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Hey, so I decided that after a long thought I would post my story on here! Yay, okay don't get too excited k? Anyway, I don't own the twilight characters in here but I do own the other ones so if you would like to use one of them, message me and we will talk! So here we go! I'm so excited!

                                            Chapter 1: Never Wanted Any of This

    Yea. I never wanted this life, this body, this soul, this father, these painful reminders. It feels like the only person who truly cares is my seventeen year old brother, Damien. He actually, truly loves me so whenever he sees the painful events, he does try to stop them. But I can't let Damien get hurt anymore. Every time he butts in or tries to stop my father from my 'punishments',he ends up hurting himself plus me even more. I talk to him afterwards and tell him that I'm okay, but he knows that I'm lying. He says the same thing each time. "You can't lie to me anymore Katrina! You just ...can't... I can tell your hurting with that look in your eyes and that fake smile on your face! The way he hurts you just makes me sick." He spits into the grass. " When its my birthday, I promise you that we will runaway from this hell hole..." Damien pauses to look at me. " I promise you we will get away from him. He won't be able to hurt you anymore." I couldn't help but think why Damien doesn't have a girlfriend. Any girl would be lucky to have him as a lover, a protector. That must come from our father though.


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Sorry about the mistakes... the chapter title is Never Wanted Any of This not This... the 'S' followed the yea but how did you guys like it? I know its short for now but ill add more later

nice but i would like to know in depth what the punishment was 4 more understanding of why or does he punish u 4 nothing for a more complete story

Well in the next chapter, it explains what some of them were and why he punishes her so... I think ill post tonight or tomorrow morning!
OK so I have decided that ill post chapter 2 right now!
Chapter 2: The Unfaithful Event
Ever since our mother died, dad has been drinking every night and he blames it on me because Damien and I were in the car with her when it happened. We were going to store for Thanksgiving dinner supplies. While we were passing through an intersection, a drunken idiot was going 80 mph and ran right through the red light. All I could remember thinking when I saw him speeding towards us is 'Do I look like a deer in the headlights?' It was very stupid of me... I could of been thinking of other things like 'Are we going to die?' But nope, I had to think of that. When we heard the news that she died, I was screaming ' Why didn't I die instead? Why her? Take me instead of her! NOOO!' Thats when the drinking started. He would go out each night and drink himself a feast. And every night he would come home and tell me what disgrace I was to my family or how I always do something wrong. If I didnt clean a dish off to his specifications, he would hit me and tell me to wash it again. If I left a speck of anything on the ground after vaccuming, then he would push me to the ground and tell me to lick it up. Once, he was drinking and I "messed up all the dishes" and so he hit a glass bottle over my head. This has been going on for six years, or since I was ten. Now that I'm sixteen, I NEED to do something about it.

this would be to much now ill wait to find out what the little girl plans to do //glad this is only a story

Oh, I'm sorry... yea, this is just a story well it was a dream that I had. I would like to know what is too much for you so that I know in the future what I need to work on... Thanks~!

nothing is to much for me in story form ill read it all

Sorry they are short, I wrote them before hand so they might be short for the next few chapters!

I like it.



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