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Hello everyone and welcome to my discussion! Here I will be posting all of my work, and I hope that all of you will love it as much as I do! Being an admin, you can ask me any questions that you wish. Go ahead at any time, I would love to answer them! If you would like to just chat, feel free to leave me a comment on my profile or here on my discussion! Thank you all, and have a star-filled day!


 Please feel free to send me an order at any time. Since it takes time in order to achieve the best work possible, my only request is that you are patient with me!


Main Text: (Title if story banner, the name on the banner if icon)

Sub-Text: (optional)

Color Scheme:

Extra Info: (plot of story, ect)

Author: (optional, stories only)

Pictures: (Supply pictures if you wish. Please remember that all pictures may not be included since it does take awhile to try to place things and such. I may also find pictures to put in it, too. But trust me, you'll love the result! You have to trust me when I make your banner, since I'm the artist and know what will exactly make it perfect!)


If you want me to recolor a picture, just post the picture, and tell me what color you need changed. Thanks!


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Forgot a pic... so sorry!

Main Text: Listen To The Rain

Sub-Text:I had lost my protection, my safety...and with that I had lost everything

Color Scheme: Anything dakr, sad, tragic

Extra Info: Its the same as Scarred Heart, I just changed the title

Author: Christine R♥

Pictures:  Ermmmm...I don't have anything but something sad, with fire, or rain will work


Thanks Anna, and sorry I have been coming to you for so many graphics!!!!!

Order for:: Katelyn♥Turtles ;


Glad you do!

Order for:: Moonlight


OMG! I love it! thank you so much ^_^
Glad you like it!
Love your shop! It's gorgeous!
Thank you, Annie! I worked hard on it! :D

Order For:: Christine


Omg Anna thats better than the first one! Thanks!

I really liked the outcome of it, glad that you like it, too! :D


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