The Twilight Saga

This is a story about Bella, but her parents died in a fire when she was a baby, and miraculously, Edward, Emmett, and Carlisle were on a hunting trip by the house when her parents died.

Edward POV

Hey, Edward, I smell smoke. You wanna check it out?
Emmett's mind came into my head.
I nodded my head in his direction, thinking about Alice's next shopping trip she was planning. Gosh, that girl shops 24/7! We ran towards where Carlisle was hunting a bear. We were in South Dakota, not too far from the house, only a few hundred miles or so. We reached Carlisle and quickly told him about the smoke. His expression changed from calm to worried.
We have to go see who is in the fire! Edward, we could save them.I agreed with Carlisle's thoughts.
We raced towards the burning house, and I was very confused. I could only hear one woman's thoughts clearly, and her husbands thoughts were fuzzy. They were both thinking about their daughter, Bella.
"BELLA!! SOMEONE, ANYONE! SAVE HER!" Both parents were screaming it. Then, their suffering ended. We hadn't gotten there quick enough to save the parents, though I told Carlisle and Em about this "Bella".
We couldn't go into the fire because we might get caught on fire and that means no more us. We kicked open the front door and listened closely for a heartbeat.
Boom, boom, boom. There! A soft as heartbeat as that could only be one of a child's when sleeping.
"Emmett, Edward, stay here just in case she is cut or something."
We nodded. Carlisle came back seconds later with a adorable baby in his arms.
"Edward, is this their daughter?"
"Yes. Her name is Isabella Marie Swan. They call her Bella."
"Alright. Bella it is!"Emmett's booming voice almost shattered the blackened windows. Bella opened her eyes only to curiously look around and when she saw our faces, she just smiled and when back to sleep.
"Emmett!" Carlisle and I hissed at the same time.
"Sorry. I'm not used to being around humans..."
We need to get her back to the house, Edward. Carlisle thought towards me.
Yes, I mouthed. And then, with Bella in Carlisle's safe arms, we started to run in the direction of our house.

Rosalie POV
"When are they coming home? I need to go shopping!!" Alice whined to the fourth time in this hour.
"Alice, they'll come back when they come back. Okay?" Esme exasperatedly repeated.
"And shut up." I added. Alice glared at me but I ignored her, focusing on painting my toenails a bright green color. Suddenly, the door opened and the three of us squealed and ran towards them, only to stop short when we saw and heard who they had in Carlisle's arms.
A baby girl.
Jasper, who had been upstairs looking out the window, came and stood beside Alice with a confused expression on his face like the rest of us. I took a careful step forward like there might be a bomb anywhere.
Carlisle said, "Her name is Bella." I smiled. What a pretty name.
"May I?" I asked, my eyes locked on her.
"Of course." He handed her over to me. If I could cry, I would.
"Bella." I whispered. "Bella." She suddenly stirred and looked up at me with a huge smile on her face.
"Mama." She said angelically. My smile grew.
"Love...Mama..." She whispered before she drifted back to sleep.
"Edward...did she say she loves me?" He nodded. My eyes grew wide in wonder.
"Can we, can we keep her?" Esme and Alice asked at the same time.
"Yes." I answered before anyone could speak.

Bella: Age 6
Bella POV

I woke up to look into the face of my wonderful mother, Rosalie. I smiled, stretched, and yawned.
"Sleepy, Bells?" Daddy asked. I loved that nickname, but only if Mama, Daddy, Auntie Esme or Auntie Alice used it. Never anyone else.
"Maybe..." I said slyly. They smiled.
"I love you." We all said at the same time. I grinned.
"You're funny, Mama!" She laughed. Mama was always so happy.
"Well, let's get you dressed and we can have..." I always finished for her.
"WAFFLES!" They chuckled.
"Okay, my little princess. What do you want to wear today?" Rosie asked. She always let me choose. Sometimes she said I had great fashion taste. What did that mean? I picked out a light green and white Hawaiian print dress and tan flats. Mommy had a tight red shirt and flowy white pants with black, red and white zebra heels and black accessories. Daddy had a white shirt on and a black tie with jeans and brown VANS.
Bella's outfit:
Rosalie + Emmett's outfits:
I skipped downstairs with Mama and Daddy following me.
"Auntie Alice, Auntie Esme, Uncle Carlisle, Uncle Jazzy, Uncle Edward!" I exclaimed, happy to finally get it right!
"Good job, sweetheart!" My two aunts congratulated me.
"Yay!!" I yelled! Carlisle grinned.
"Do you know what day tomorrow is?" He asked. I thought hard. Hmmm. Emmey said he'd beat Uncle Jazzy at arm wrestling tomorrow.
"Daddy's gonna beat Uncle Jazzy at arm wrestling tomorrow!!!" I said. They laughed at me. I frowned, looking around me to see what was so funny. Everyone just laughed harder.
"Mommy, why are they laughing at me?"
"Stop laughing at her!" Mama ordered them. Everyone stopped right then and there. I giggled. Daddy smiled at me.
"No, honey. Tomorrow is your birthday!" Auntie Alice exclaimed almost prancing with excitement. My eyes grew very wide.
"Presents?" I whispered, just to make sure it wasn't a joke.
"Of course!" Mama said. I started jumping up and down, holding onto her arm.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!" She chuckled.
"Not yet my little princess." I frowned and stopped jumping. I looked at each of their faces. I stopped at Auntie Alice and skipped over to her.
"Tell me, tell me, tell me!!!" I told her over and over. She just shook her head. My face fell.
"Oh." I said. My shoulders slumped and I dragged my feet back over to Mama.
"Oh, honey." Auntie Esme said. "It's only until tomorrow." I perked right up.
"Really? You mean it? Tomorrow?! Yay yay yay yay! Everyones' face lit up at the sight of my joy coming back.
"Yes, my princess. Yes." Rosie said to me while stroking my hair.

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thta was really cute i loved it write more soon
More PLZ and this is so sad with Carlisle
Bella POV

"Hello, and who might you be?" Mrs. Neet asked. I bit my lip while blood flowed to my face, making me blush tomato red. The thought of that just made me blush harder.
"Bella Cullen!" One kid said in recognition. I turned to see who had recognizied me. I gasped. It was Jacob Black! Oh, how I hated that boy! My eyes narrowed. I think I'll play dumb.
"Huh? I-I don't know you." I pretended to stutter over some words. Because my family lied all the time, I had gotten pretty good at it. He cocked his head to the left like a dog. I've always hated dogs, and Jacob reminds me of the foul-smelling creatures.
"But in 5th grade we were in the same class, back in South Dakota!" My eyes went wide. No!! He's going to ruin the secret! I have to stop him! My story was that I would tell everyone that we had just come from New Mexico. Esme and-I forced myself to think the name-Carlisle were pretending to be my real parents, (they claimed they were both in their mid-thirties) and Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Edward, and Rosalie were pretending to be my foster brothers and sisters.
He started to say something more, but I interrupted him. "Oh, yes! Silly me! How could I forget my least favorite classmate?" I blurted out. His face fell and he mumbled something like, "Oh. Sorry." Mrs. Neet was watching the conversation, as was everyone else, and she decided that it was time for us to shut up. But anyone could tell that Jacob didn't have many friends, and even Mrs. Neet disliked him. I knew I was just making his life more miserable, and I felt guilty for that, but no one could feel as depressed as I did now.
"Okay, class! Here, in homeroom you can-" I gasped as a picture formed in front of my eyes, sound that's not there rung in my ears, and my skin felt the temerature and dampness of the cave. I knew it was a Message. I'd only gotten a Message once before, and it was from some random person dying on an abandoned island. The guy was already dead by then. I call them Messages because it was a calling. I felt a loss over the guy dying on the island, and knew he was supposed to be a big part of my life in the future. But this one, this one is VERY different. There was Carlisle, with a composed expression, but panicked eyes. He was telling them something calmly, but I couldn't tell what it was because Mrs. Neet had rushed over to me and was shaking me vigorously, trying to get me out of the trance. I knew what she would see when I got the Message. All of my eye would turn different neon colors seeing things they didn't see, my ears would shake, hearing things they didn't hear, and my skin would seem to be faintly glowing, feeling things they didn't feel. I knew from my family that this wasn't something that every human did. Or any human other than me. sometimes I felt like an outcast, a human girl who had special powers, living with a coven of vampires. Yes, I'd known for almost all my life. Ever since I was able to comprehend words.
"Bella! Bella! Snap out of it! Bella! Can you hear me?! Bella!" Mrs. Neet's panicked voice filled the room. Yes, yes I'm fine, lady. Get away from me, I wanted to say.
"No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine. It's just a muscle spasm."
"But, Bella! Your eyes were different colors and your ears were shaking and your skin was shimmering!! Are you okay? Really, Bella. The truth." Her voice was serious. Suddenly, I realized her hands were extremely cold, she was exquisitely beautiful and her scent was the most beautiful smell that couldn't possibly be human. I gasped and she realized she had crossed a line. I'd never gotten a chance to look into her eyes to see if she was a "vegitarian" vampire or not. I spent the rest of the time puzzling over- but I never got the chance to finish the thought. Alice burst through the doorway.
"I need to take Bella to her dental appointment right now. She has a very severe cavity in her back right molar and-"Suddenly Alice realized that she was talking to another vampire. Alice composed her face, though the other vampire had seen the expression before her poker face.
"Bella and I need to talk to you outsdie the classroom for a moment." Alice said fiercely, and, ignoring the stares, Mrs. Neet and I walked to the doorway and Alice scooped me into her arms, led us down the hall where the other students couldn't see us and stopped and put me down. I hadn't realized I'd closed my eyes until they opened on their own. I gasped, then blushed when I saw Mom and Dad. The whole family was there except for-once again, I had to force myself to think the name-Carlisle. I ran straight towards Rosa and Em. Mom opened her arms a second before I jumped into them. I huddled myself close on her hard, cold body. I finally got the chance to look into Mrs. Neet's eyes. They weren't the red, black, or gold I'd been expecting. They were gray. No vampire that my family had ever come across had gray eyes. Only the red, black, or gold.
"You were planning to kidnap her!" Alice hissed at Mrs. Neet. Edward, I thought towards him, tell me what's going on! Edward leaned over to me and whispered, "She saw you when you got the Message, and when you showed recognition that she was a vampire, she was planning to kidnap you and take your blood. But she can only take the blood of talented humans, and her thirst only comes when she sees a talented human's power. She is a special one. And her name isn't Connie Neet. It's Kimora Adelene. She's from the 1700s." He informed me.
"Yes. It's why I started teaching 6th grade. It's when most special kids start getting their powers and when they can't control them. But-the thirst. Mind-reader, how can you stand it?! I suggest if you want to keep her, get her away from me!" Her eyes went from gray to a shining silver that paralyzed me. I couldn't move- I couldn't breathe. I knew my heart had stopped beating. Everything seemed to be frozen. I knew She might be attacking me, maybe even killing me, but I couldn't feel any pain. My frozen eyes were still stuck on her silver ones. I needed oxygen-fast! But all I could do, was sit here, and wait for her to release me, or die. I knew I was losing my grip on the world. My lungs were screaming for oxygen, but I couldn't do a thing about it. Right now, I wanted to die. I felt searing pain, not like the burning of vampire venom, but almost a fierce aching. I knew it was just an illusion. But I wasn't strong enough to get away from it-to shove it away. I didn't have enough energy to pull back my Shell. Yes, that's what I called it. My family told me that the Volturi called what I had a sheild. I completely dispised the Volturi, so I decided to call it something else. So I called it a Shell. I knew I was just thinking nonsense, my brain was trying to avert my attention from my death.Yes, it was suprising how in a few seconds, you could accept your own death. I focused my attention my my lungs, burning without air, so I might stay alive a little while longer. I was still frozen. Nothing had changed. Except my lungs. My lungs were no longer screaming for air. I knew this was almost death. It was peaceful. Almost death-but not quite. My muscles were uncramping. My eyes were closing. There! This is my chance! I could breathe! But I was so weak. I couldn't do it, though I tried so hard. My death. I knew this day would come. I love you, everyone.

Bella didn't have a cavity. alice came back all the way from alsaka when she had the vision that bella would get a message and Kimora sucking her dry.
Good cliffy.
thanks. i thought of what might happen all day and all night. ;)
i love ur story please keep me updated
love it awesome chapter and story update soon
Like it a lot. Plz keep me posted.
Kimora Adelene POV

"Okay, class! Here in homeroom you can-" Suddenly I was extremely thirsty. I had no idea why I was thirsty. No one in this class had powers yet. I shouldn't be thirsty. Wait- that Bella Cullen girl smelled good earlier today. But I wasn't thirsty then. She must be getting her powers! I thought this all under a second. I have to get her out of that trance she's in because if they're using their powers, I can't freeze them! I watched her for an eightieth of a second. Her skin was glowing, I've seen that one from a girl named Jill Bruckman, she could transport places. Bella's ears were shaking, I've seen that one from a kid named Mark Egan, a dorky kid who could hear minds. (not like Edward or Aro) But her eyes! Her eyes were flashing different neon colors! That is something I haven't seen. Oh, well. She'll be long gone in a minute! She must be the most powerful, because she smells the best in all my years. Poor Bella Cullen-sympathy is over. I rushed over to her, and shook her shoulders lightly for a vampire, but for a human, her bones were almost rattling, though she was quite muscular for a human girl.
I was not a normal vampire. I was the weakest, the one who suffered the least in the transformation. My eyes were neither red or gold, nor black. They are gray. But when I use the freezing power that I have, they turn into a shining silver. After I kill my prey and drink their blood, my eyes are the color of freshly cut grass. I'm different indeed, and I'm the only one of my kind. I don't have the inhuman beauty most vampires have. I look like the most beautiful human, but not so that it's frightening. I can mimic the human heart beat, and I can grow old. I was transformed right after I was born. The special venom was in my DNA. It had always been a part of me. At first, because my body was so small and my blood was so dense with the special venom, I was always crying and screaming. Now, it's just a strong ache that i can ignore at times. My throat doesn't burn, it just feels like someone taking a knife and shoving it down your throat, cutting your flesh. Once again, I thought this all under a second, like a normal vampire would, though I am faster in my thinking than a normal vampire. I am not as physically strong or fast like the average vamp, but I am more witty and less instinctual.
I decided to act like I didn't know what was happening to her."Bella! Bella! Snap out of it! Bella! Can you hear me? Bella!" My perfectly "panicked" voice worked out wonderfully, without a dark laugh seeping through my teeth.
"No, no. I'm fine. I'm fine. It was just a muscle spasm." She told me, hopefully thinking I would believe it. Yeah, right. Apparently, she had already gotten her power before, and knew she had to hide it. Smart girl.I decided to tell her the symptoms of her 'muscle spasm', and try to expose her to the other students. I liked to torture my prey a small amount.
"But Bella! Your eyes were different colors," I heard her heart speed up. Yes! She's panicking. Her face is like an open book. "And your ears were shaking and your skin was shimmering!! Are you okay?" I knew she wouldn't be in about an hour, she'd be dead. "Really, Bella. The truth." I threw that last part in just because it was fun seeing her worried about her secret. Suddenly, she realized something and I followed her eyes to my hands on her shoulders, and she breathed deeply through her nose. She must know about mysecret! No! She can't know! The Volturi will kill me! No, no, no, no! She gasped quietly. I quickly stepped away from her and she caught the movement. The rest of the hour I wouldn't look at her. I began wondering if she was worth killing. No. I must kill her. She's making me thirsty, and let me tell you, thirst hurts. I heard the door being yanked open and a-no. It can't be! Why would a vampire be here?!?
"I need to take Bella to her dental appointment right now," It was obviously just a pretense. She wanted Bella out of here. "She has a very severe cavity in her back right molar and-" I heard her silent gasp. She put on a perfect poker face, and in a calm/urgent voice she said, "Bella and I need to talk to you outside the classroom for a moment."

hey sry for not finishing Kimora's POV. i have some things to do today and i cant write much! tell me if you want me to finish Kimora's POV or go on to the next chap. thx! bye
Keep Writing!!!

love it plz keep me updated


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