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This story is book 3 in a series.  If you have not read A Sister's Love, and A Family's Blessing, message me!  You might want to read those first to understand what is happening.  A Tribe's Miracle will pick up right where A Family's Blessing stopped.  If you have any questions, just ask!  I love my readers.


Thanks for Reading.


A Tribe’s Miracle

Chapter 1

Emmett’s POV


It hit me yesterday that with everything that has happened, Alex and my 2nd anniversary has snuck up on me.  We haven’t had a date night in forever.  Two small kids will do that to you, but I’m about to change that.  Alex has dropped hints that she wants this New Kids On the Block/ Backstreet Boys cd, but I think I can do better than that.   They are performing in Seattle next weekend, and I think I can get tickets.


It hit me that Jessie is into that boy band stuff also.  Collin might like to surprise Jessie with tickets also.  If Jessie is there, Alex will have a girl to talk to, and I won’t have to hear about how hot some other dude is.  I mean, she has me, what more does she need?


“Hey, Collin.  If I can get tickets to that New Back Boys concert, or whatever they are called, do you want to take Jessie?”  I called Collin.


“Yea.  I figure I might have to drop a name or two, but I haven’t used the Cullen name for anything recently, so I might as well use it to make my wife happy.  If you and Jessie are there, I won’t have to listen to Alex gush over these dudes.  I’ll call and see what I can do.  4 Tickets and two hotel rooms shouldn’t be that hard to come by.”  I said.


I called the ticket office, just to be informed that the show was sold out.  I thought for a moment, and then called Alice.


“Pixie, I need your help.  What’s the name of your entertainment coordinator for Seattle?  I need tickets to a concert that’s this weekend.”  I asked.


“For the trillionth time I AM NOT A PIXIE!!!” Alice screamed.


“Whatever just give me the number.  There’s a concert that Alex will love, and love me for taking her to, but it’s sold out.  I know your guy can get me tickets.”  I said.


“Ugh, you procrastinate too much.  His name is Craig, and his number is 578*7872.  Make sure you tell him that I am your sister, or you will get nowhere.  Oh… and you owe me something expensive from Seattle.”  Alice said.


“Thanks, and I’ll buy you something glittery, Pixie.”  I quickly hung up before she could yell at me again.


I dialed the number and waited for Craig to pick up.  “Craig, my sister Alice Hale gave me your number and said you were the guy to help me out.  Is there any way you can get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this weekend?  I need 4 tickets.  I know its sudden notice, but I want to surprise my wife for our anniversary.”  I held my breath.


“Well, all I have left are the VIP ticket packages.  They can be quite pricy, but since Mrs. Hale is your sister, I assume money is no object?  Mr…you didn’t tell me your name, I’m afraid.”  Craig said.


“It's Cullen, Emmett Cullen.  Money is no problem.  If it makes my wife happy, it’s worth it.  What is a VIP package, and what type of money are we looking at?”  I asked.


“Mr. Cullen, the VIP package includes backstage passes, autographed seats, and concert tickets.  We are talking $250.”  Craig explained.


“That’s it?  That’s not expensive.”  I said.


“Sir, I mean $250 per seat.  I’m assuming you want them.  I need a credit card number, and there will be a $25 currier fee.  This is to deliver the tickets to your house or place of business tomorrow.”  Craig said.


I gave him the information he wanted, then hung up.  Next I had to make hotel reservations.


I called around and found two hotels side by side near the water front.  I called and made reservations for Alex and I at Hotel 1000.  Thankfully the Alexis Seattle was right next door, just as nice, but about half the price.  Collin keeps saying he is going to pay me back, but if he knew that I just paid over $1000 for a hotel room for 2 nights, he would freak.


After I booked the hotels, I called Collin.  “Hey, we have tickets for Friday night.  I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights at neighboring hotels.  I thought we might want to keep the girls separate after the concert, so we can have some alone time with our wives.  They can go shopping Saturday, while we go find something else to do.  We will head home about noon Sunday.” 


“Sounds good.  Let me know how much I owe.”  Collin said.


“We will take care of that later.  Do you want to run to the mall later?  I mean, I’m gonna finish this surprise out by choosing Alex a concert outfit.”  I suggested.


We agreed to meet at the mall later, and do a one stop shopping spree.  Hopefully my idea of what I want Alex to wear will mesh with what she is willing to wear.

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writing a new chapter now, Finally.  This semester was more work than I thought.  I just didnt have time to write, but Ill try to write often before next semester starts. 

and you can now find me on facebook as Alexandrea Elizabeth Decorde.  Just mention the story when you send friend requests.

Chapter 14

Evan’s POV


We are at Seth and Hayley’s wedding, but my focus is on the wonderful woman next to me, and not really on the ceremony in front of me.  We had to leave the dance early last night because Rachel had a massive headache.  It turned out to be her blood pressure shooting sky high.  It's settled for now, and she is intensely watching how everything is being done.  I’m afraid she is getting ideas.


Whoops, Rachel just caught me watching her.  Better pay attention to the ceremony.  I do like how they have incorporated the kids.  Seth is holding Leala, and the two groomsmen, Quil and Jake have their babies with them.  Zander is holding onto the ring box for dear life as he stands next to Jake.


Hayley is barefoot in a dress with a slit that makes Seth look at her legs instead of her face.  Poor guy, eventually he will learn that no matter what, you make yourself look at their face.  Rachel has slapped me for not looking at her face.


I mean, if they don’t want us looking at their……umm…. Assets, that’s it!  We shall call them assets!  If they don’t want us looking at their assets, then they shouldn’t wear clothing that makes us want to appreciate their assets.


I glance over at Rachel and catch her rubbing her temples.  “Headache back?”  I mouth.


She nods and mouths “maybe my sugar.”


I dig in my pocket for a mint and pass her a peppermint.  After the ceremony, we have to wait for the reception to be set up.  I tell Rachel to stay put, and I go try to talk the caterer out of a cookie or piece of fruit.  I finally get a handful of grapes, and make Rachel eat them.


After the grapes, Rachel assures me she feels better.  I want to leave right away but she insists on staying for part of the reception at least. 


We dance one dance, then Rachel whispers that she doesn’t feel that great. 


“Just sit here, and Ill go make our apologies then we can leave.”  I settled Rachel into a chair.


I told Jake why we were leaving and told Carlisle.  Carlisle assured me his phone was on and to call if we needed him.


Rachel and I had just made it to the car when she crumpled to the ground.  I quickly called Carlisle.


“We need you now.  We are in the parking lot.  Rachel just passed out… uhhuh… she was complaining of another headache like yesterday.  She thought today’s was low blood sugar at first, but even after eating it wasn’t going away.  We made it to the car and she just crumpled.”  By the time I finished talking, I could see Carlisle rushing towards us.


Carlisle checked her pulse and breathing, then looked at me.  “Are you calm enough to drive?”


“If I have to.”  I said determined.


“Her blood pressure is through the roof again.  We need to get her to the hospital ASAP.  I’m afraid if we can’t get her BP down, we might lose them both.”

Major cliffhanger! Update soon!

So glad that you did update though, I was beginning to think that the story wasn't going to be finished! But it is! Yay! Love it!

The next chapter is halfway written.....

Oh, and I now have a facebook for my pen name.  Alexandrea Elizabeth Decorde...

Loved it!!

Thank you!  Glad to see I still have a reader!

No Baby you have atleast 2 love the story......thanks for the update.

Yay Two readers, lol.  I plan on continuing this story for awhile, so stick with me.  School this past semester was CRAZY with only 6 hours.  I can just imagine what next semester will be like with 3 hours of classes and 120 field hours.

Planning on writing the next chapter tonight.

Chapter 15

Seth’s POV


Today has been the best day of my life.  At least so far.  Hayley is finally legally, officially mine….my wife.  How weird does that sound…wife… I’m a husband.


We are going down to California for our honeymoon, to a little bed and breakfast near the beach.  After a few days, Mom is supposed to bring Leala down to join us for a family vacation.  The hard part of this is handing Leala off to Mom and walking away.


This trip will be the longest Ive been away from Leala since she was born.  Ive never left her overnight…much less several days.


At the airport, I waited until the last moment to hand Leala over to Mom.  It broke my heart to have to walk away as she was crying for me.  I clutched Hayley’s hand as we boarded the plane.  We found our seats and I sunk into mine.


“I know baby.  I miss her already too.  But in four short days she will join us.  We need some alone time without her.”  Hayley leaned over and put her head on my shoulder.


The flight wasn’t that long, and soon we were preparing to land.  Once we landed, it was time to grab our bags and try to make our way to the rental desk.


“Mr. Clearwater, there has been a mix-up with your vehicle rental.  We do not have any trucks available, so instead we have you down for a small car.”  The clerk said.


“Ma’am, I’m over six foot tall.  A compact car will not work, which is why I reserved a truck.  Do you have any Suvs available?”  I sighed.


“We have three.  We have a sorento, a suburban, or a Cherokee.”  She said.


“Ill take the Jeep.  We will be returning it to your Port Angeles location.”  I quickly signed the paperwork so we could leave.


When we got to our bed and breakfast, I was already annoyed.  Then we were told that there had been a mix-up and we were assigned a room instead of a cabin.


“I requested a cabin, paid for a cabin, and had better get a cabin, or we will be leaving here with my money in hand.”  I stated.


Hayley laid her hand on my arm, and sweetly spoke.  “I think what my husband is trying to say is that its our honeymoon, our wedding night actually, and we’d like something a little more private like we requested.  It's been a long day flying here after the wedding and dealing with the rental car place.  Now our cabin isn’t ready for us.”


“Okay, let me look.  We have the luxury recluse cabin available…but its back up the path with no other cabins around.”  The clerk said.


“What does that include?”  Hayley asked.


“It's our best cabin, but most visitors don’t like how secluded it is.  It includes a California King size bed, a large couch, and a Jacuzzi.”  The clerk stated.


“We will take it.  Can you show us to our cabin now?”  I said.


The clerk lead the way, but we passed him on the path.  I paused and held my hand out for the key.  “We can take it from here.  Tell housekeeping not to bother…we don’t want to be disturbed.”


I swept Hayley up and ran the rest of the way to the cabin, pausing to unlock the door, then carrying my bride over the threshold. 


I sat her on her feet, and whispered “ I love you Mrs. Clearwater.”


I heard her reply “and I love you more Mr. Clearwater.” Just before I claimed her mouth as my own to begin our honeymoon.

Adorable! Love this story!

Thanks!  Hopefully another chapter will come tomorrow.

Aww, Seth should so be married to me. LOL

Loved it!!


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