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Hi there all Twilighters,

Please may I ask has there ever been a Twilight Convention in the UK?

If not do you know if there is going to be one? I would love to visit Forks & La Push but like many others  for a variety of reasons arn't able to, may like to have a way to celebrate the success of these wonderful books and Movies and meet other like minded fans.

Any UK fans here that would agree?


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WE DID IT.............


ETERNAL TWILIGHT Is a 3 day convention that's is held in Birmingham UK they stopped it due to not enough people being interested but Julie O'neill and I got it back..... We set up "BRING BACK ET" group on Facebook and would love for you all to come and join us check the group out and I know you will all like what you see and most of you will booked to come join us if you have not done so already, this is ur chance to be up close an personal with members of the twilight cast yes u heard it right THE TWILIGHT CAST!!!!!!

The event is run by massive events which are what i call the best convention organisation there is and it will be held at the Hilton Birmingham metropole on the 28 November 2014.

1st guest announcement is Chaske Spencer

Please come along join the group and see what it's all about.

Thank you Stacey and Julie

Thanks Stacy & Julie, your  info  is on most of my posts now about Conventions in UK. :)


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