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would you want Alice to be your best friend or Rosalie?

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alice cause shs pixiesh @ i am 2
i think i want alice to be my friend :D
Erhm.... Accually... I wouldn't mind both of them to be my best friend...
But.... I have to go with Alice... She's more friendly than Roselie... And there's something about her.... I can't explain it.... But if you ask if ALice wanted to be my sister... I would say... "HELL YA!"
Alice is nicer but Rosalie is more emotionaly implied in the book and movie and has a lot of sides too her. she is the nice and bad vampire at the same time. although Alice is the party animal and outgoing and i love her personality. uhh i think i like alice better. idk its a close call. Alice could most definitily be more of a freind than rosee. i could get along with her better.:)
Alice!!! she is so nice and funny rosalie shouldnt even try to compete with her
Alice because she's sweet and sincere she makes the perect friend and rosalie is to envious to the fact that bella is human and she holds a grudge i know she has rgrets but she just totally comes off all wrong and i'm not sure if I could hve a frind like that
alice...she is fun and nice and OF COURSE beautiful i love her
Definitely Alice!
ALICE !!! itz obvious


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