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Issue 4: Admin pleaase read and confirm that you have read the TTS terms of service, guidelines and new site rules.  After reading the rules, please comment here and note your suggestions for additional rules that will make the group run more smoothly. (After we have developed a proposed list of rules, they will be presented to members for a vote in a discussion.)


Terms of Service

Site Rules



Admin confirming that have read TOS, site rules and guidelines: Anna; Annie; Sarahjojo9 (inactive); Claire; Madi; Nikki; Zanica; Juliee


Issue 5:  Admin rights and responsibilities 

How often do admin have a duty to look in on the group? Currently, there is no requirement that admin maintain a visible presence in the group. All admin are volunteers who have school and work and real life. Admin should try to keep each other informed regarding their general online availability. That information will be posted here. 


What are the admin duties and how are they shared? Primarily, admin exist to help insure that the group is an open, inviting place for fans. At least one admin should welcome new members. Everyone should immediately report spam and malicious links using the 'Report an Issue' button. Admin should all be involved in the chore of making sure that all active pages are current, appealing and functioning. If admin choose to participate in contests, either as hosts or participants, they should do so in a fair and impartial manner.


How should admin document administrative activities, including the deletion of discussions or suspension of members. Mod Genn should be informed of significant administrative actions. Page updates be noted in the appropriate place. 


How are admin selected? Members who want to hold an administrative position should post their interest here and contact Mod Genn, the group creator. Mod Genn, is the only person who can approve an admin. There are currently no administrative positions open. 


Under what circumstances should an admin be removed? Admin are subject to following the rules as set forth by TTS. Any admin lose administrative privileges and can be suspended. Suspension, reinstatement and removal of an admin is a private matter between that admin and Mod Genn. Admin will be removed when they announce that they no longer want the responsibility. Admin who delete their TTS account automatically lose administrative privileges. Mod Genn will approve reinstatement of returning admin on a case by case basis. 



Issue 6: 

What kind of discussions (galleries, contests, etc) will members open? All discussions and pages must follow ToS, the site rules and guidelines. Members are not required to participate in any discussion, create discussions, vote or participate in other activities created by members and/or admin of TGBT. Members may form sub-groups or clubs as long as they do not disrupt the general group. Members may not be pressured into joining sub-groups nor can any member be excluded from sub-groups. 


How many competitions or challenges can a member run at a time? Per the majority of voting members, a member can only host two comps or challenges at a time. This includes comps and challenges created in sub-groups. 


What kind of support can people who host challenges, contests and competitions expect? Admin post links to contest and challenges where they are easily accessed by members and visitors. Links will be displayed for two weeks after the end of the contest. After that time, links will be available in the group archive, subject to the site rules.


How long will inactive discussions appear? The new rules say that anything that has been inactive for more than 3 weeks may be deleted. 


Issue 7:

In keeping with new guidelines and site rules, how do we keep our group Twilight-themed? The group layout design and icons will be Twilight related.  Encourage Twilight-themed contests. 


Issue 8: Rate My Graphic

In the past, rating visual artists and art work has resulted in problems and complaints. Any member or artist can request review or critique from a fellow member. This is better done privately. People who post their work in discussions for the purpose of receiving a rating from any and everyone, do so at their own risk. The comments of raters who use such discussions to personally attack others, will be deleted.

Issue 9: Member Participation

All organized activities should allow and promote free and fair participation from all members. Artists can not be forced to participate in any activity. Activities that promote the idea that some artists are better than others, including attempts to segregate artists and regulate interaction between banner makers and writers, should not be encouraged.   


Notable quotes to ponder:

Democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms

that have been tried from time to time.


(now how about a Twilight-themed

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.

Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!


Be aware: Extraneous conversation  may be deleted from this discussion. In other words, if it doesn't pertain to a vote, a discussion regarding an issue, raise a new issue or further the cause of  the admin mission to keep the good ship Twilight Banners, Graphics and Tutorials sailing, it will get tossed. 


BTW: Some convo may be screen capped, deleted and reinserted as an attachment under the appropriate convo for purposes of continuity and clarity.

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Replies to This Discussion

Please suggest internal group rules and guidelines here. After we have developed a proposed list of rules, they will be presented to members for a vote in a discussion.


Our creator already established that everyone can create their own discussions.* That includes contests, challenges and the like. The questions here are:  1) What is an 'official' group discussion or contest? Do we hold them? How do we decide what they will be? Should we already be asking members what contests, competitions and challenges that they would like?; 2)  What can admin do to help promote member discussions (including galleries and contests); 3) Should we work out a general guideline for how contests are to be operated and then take it to the membership for a vote? and 4) Will we ask the membership to rescind the right of anyone to create a contest? Please bring other concerns and questions to the discussion.


*see the comment wall

This may be the most important question facing this group.

Okay, First of all, I'm terribly sorry I'm so late jumping into this! I feel awful about that.I'm still trying to sort through a bunch of confusion. I've never admined anything before other than small things at least. I have results from a banner contest I posted in The Banner Group before it was deleted, Annie suggested I make a discussion to post the winners, Is that alright with all of you?


Also I really liked Anna's creativity jumble from Express Yourself, I had originally entered it, but, if youre planning on posting the same one, you can erase my entry if you want. But the creativity jumble was a TON of fun and a REALLY great idea! =D


I have read the TOS, the guidelines, and the site rules! =)


On issues numbers seven and six you mention contests and keeping things within the guidlines and for contests we could things such as colors, the Twilight books' covers all have Black, White, and Red on them, so we could do a contest where your graphic MUST be mainly in those colors, or you could something such as the apple, you MUST have an apple incorporated into your graphic. Or, I may be straying here, but we could do something like taking the actors and creating a banner around your favorite movie that they've been in.

These are just suggestions and my ramblings and such, I hope you like them? XD




We could stay Twilight-Themed by holding Twi-Themed Comps., And also we can stay Semi-Twi-Related, like a vampire/werewolf graphic comp, you know.
I posted the winners from the comp with Annie's permission. So I guess maybe talk it over with another or some of the admins? Or maybe even just send out a message (since you are an admin yourself) to all the other admin saying "I am posting this comp" with helpful links and such.

If someone isn't an admin and they want to start a comp, I think they should send out a message to all the admin asking if they are allowed, or if an admin would host this comp for them?

I think maybe we should gave some designated discussion that constantly gets updated with new comps. Or maybe have each comp a separate discussion, but have like a sort of Comp Directory that way if we have more than one it can be organized. Or since there's still the discussion about the front page going on, maybe we should post all running and open comps on the front page.

Right now, nobody needs permission.... Genn said people could start discussions (look at the comment wall) ... we're all big girls (and a couple of guys). I think people should have whatever contests they want as long as it's fair and open. I prefer challenges and i think everyone who enters should win something. That's especially important for younger and/or less experienced artists. Eventually, the admin will collect their thoughts and present rules and guidelines for the group to the group. Maybe the group will decide to continue to allow anyone to create a comp or maybe they will say they only want admin creating contests. 


In the meantime, Anna posted a discussion and maintains a directory for all kinds of things... including comps and challenges. She also has given a lot of thought to the kind of contests that should be offered. I hope she will share that here.

So I was thinking that perhaps we should begin to plan out some general competitions for the group to have. Anyone is free to create a competition within the group, but I was thinking the competitions to feature work on the front page, perhaps. Of course we can also randomly select work from galleries to put on there, too.


Some questions that come to mind for me are, how often will we hold an icon competition? Another thing I wonder is (because I assume we will be doing this), how often will we hold a group front header competition, and when will we start the first one, and what will it contain? Who will host it? I was thinking that we could have a welcome header, a gallery header (gallery links beneath it), and then a featured work header (featured work below that, obviously). Maybe even a header for the second page for the general group "featured" discussions.


Some other competitions I was thinking we could have could maybe be quote competitions, like take a quote from one of the twilight books/movies and let the member create their own feel on that quote with a graphic. 



When it comes closer to the time of Breaking Dawn, perhaps we can have competitions themed to Breaking Dawn. Quote comp being a quote from that book, Creativity Jumble being a fan fic snippet for that competition, a new header(s) and icon competition, in theme of that. I feel maybe this can also help with trying to get it all to be "twilight themed".


And then maybe have competitions set for how well a member feels they are along within graphic making.Like, have a "beginner" competition, "medium" competition, and "expert" competition. Any member would be eligible to enter any one of the competitions, and they themselves can judge whether or not they feel they are strong enough or not to enter them. I hope that part makes sense. The member themself is the one who decides in which competition they feel they will enter their work. I'm just throwing this one out there, we don't have to do it if we don't want to, though.

I agree. Rating is fine for competitions.


And I think a breaking dawn comp is fine.

Not all admin created contests are automatically official group activities, of course.  If we use, as someone suggested (sorry I'm getting ready for church so I can't look through the convo), Twilight-themed contests to satisfy TTS, should we get started making a schedule now? Are we going to ask the members to vote on how often official contests should be offered and shouldn't the next challenge be layout? There is a discussion in progress about what we want on the pages and it seems only a few people are taking part. Why don't we post the layout comp now and maybe a welcome bannerc challenge and ask the members to vote on how often they think we should change our 'look'. 


Here's another question... how will voting be handled? Does 'win' =  a majority of all voting members or the majority of members voting? Is it practical to use PollDaddy or another third party app to count votes... or will we post discussions to collect votes. 

Like, I think that only the people who enter should vote (not being allowed to vote for themselves), so  the vote wont seem forced.


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