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What if Edward loved someone when he was human? Her name is Marie, but on the morning of their wedding, Edward disappeared. The reason? He was bitten by a vampire. The sad thing is, Marie was left in the church,
and pitied by everyone because everybody thought her own groom ran away from
her. Now, Marie was broken-hearted. She does not know what to do with her life
Edward. And she believed them, she believed that her love really left her.
After several months, she disappears too and was never heard of again. When
heard this, as a vampire ofcourse, he searched for ways to kill himself, but Carlisle found him and as all of you know, the Cullen
family started. But Edward yearned for his Marie, and pledged never to love
someone else except Marie.

decades and decades after, Isabella Marie Swan looks so much like Marie. She
does not know her past, because she was adopted in a car crash by her adoptive
parents- Charlie-the chief of police officer, and

Renee, a local doctor of Forks. They all claim she had “amnesia” after the
crash since she remembers nothing. But a year after, her amnesia has done 0%
recovery. She does not even know the faces of her parents, does not know her

address, but the diamond ring she wore since the crash is the only token of her


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Chapter 2

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Chapter 4

Chapter currently being written by me, and in this chapter, my editor gets to write the most parts..and i get to be the editor :D


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and I should warn you, if you don't know yet, I am a master of giving cliffhangers. and twists.Never try reading at night..okay? lol.

Please try reading my other fanfics?

*Golden Eyes-What if Carlisle was Bella's father?

this story's begginign chapters suck. really really suck. There are ohso many grmmar errors, but what can I do? I started writing this since I was 11. Now I'm 13. Maybe I might edit it all. I don't know, but the chapters gets good once you read until the middle.

*Love's Wounds-Bella loves another vampire, a vampire who broke her heart in Phoenix, and when in Forks, she knows EXACTLY what the Cullens are. And she hates
them.Who wouldn't? Vampires are all liars..right?

link does not work so maybe you can find it in my recent activities page. I recommend this story alot:)

head writer: Ѽlittlemisswriter-rexanne
editor: julia cullen

fashion designer: annabeth chase

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Hey guys, here's chapter 3,,chapter 4 will be up as soon as julia sends it to me..sorry this is not the 16 pages promised page, but it's just 3 pages because this is what Julia sent me back right now, and i don't want to keep u waiting any longer thn you did. this chapter is mostly edward's POV and I think it will clear up some confusion..well abit. Enjoy, our readers! and the next chapter will be up..soon.

we suggest you do a recap of the last chapter

CHAPTER 3- History


A century. 100 years have passed since I last saw her.
100 years have passed since fate played a cruel joke on me.

I closed my eyes and tried to shut out the voices, the petty thoughts of the children around me.

Today is just like any other day, a day without her, a day my un-beating heart dies even more. I knew I would trade anything in this world to turn back time and see her smile at me again. Luck wasn’t with me, because I had no soul, no life.

Minutes and Seconds ticked by, seasons changed before my very eyes, years have passed me by in a heartbeat and now she’s out of my reach forever, gone somewhere warm and beautiful and holy. And I could never be any of those things.

She’s gone to heaven, if there’s such a thing, without me.
Bella Pictures, Images and Photos

I will never see the twinkle in her bright eyes; I’ll never be able to kiss her lips ever again, and I’ll never experience the night I’ll cradle her to my chest, and the day I’ll wake up next to her.

The insanity of it all still haunts me. That day was supposed to make me the happiest man alive, but turns out, it was my worst and final nightmare.

August 22. (LOL THAT'S MY birthday..~rexanne)That was the day that never came for me. Every time that day comes, I stare at nothing all day long, turning to my memories of the evening of the 21st of August like a dying man.

The ceiling of my bedroom was pure peach.
Edward Rosalie room Pictures, Images and Photos
I remember my father coming in and telling me it was normal to feel the pressure of being married the next day. I remember my mother came in too, and reminded me to go to sleep early because I still have to get the ring early dawn tomorrow from Hugh, my best friend and best man.

In my time, the best man was the “protector” of the ring.
Hugh was a new member of the town, like us, when we moved here a year ago, so he and I immediately formed a bond. I was still thinking of how I met Marie, when out of nowhere I heard my window breaking.
The first thought that struck me was that it was a thief trying to break into my house the night before my wedding. My superstitious side told me it was a bad omen.
I got up from bed and narrowed my eyes at the possible entrance of the intruder.

What a fool I was.

Suddenly a woman with hair as fine as corn silk was standing right in front of me, her face and body the most perfect I had ever laid eyes on. She was smiling at me, but something was wrong about that smile. It was a predatory grin. Still I could not look away, for she was so beautiful!
Emo Taylor Swift Pictures, Images and Photos
(nevermind the eyes)
I knew that the direction of my thoughts were improper for a soon to be married man, but I just couldn’t look away, I couldn’t even think straight and ask why the bloody hell she was here and how did she enter my room when I was certain it was locked.

She took a step forward, like a lioness testing her prey. Her sinister smile twisted into a fiery glare when she heard me whisper “go away”.

She uttered words so low I wasn’t able to hear, and then she made a very clear hiss like a snake’s and then she grabbed for my neck. The attack was too strong for a lady, it was even too strong for a human!

He shall pay were the words I last heard and then pain hit me.

Pain, misery, and fire tore through my body. The heat was agonizing, and everything meant nothing to me all of a sudden.

When I closed my eyes, there were endless depths of red, but there was a black point.
Reality was red, and giving up life was the other.

I almost happily embraced the darkness, but something stopped me.


And I instantly blamed myself for even thinking of abandoning life and abandoning her.

The fire scorched through my veins, but over time, I became aware of someone telling me something: You’re safe now.

When I woke up Carlisle was hovering over me, and the rest is history.

Three years had passed, and I was certain I wouldn’t be a threat to her, I went back to our town.

The news that greeted me was excruciating.

My best friend moved to another town.
My parents died in a carriage accident.
And my fiancé ran away and was never seen again.

After all these years, 100 and counting, nobody has ever seen her again. I’ve never seen her ever again.
I imagine that she lived a happy life. Complete with a caring husband who took care of her when I couldn’t, gave her children and a family.

The only reason I made it through a century was my family.
family cullen Pictures, Images and Photos
If not for them, I would have ran off to Italy in seconds. I had to make myself survive for them. Another day….

“Edward, it’s time for our 75th year as a junior!” Alice screamed in her thoughts. I sighed and ran to my Volvo, wishing somehow I could see her smile at me again.
My Edward Pictures, Images and Photos
The lunch bell rang, signaling the end of Literature. The humans hang on to us like parasites. I have no idea how long it will take for them to stay away from us. It certainly wasn’t making things easier for Jasper, and I pitied him, but he just had to control it. A girl named Jessica Stanley even had the nerve to ask me to sit with her at lunch. I politely declined. I hummed out Rosalie’s harsh thoughts toward the male humans asking her if she had a boyfriend. I could also hear Emmett’s muscles contracting as he glared at the boy who had just asked her that. Alice’s mind was ordinary, she was just thinking about fashion so I skipped to Jasper. He was thinking about me. Apparently he felt all my emotions. I sighed, feeling ashamed.

~~~~Bella’s First Day (still in Edward's POV)~~~~

The bell rang again for the 122nd time during our time “studying” at this school. I walked out of the room fast, wondering why the human’s thoughts seemed to be thinking of one student: Isabella Marie Swan. The name hurt like hell, and I chose not to read deeper into it. It’s almost a physical ache hearing that name after all this time.

I met up with the rest of my family, and we walked to the noisy cafeteria. The scent of human blood tempted my nose, and I made a mental note to myself to hunt tonight. Everyone’s minds were still full of the transferee, and I scanned the cafeteria to get a good look at the girl who had the fortune to bear Her name. I wanted to see the girl’s face so I could tell myself again that it was impossible to compare Marie to anyone. My eyes arrived on none other than that Stanley girl’s table when I heard a gasp that I caught by accident. My eyes then found a pair of beautiful, warm, shy, deep, chocolate eyes. Then I saw her face.
The Eyes I've Never Seen by: Ruiva Pictures, Images and Photos

She...Marie. No. I wanted to have a closer look, but she turned away so fast I just got a millisecond or two on her to focus. I wanted to run to her table and lift her up in the air, just to satisfy my question of what I just saw. Jasper was staring at me with a dumbfounded expression, and I couldn’t care less.

I felt like a robot-I sat down and pretended to eat God knows what while keeping an eye on the girl. I spied on her every move, she was talking to that Stanley girl and I could tell she knows what that girl is- a complete fake. But I could also tell that she had the grace to at least make the effort to make her friendship believable.

“His name is Edward.” Jessica Stanley filled her in on me.

I hummed out Jessica’s Stanley’s statements about a TV show. I wanted to see the girl’s face so badly, and I could feel that my siblings were getting worried about me now, because I wasn’t answering any of their questions. I just muttered “later” under my breath.

"Edward Cullen is staring at you!!" Jessica said and I silently thanked her, praying she’ll turn my direction. That should give me enough time to really look at her.

My eyes were wide now, barely believing what I just saw. Telling myself that it was a trick of the light.

I couldn’t believe it.

After all these years….

It was her. My angel. My love. My everything.
My un-beating heart weighed heavily on my chest.

My human memories didn’t do her justice,
Now she looks more beautiful, if such a thing were possible.
Her hair, as far as I remember was brunette. But today, when I saw it, it was wrong. All wrong. It was still brunette-but it was a tint or so darker.

Like all the times I replayed in my head, she blushed.

I wanted to run to her, shake her by the tops of her arms, ask her if it’s really her, or if I truly am mad now? I wanted to kiss her, to tell her that it’s me, to ask her where she went and to ask for her forgiveness.

But she just looked at me. I smiled tentatively, feeling like a complete fool incase she is really a new student who just really looks like her in my vision. In other words, I’ve gone around the bend. How many times have I saw that lovely blush flooding her face? And it keeps on getting redder, almost beet red. She turned away quickly, and my world screamed for her to look back. Jasper was yelling in his mind, asking me what my problem was.
She sighed and grew stiff. Abruptly, she shoved all her books back into her bag, grabbed her tray, and jumped up from her seat.

The next part shall be up soon! Edward's version at biology! :D T\then finally the ultimate question: why did he say "they'll be watching"???

~rexanne and julia

p.s. there's a big clue, an introduction and a big piece of this story's puzzle there. try searching for it... hehe
oh yeah, the pictures.... are not mine (evil grin)
also, 2 major characters were introduced: Hugh (that guy from princess diaries2)and the vampire who changed edward(hehe picture is taylor swift)

thank u
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hey can you please keep me updated? your story is very interesting!!!
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