to your house or place of business tomorrow.”  Craig said.


I gave him the information he wanted, then hung up.  Next I had to make hotel reservations.


I called around and found two hotels side by side near the water front.  I called and made reservations for Alex and I at Hotel 1000.  Thankfully the Alexis Seattle was right next door, just as nice, but about half the price.  Collin keeps saying he is going to pay me back, but if he knew that I just paid over $1000 for a hotel room for 2 nights, he would freak.


After I booked the hotels, I called Collin.  “Hey, we have tickets for Friday night.  I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights at neighboring hotels.  I thought we might want to keep the girls separate after the concert, so we can have some alone time with our wives.  They can go shopping Saturday, while we go find something else to do.  We will head home about noon Sunday.” 


“Sounds good.  Let me know how much I owe.”  Collin said.


“We will take care of that later.  Do you want to run to the mall later?  I mean, I’m gonna finish this surprise out by choosing Alex a concert outfit.”  I suggested.


We agreed to meet at the mall later, and do a one stop shopping spree.  Hopefully my idea of what I want Alex to wear will mesh with what she is willing to wear.

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Chapter 10

Rachel’s POV


I need to go shopping with Alex and Jessie more often.  Somehow they found this dress that makes me look beautiful even though I am 8 ½ months pregnant.  I’m as big as a barn, but in this sequin dress, I don’t seem so huge.


I just hope Evan likes the dress.  After he agreed to meet us for supper, I realized that this is actually our first official date.  Sure we have went out to eat once before, but that was more as friends.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t want to just be friends with Evan.  I want more…


We met the guys at the restaurant.  Collin drove himself but Emmett rode with Evan.  Evan opened my car door and helped me out of Alex’s car while the other guys just looked at their wives.


“You look beautiful tonight.”  Evan whispered in my ear.


We walked into the lobby of the restaurant.  The host asked for our names to write us on the waiting list.  There were at least 40 people standing to the side waiting on a table.


“We have reservations.  Cullen, party of 6.  Couple seating, please.”  Emmett announced.


  We were shown to a corner table that was set for 6, with two place settings on each side of the table.  The table was anchored to the floor and couldn’t move.  Emmett looked at it and tried to sit. 


“This will not work.  Us guys will be cramped up and away from the table, and the ladies won’t be able to sit comfortably.  Can we have that booth over there?”  Emmett pointed at the corner booth.  It was made for 10, so the 6 of us should fit.


“Yes, sir.  Right this way, Mr. Cullen.”  The host led us to the booth, and stood there.


“Who goes where?”  Alex asked.


“Unless you want to let me out all the time, I can’t go on the inside.”  I stated.


Emmett and Alex took the middle, with Jessie and Collin on the other side. 


“I’ll let you out when needed, honey.  I’m not sitting next to Emmett.”  Evan helped me into the booth.


The guys all ordered the biggest steak on the menu.   Emmett’s steak was still bleeding when he got it.  The steak smelled so good, but of course, us pregnant ladies had to order something healthy.


I ordered the roasted salmon with new potatoes.  Alex ordered the Cajun catfish, and Jessie ordered shrimp.


After our meals, we indulged in a hot apple crumble with ice cream on top.  It was the only dessert on the menu that didn’t include chocolate which Carlisle complains about.


As we waited for the check, Eva Grace kicked hard.  I gasped, and Evan was quick to ask what was wrong.


“Someone has woken up.”  I said softly, reaching for his hand.  I placed his hand on my belly so he could feel her kicking.


“Wow.”  Evan muttered.


“Tell me about it.  I still can’t believe she is in there, and almost ready to meet us.  I still have a lot to get done before her arrival.”  I commented.


“We.  We have a lot to get done before her arrival.”  Evan said firmly.


As we left the restaurant, a young lady approached us.  “Mrs. Cullen, Mrs. White, Ms. Black, I’m not sure you remember me from yesterday, but my name is Amanda.  I was the spa consultant in charge of your rooms.  I wanted to apologize again for the mix up, and to let you know that the owner was horrified to hear of your experience.  She personally sent out gift certificates to your addresses so that you can come back and try our spa again.  The gift certificates are good for a year, so you don’t have to worry about expiration dates.”  Amanda informed us.


“We had already forgotten about it.  We plan on coming back soon, but it will be a few months before I’m able to return.  I heard so much about the other packages, that I definitely want to experience the spa while not pregnant.”  I assured her.


We walked on toward the cars, and Evan asked me what that was about.


“Just a little mixup on triggers.  A worker accidently brought spinach into our room instead of seaweed.”  I explained.


“But the smell of spinach makes you puke…” Evan replied.


“Exactly” I grinned.


We said our goodbyes, and headed home.  When we reached my house, Evan walked me to the door. 


I took a deep breath and asked, “Stay?”


“What?”  Evan asked.


“I’m not ready for this night to end.  Come in and stay awhile.”  I asked again.


“Sure, I can stay for a little bit.”  Evan replied.


Evan followed me inside, and I motioned towards the couch.  “Sit down and find us a movie or something to watch.  I’m going to change out of this dress before I mess it up.”


I changed into my pjs, which were actually a pair of pj pants and one of Evan’s tshirts he had left, then went to cuddle next to him on the couch.


He stretched out on the couch, and I stretched out in front of him.  Evan slowly slipped his hands around my waist to keep me from falling, or so he claimed.


Part way through the movie, I started to drift off to sleep.  I felt safe in Evan’s arms, with his hands splayed over my belly, like he was holding my baby also.


I was almost asleep when Eva Grace kicked.  I could tell Evan felt it because he jerked.


I heard Evan whispering to my belly.  “Shhh, baby.  Your momma is trying to sleep.  You don’t want to keep her up all night.  She needs her rest, and she is beautiful when she sleeps.  I love your mommy and I can’t wait to meet you so I can show you how much I love you as well.”


I couldn’t help but open my eyes at the next kick that was even harder.  “OOF” I exclaimed.


“The baby is active tonight.  I tried talking to it, but that didn’t work.”  Evan commented.


“Yea… She is stubborn like her momma.”  I joked.


“She?!” Evan exclaimed.


“Yes, Eva Grace.”  I replied.


“Wow… Hi Eva Grace, this is Evan…”  Evan whispered to my belly.


“Eva Grace, meet your daddy…”  I looked up at Evan as he looked at me.  “At least, I hope he will agree to be your daddy.”

Loved the new chapter! :)
that's so like Loved the chapter! Can't wait for more...hopefully Evan will agree. :)

I promise I havent forgot about this story!  Taking 3 summer courses at the same time was mind boggling and exhausting.


Planned to update earlier this week, but was working part time.  After typing for 8 hrs a day, my fingers refused to type once I got home.


Chapter 11

Evan’s POV


I didn’t answer Rachel last night when she basically proposed.  I wanted to be the one to propose and I wanted to do it right. 


I woke up at around 4 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I was too nervous.  This morning I am supposed to go talk to Mr. Billy.  I wanted to do things the old fashioned way.  I am planning on asking his permission to marry his daughter.


Finally it was time.  I headed over to his house with my stomach in knots.


I tried to keep up with the small talk, but my mind wasn’t on it.  Finally Mr. Billy had pity on me, and asked what I wanted to talk to him about.


“Sir, I wanted to talk to you about your daughter.  I know I haven’t known her for a long time, but it feels like forever to me.  I was going to wait until we were together longer, and until the baby was born to even bring this up, but Rachel beat me to it.  Last night, she brought up the subject of me being Baby Eva’s daddy.  I realized how much I love your daughter, and your granddaughter and want to be part of their lives.  But I also know how much Rachel loves you.  She would want your blessing on this, so I came to talk to you first.  I wanted to ask you for permission to ask your daughter to marry me.”   I blurted out.


“I had a feeling this day was coming.  It has been fast, but I know I fell in love with my wife the moment I first set eyes on her.  I do have a few questions, before I give my blessing.”  Mr. Billy said.


“I’ll do my best to answer them.” I replied.


“If you marry my daughter, are you going to move her hundreds of miles away from me?”  He asked.


“I plan to stay here in Forks as long as we can.  I love this community, and believe that this is the best place to raise a child.  Here she will be surrounded by cousins and friends to shower her with love.”  I answered.


“Do you mind waiting until after the baby is born to get married?  I talked to Lawyer Blood drinker and he mentioned scholarships and money that the baby will get because Paul was a cop when he died.  Do you care that Paul’s name will be listed on the birth certificate?”  He asked.


“I plan on making sure we wait until after the baby is born to get married.  I want Rachel to have the wedding of her dreams, and not just something thrown together at the last minute.  As far as the birth certificate, I understand listing Paul as the father, because he was the biological father.  If not for him, Eva Grace would not exist.  I would like to legally adopt Eva Grace so that she is mine officially.  I have talked to Edward also, and he assured me that since Paul would be listed as the biological father, she would still be able to qualify for the scholarship money, when she gets ready.”  I answered.


“I have one more question for you.  Have you bought a ring yet?”  Mr. Billy asked.


“No.  I waited until I talked to you.  A ring is my next stop.”  I replied.


He turned to the table beside him and picked up a small box.  “I think Rachel would be pleasantly surprised if you offered her this ring.”  He opened the box to show a small set of rings.  “These rings were my wife’s.  They were supposed to be Rachel’s all along, but Paul didn’t ask my permission.  He talked her into getting married in private, then springing the news.  I thought they would have to wait for the first granddaughter, but instead I think you should be the one to give them to Rachel.”


“I’d be honored, sir.  I know this ring will mean more to her than any other.  I can see how hard it is for you to give these up, so I’m going to do this differently.  I’ll take the engagement ring today.  I’m going to leave the wedding band with you, and on our wedding day, I will take it from you to give to her.”  I slid the engagement ring into my chest pocket and shook Mr. Billy’s hand.


“Thank you, sir.  I can’t wait to see Rachel’s face.”  I headed to Rachel’s to get this over with.  I couldn’t wait to explain why I ignored her yesterday, and to offer my love her mother’s ring.

Chapter 12

Alex’s POV


The Summer Dance is tonight and I’m now in a panic.  The dress I bought about two weeks ago to wear tonight doesn’t fit at all.  Where am I going to find a semi-formal dress that will fit me and look halfway decent in just a couple of hours?


“JESSIE!!!”  I wailed over the phone.


“Yes, Alex.”  Jessie sighed.


“I’m fat.”  I said.


“No you aren’t” She said.


“My dress for tonight does not fit, so yes I am.”  I retorted.


“What do you expect me to do about it?”  Jessie asked.


“You have to go shopping with me.  I have to find a new dress.”  I stated.


“I can’t go shopping.  What do you expect me to do with my daughters?”  Jessie commented.


“I don’t know.  Make your husband watch them.”  I said.


“Colin is working today.  Plan B?”  Jessie asked.


“Hmm…just a second.  I have a text coming in.”  I said, then checked my message.


‘Can you help me find a dress for Rachel for the dance tonight?  Wants to go, but says she has nothing to wear.’  The message from Evan read.


“Let me call you back in a minute.  Evan needs my help with someone, and I’m going to see if I can barter.  I’ll do his shopping if he watches your girls.”  I said.


“Evan, sure I can help you with that.  I know the perfect dress.  Rachel even tried it on the other day.  Jessie and I were just about to run over to that store…as soon as we find someone to watch her girls for a little while.”  I explained.


“Really?  That would be perfect.  If you are sure, we will just drop the girls off to you.  Okay, we will drop them off to you at Rachel’s in about 30 minutes.”  I hung up with Evan and called Jessie to fill her in.


Soon we were on our way to the dress shop.


I walked into the store carrying my dress, still in the plastic store bag.


“I need to exchange this dress.”  I told the salesgirl.


“You have to talk to a manager about that.  We normally don’t do exchanges.  I mean, whos to say that you didn’t wear that dress, and now are bringing it back to swap it.”  The salesgirl smarted off.


“I have had this dress on my body twice, for a total of maybe 10 minutes.  I bought this dress here about two weeks ago.  I put it on this morning just to make sure it fits, and it doesn’t.  You can get your manager out here now, and I will discuss this with her.  If not, then I will leave and take my business with me.”  I replied, getting mad.


“If that’s what you want to do, then there is the door.”  The salesgirl pointed.  Jessie’s mouth dropped open, and I wanted to slap the salesgirl.


The manager came out of the back room and started apologizing.  “Mrs. Cullen, I am so sorry for Crystal here.  She has forgotten her place.  Of course we will exchange your dress.  I take your word for it about the size error.”


“Thank you.  I also need that blue dress over there packaged up nicely.  It needs to be a 3rd trimester size 12.  As you are getting that ready, I will look for a different dress.”  I pointed out the dress for Rachel and started searching for one for myself.


“Here.  Try this one.”  Jessie handed me a dark green floor length gown.


“I don’t know… It's kind of flow-y and loose.”  I said.


“Just try the stupid dress.”  Jessie sighed.


I tried it on and agreed that it would work.  Actually it was perfect but I wasn’t admitting that to Jessie.


I grabbed a pair of shoes for Rachel, and found a pair that would work with my new dress.  After paying my bill, we headed to Rachel’s to relieve Evan from twin duty.


We found the girls asleep on a pallet in the floor, with Evan sitting nearby.  Rachel answered the door and let us in.  “He hasn’t moved since they fell asleep.  He is so afraid that they will wake up and him not know it.  I told him they would be fine on the couch, but he was afraid they would roll off.”


“Thanks.  Here is your dress and shoes for tonight.  We will load the girls up and let you rest.”  I said.


Evan insisted on carrying the girls to the truck for us, and placing them in their seats.


“Hope they weren’t too much of a handful.”  Jessie said.


“They definitely outnumbered me.  I thought I was ready for this, but after today, I’m not really sure.” Evan admitted.


“You will be fine.  You will be starting out with one, and with a newborn.  It's harder to gain control for the first time when there are two of them, and they can move on their own.”  Jessie assured him.

Great chapter! :)

A/N:  Sorry for the wait, and sorry its so short.  I promise the next chapters will be longer, but this was needed.


Chapter 13

Nessie’s POV


Tonight was the town End of Summer Formal.  It is for the whole town, but the adults normally leave before the teenagers do. 


Grandma Sue volunteered to babysit Izzie and Trae tonight so we could come to the dance.  Mom has Zander for the weekend, so I do not have to worry about him. 


Most adults just come semi-dressy, but not Aunt Alex.  She was all decked out in a gorgeous green dress that I wouldn’t think of wearing.  It really shows off my new little cousin.

The sweetest thing I saw tonight was Evan and Rachel dancing.  True, it was a slow song, and they were just swaying, but still.  I think they danced for two songs before they had to sit down because Rachel’s feet and back were hurting.  I couldn’t believe she made it through two songs.


Jenny and her boyfriend were dancing most songs, but the funniest was Lindley and her boyfriend Kellan.  He is about a foot taller than she is.  They remind me of Jake and me.


Rachel and Evan were the first to leave the dance.  Rachel started rubbing her head, and said she had a bad headache, so Evan quickly took her home. 


Jake and I, and Quil and Claire were the last of the married couples to leave.  It felt weird leaving before the dance was over, but I wanted to get my daughter and go home.  We still had Seth and Hayley’s wedding tomorrow.

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