The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella, but her parents died in a fire when she was a baby, and miraculously, Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle were on a hunting trip by the house when her parents died.

Edward POV

Hey, Edward, I smell smoke. You wanna check it out?
Emmett's mind came into my head.
I nodded my head in his direction, thinking about Alice's next shopping trip she was planning. Gosh, that girl shops 24/7! We ran towards where Carlisle was hunting a bear. We were in South Dakota, not too far from the house, only a few hundred miles or so. We reached Carlisle and quickly told him about the smoke. His expression changed from calm to worried.
We have to go see who is in the fire! Edward, we could save them.I agreed with Carlisle's thoughts.
We raced towards the burning house, and I was very confused. I could only hear one woman's thoughts clearly, and her husbands thoughts were fuzzy. They were both thinking about their daughter, Bella.
"BELLA!! SOMEONE, ANYONE! SAVE HER!" Both parents were screaming it. Then, their suffering ended. We hadn't gotten there quick enough to save the parents, though I told Carlisle and Em about this "Bella".
We couldn't go into the fire because we might get caught on fire and that means no more us. We kicked open the front door and listened closely for a heartbeat.
Boom, boom, boom. There! A soft as heartbeat as that could only be one of a child's when sleeping.
"Emmett, Edward, stay here just in case she is cut or something."
We nodded. Carlisle came back seconds later with a adorable baby in his arms.
"Edward, is this their daughter?"
"Yes. Her name is Isabella Marie Swan. They call her Bella."
"Alright. Bella it is!"Emmett's booming voice almost shattered the blackened windows. Bella opened her eyes only to curiously look around and when she saw our faces, she just smiled and when back to sleep.
"Emmett!" Carlisle and I hissed at the same time.
"Sorry. I'm not used to being around humans..."
We need to get her back to the house, Edward. Carlisle thought towards me.
Yes, I mouthed. And then, with Bella in Carlisle's safe arms, we started to run in the direction of our house.

Rosalie POV
"When are they coming home? I need to go shopping!!" Alice whined to the fourth time in this hour.
"Alice, they'll come back when they come back. Okay?" Esme exasperatedly repeated.
"And shut up." I added. Alice glared at me but I ignored her, focusing on painting my toenails a bright green color. Suddenly, the door opened and the three of us squealed and ran towards them, only to stop short when we saw and heard who they had in Carlisle's arms.
A baby girl.
Jasper, who had been upstairs looking out the window, came and stood beside Alice with a confused expression on his face like the rest of us. I took a careful step forward like there might be a bomb anywhere.
Carlisle said, "Her name is Bella." I smiled. What a pretty name.
"May I?" I asked, my eyes locked on her.
"Of course." He handed her over to me. If I could cry, I would.
"Bella." I whispered. "Bella." She suddenly stirred and looked up at me with a huge smile on her face.
"Mama." She said angelically. My smile grew.
"Love...Mama..." She whispered before she drifted back to sleep.
"Edward...did she say she loves me?" He nodded. My eyes grew wide in wonder.
"Can we, can we keep her?" Esme and Alice asked at the same time.
"Yes." I answered before anyone could speak.

Bella: Age 6
Bella POV

I woke up to look into the face of my wonderful mother, Rosalie. I smiled, stretched, and yawned.
"Sleepy, Bells?" Daddy asked. I loved that nickname, but only if Mama, Daddy, Auntie Esme or Auntie Alice used it. Never anyone else.
"Maybe..." I said slyly. They smiled.
"I love you." We all said at the same time. I grinned.
"You're funny, Mama!" She laughed. Mama was always so happy.
"Well, let's get you dressed and we can have..." I always finished for her.
"WAFFLES!" They chuckled.
"Okay, my little princess. What do you want to wear today?" Rosie asked. She always let me choose. Sometimes she said I had great fashion taste. What did that mean? I picked out a light green and white Hawaiian print dress and tan flats. Mommy had a tight red shirt and flowy white pants with black, red and white zebra heels and black accessories. Daddy had a white shirt on and a black tie with jeans and brown VANS.
Bella's outfit:
Rosalie + Emmett's outfits:
I skipped downstairs with Mama and Daddy following me.
"Auntie Alice, Auntie Esme, Uncle Carlisle, Uncle Jazzy, Uncle Edward!" I exclaimed, happy to finally get it right!
"Good job, sweetheart!" My two aunts congratulated me.
"Yay!!" I yelled! Carlisle grinned.
"Do you know what day tomorrow is?" He asked. I thought hard. Hmmm. Emmey said he'd beat Uncle Jazzy at arm wrestling tomorrow.
"Daddy's gonna beat Uncle Jazzy at arm wrestling tomorrow!!!" I said. They laughed at me. I frowned, looking around me to see what was so funny. Everyone just laughed harder.
"Mommy, why are they laughing at me?"
"Stop laughing at her!" Mama ordered them. Everyone stopped right then and there. I giggled. Daddy smiled at me.
"No, honey. Tomorrow is your birthday!" Auntie Alice exclaimed almost prancing with excitement. My eyes grew very wide.
"Presents?" I whispered, just to make sure it wasn't a joke.
"Of course!" Mama said. I started jumping up and down, holding onto her arm.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!" She chuckled.
"Not yet my little princess." I frowned and stopped jumping. I looked at each of their faces. I stopped at Auntie Alice and skipped over to her.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!" I told her over and over. She just shook her head. My face fell.
"Oh." I said. My shoulders slumped and I dragged my feet back over to Mama.
"Oh, honey." Auntie Esme said. "It's only until tomorrow." I perked right up.
"Really? You mean it? Tomorrow?! Yay yay yay yay! Everyones' face lit up at the sight of my joy coming back.
"Yes, my princess. Yes." Rosie said to me while stroking my hair.

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send me updates its amazing
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Love it keep going
thanks for all the great comments, everyone!! i appreciate them! if u send me a friend request i'll update you when i can.

when i post, it's usually going to be short because i have much schoolwork to be done, so i wont be that reliable. i'm sorry i'm making you guys wait and everything (i've experienced that with many other fan fictions) so i'll try and post at most, once a day. and its ok if you dont like it, i just felt that rosalie and bella needed to have a great relationship from the start, and so i started this story. thanks for your time and comments, Belward Jaspice Rosmett
Oh this is so cool!

- ♦Ѓeŋeςмee Cųℓℓeŋ♦™
send me updates
thiz iz areally g00d
Once again it is truly amazing I wish you would post this story on my sight as well Debbie
can't wait for more
of ur storyes
lovly work
Esme POV

"Carlisle?" All night I'd been searching for him, but he was nowhere to be seen. Late last night, he said he would go hunting a little ways away, and he hasn't been back. He doesn't answer my calls, I can't catch a scent of him, or anyone else, and I haven't found any dead animals drained of blood. I began to get panicked. What if another vampire kidnapped him, or killed him? What if he's leaving the family because he hates us, or ... if he hates me. I tried to remember a time that I'd upset him, and couldn't recall that I had. The sun was rising now, as my questions were in my mind. My alarm beeped, telling me that it was 6:00, and time for 11 year old Bella to awake. Bella, Rosalie and Alice would be looking for me in a few minutes. I ran back to the house, from where I was only a few miles away, due north. I got back just in time to see a giggling Bella in Rose's arms coming down the stairs.
"Aunt Esme!" She ran towards me, only to see my panicked expression, and stopped in her tracks. "Aunt Esme...What's wrong?" Her voice was filled with concern.
"Bells, honey, go see your Aunt Alice for a minute. Your mother and I need to discuss something for a moment." She immediately heard the urgency in my voice and, confused, walked over to Alice's room, glancing back over her shoulder every few seconds. When I heard the door shut closed, I started telling Rosalie about Carlisle's abrupt disapearence.
She was shaking her head in firm denial. "No. He hasn't left the family, or more importantly, you. He must be sorting things out. I don't know, maybe he'd like to move to a different state, or something. Maybe someone has found out about our secret, and he's turning them or-"
"Rosalie. He might have been kidnapped! He wouldn't just leave like this! This is not him, Rose! And no one could have found out we are vampires because we haven't come out of the house for the last ten years! Carlisle wouldn't change someone just because they knew we're vampires! You know that!" I was dry sobbing by now. "He-he wouldn't leave us!" I cried out. Rosalie stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.
"Mom, I know that. He. Is. Not. Leaving. I'll escort Bella to school and stay home with her while everyone searches for Carlisle. Did you pick up a scent, or any evidence of a fight...?"
"No. I didn't find either. I'll round up the others. We'll leave as soon as we can." She came forward and hugged me, for she was on the verge of an emotional breakdown, too.
"I love you, Mom."
"As I do you." I replied swiftly. In our own tense little bubble, we hadn't noticed everyone had come, except for Bella and Alice, who was probably listening to our conversation. Edward came to my side to comfort me with his presence. Thank you, I thought toward him. He just nodded in response. Emmett was standing my Rosalie's side, trying to reassure her without success. Jasper was trying to calm us all down with his gift, though it wasn't working. I was struggling to pull myself together, while Rosalie had lost control or her emotions and was dry sobbing, too. Out of nowhere, Edward stiffened and said quickly, "Hurry! Bella is coming down the stairs!" Bella! I'd almost forgotton her. But I was too concerned for Carlisle's sake to feel guilty. I straightened up and, with some effort, put on a perfect poker face. Rosalie had done the same. By the time Bella appeared, we'd all turned to look at her in a line, with Edward and Rosalie by my side.
"What is it? What's wrong?" Bella whispered, concern in her eyes as she checked all of our expressions. Anyone could tell that she saw through us. Her eyes narrowed, and she looked to me, to Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and then Jasper, and then back again. She crept over to her mother, and looked at Rosalie with pleading eyes.
"Tell me? Don't sugar-coat it. I'm not a child." She said. When Rosalie didn't say anything, she went over to Edward, knowing he'd tell her the truth about it. Edward and Bella had some sort of connection between them. It wasn't romantic, but it was a family connection. Edward could read Bella's mind like everyone else's, but only when she wanted him to. It was like she could control it. Edward could tell that she desperatley needed to know what we were hiding from her. She mouthed the word Please, over and over again until he finally had to tell her. By that time, Alice had joined us, and was standing beside Jasper.
"Bella, we can't find Carlisle. He went on a hunting trip a few miles away, far enough that I couldn't hear his thoughts, and Esme went looking for him about 2 hours later. She searched all night, and, not finding a trail, or any evidence of a fight or...any pile of ashes,"he choked out,"she came back home and told us the story. You'll be going to school while everyone except you and your mother will be searching for him. Now, you must get ready for school." When she started to object he interrupted her. "No. You will stay home, go to school, do your homework, and most importantly, we will come back with Carlisle, unharmed. Agreed?" She stared at him for a long while. Finally, she nodded and walked over to Rosalie, who scooped her into her arms, held the weeping Bella, cradled her, and ran up the stairs, softly singing a lullaby from her childhood.

Bella POV

No. This is NOT happening. No no no no no no no no! My worst fears were coming to me. My family members. Gone. Dead. Never to come back to me. No. This. Is. Not. Happening. Carlisle. My loving, compassionate uncle, who laughed with me, and comforted me when I cried. Gone. I only was vaguely aware of my beautiful mother dressing me and doing my hair while I cried. No. Not happening. Gone. Carlisle. Uncle. The words swirled inside my head like a broken record, over and over..No. Not happening. Gone. Carlisle. Uncle. No... Rosa-as I often called my mother-washed my face free of the tear streaks. I had no more tears to cry. Just my bleeding heart, the part ripped out when I found Carlisle gone, was throbbing painfully. My outfit was gorgeous, just as Rosa promised, but I paid no attention to it.
Bella's outfit:
As I had no appitite, we drove off to the Junior High. My school was Glenridge Junior High. She walked me inside, and I forced a smile on my face. She took my to my homeroom class, with Mrs. Neet. She kissed my forehead, and walked away. Glancing over her shoulder every few seconds like I'd done earlier in the day, before- no. I will not think of it. I took a deep breath, and walked inside the classroom, only to gain stares from everyone.

thats it 4 2day! sry its not longer!! g2g
i hope Carlisle soon writ emore son
and plz send me updates
Love it i hope she meets jake and the fall in love making edward jealous


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