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What if Edward loved someone when he was human? Her name is Marie, but on the morning of their wedding, Edward disappeared. The reason? He was bitten by a vampire. The sad thing is, Marie was left in the church,
and pitied by everyone because everybody thought her own groom ran away from
her. Now, Marie was broken-hearted. She does not know what to do with her life
Edward. And she believed them, she believed that her love really left her.
After several months, she disappears too and was never heard of again. When
heard this, as a vampire ofcourse, he searched for ways to kill himself, but Carlisle found him and as all of you know, the Cullen
family started. But Edward yearned for his Marie, and pledged never to love
someone else except Marie.

decades and decades after, Isabella Marie Swan looks so much like Marie. She
does not know her past, because she was adopted in a car crash by her adoptive
parents- Charlie-the chief of police officer, and

Renee, a local doctor of Forks. They all claim she had “amnesia” after the
crash since she remembers nothing. But a year after, her amnesia has done 0%
recovery. She does not even know the faces of her parents, does not know her

address, but the diamond ring she wore since the crash is the only token of her


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Chapter 2

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Chapter 4

Chapter currently being written by me, and in this chapter, my editor gets to write the most parts..and i get to be the editor :D


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and I should warn you, if you don't know yet, I am a master of giving cliffhangers. and twists.Never try reading at night..okay? lol.

Please try reading my other fanfics?

*Golden Eyes-What if Carlisle was Bella's father?

this story's begginign chapters suck. really really suck. There are ohso many grmmar errors, but what can I do? I started writing this since I was 11. Now I'm 13. Maybe I might edit it all. I don't know, but the chapters gets good once you read until the middle.

*Love's Wounds-Bella loves another vampire, a vampire who broke her heart in Phoenix, and when in Forks, she knows EXACTLY what the Cullens are. And she hates
them.Who wouldn't? Vampires are all liars..right?

link does not work so maybe you can find it in my recent activities page. I recommend this story alot:)

head writer: Ѽlittlemisswriter-rexanne
editor: julia cullen

fashion designer: annabeth chase

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I think this sounds good!

Nobody's Business
hey people! i just sent the 1st chap to my editor.. :)
done editing,so readers,send messages to rex and DEMAND she post it!I can't wait for all your reactions!
lolz im posting it now:)
sounds really good to me. sorry if i don't sound really enthusiastic right now. my adopted dad died this morning so i am having a really rough time. but the story sounds really good.
thanks, aww sad:( well condolence! i'll post it now:p

Hey guys, thank you for reading, and here is the first chapter finally! :) i want to thank my editor julia cullen for the big help! and please read her fanfic if you like this chapter and story:) i also want to thank annabeth for "maries wedding gown" and "bella's hiking outfit" and one more thing, please forget the ring on "maries wedding dress" it's very pretty but that is not marie's I forgot to tell her to do not add a ring because the ring is on the summary section of anonymous, okay? :)
~~~CHAPTER 1~~~

Dazzling lights. They were the first thing I saw.
Blinking. Ever beautiful.
And the walls.
Old stones, bricks and other majestic pieces.
But the smell didn’t escape me.
Roses, Jasmines, Lilacs…

For some reason, I feel triumphant…and I don’t even know why!
Then slowly I realize I’m in a church. A Church I’ve never been to before.

Wait...Oh God.. there are people everywhere!
And not ordinary people. They are people you only see in movies like Titanic or Romeo and Juliet. They wear old-fashioned clothes. Dazzling women wear their hair in buns and are armed with an elegant fan. They all whisper while looking at me none too friendly. I saw pity and hostility.

With a shock, I realize I’m holding a fresh bouquet of flowers. It was so light that I never actually saw it until I looked down at my hands. I took in my appearance and realized I was wearing a wedding gown. The neckline curves to just below my collar bone.It is embroidered with white lace and pearls.

I’m the bride. I look straight ahead and realize that I have no groom.
Everywhere I look, people seem to be waiting for me to do something.
There were whispers and loud arguing all around me and I hear people saying “she’s a disgrace”.

I see a woman that looks a lot like me, it was like looking at my own reflection. But her hair is a lighter brown than mine with glowing, golden eyes, unlike my deep brown eyes.but maybe it isn’t really golden, maybe it looks like that because the sun reflects on her eyes. But yet, she’s about my age, so it’s impossible that she’s my aunt or mother. Maybe she’s my sister in this dream? She stopped at my place in the aisle and whispered “he’s not coming”.

The people around me shake their heads with tight lips. I feel like the woman in front of me is my only friend and she’s not even hugging me-she just looks at me with pity like everyone else, except that her glance is soft, not like the others who seem to say “you’re a failure” . Her eyes say “I know what you’re going through” She closes her eyes and goes back to her place,

But I don’t see where her place is because I’m running. My bare feet pound pavement as my heart rate quickens and burning tears stream down my cheeks. The lady that looks like me does not follow. No one does. I stop as I hear a soft whisper in my ear and cold breath.

And it all ended. I wake up sweating as the early morning sun beams down on me from the window.
Relax, Bella, Relax, it’s just a dream. A nightmare.
Not real. Not real. Not real. I kept repeating it, over and over in my head. Once I calm down enough, I get up and make my way to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and did my usual morning routine. The familiarity helps me gain composure and the flush slowly recedes from my cheeks. When I’m done, I head down stairs to have breakfast with my family.

How did I get here?
Charlie and Renee adopted me a year ago.
My real parents?
I have no idea.
My past?
Nothing. I don’t remember.

I repeat this epiphany every morning, to make sure that my “amnesia” is under control.
And every morning, as the realization hits me, it brings tears to my eyes but I fight them back. But no, today is my birthday, my 17th birthday, just like what Renee said. Today, I will not cry.


“Where am I?” I heard my own voice mutter silently, and the doctor smiled at me with sad eyes.
“You’re in the hospital sweetie” the doctor said.
“What happened to me?” I could feel the tears burning in my eyes and I wanted to wipe it off, but there were IVs stopping me. I was connected to a machine.
“I’m sorry to say this but you and you’re parents had a car crash…and you are the only one who survived.”

Renee drives me to therapy in companionable silence. I had been going since, well since my amnesia started to clear up. Every week on Thursday, I would sit down in Dr. Denise’s cold office in a vinyl chair that made the back of my legs stick to it. She was a nice woman; she didn’t talk down to me, as if I were crazy, just someone who needed her help. She would ask me every time if I had remembered anything over the week while we were apart and every time, it was the same. No. I hadn’t remembered anything. None of the flashes of memory that were always on the TV shows. My last memory was always the same. Voices. Just voices saying, “She’ll be safe there.” It must have been my real parents because it wasn’t a voice I recognized.
I searched in my memory frantically for an image of my parents and me, but there were none. All I could remember were math formulas, Laws of science, history of the Civil war…and all about things normal people would learn and then completely forget after getting a “B” on the exam. No pretty house, No shopping with a mom, no fighting over the remote with a dad. Nothing.
No! No! NO! I don’t know what to do, I wanted to scream, but that was out of the question, I still felt too weak.
“I can’t remember” By now, my vision was blurry, and everywhere else I looked, there was emptiness.
I noticed that doctor Denise was crying too.
She wiped her tears and excused herself while looking business-like again and scribbled something on her chart.

The day after the car crash that had taken my parents from me, the police talked to me. They said that me and my family had been out to a restaurant and were celebrating my 16th birthday. On the way home, a drunk driver suddenly made a wrong turn and crashed into our car, instantly killing my mom who had been in the passenger seat, the side the drunk driver had crashed into. My father died in the fire that ensued after the collision. They added that the man was in jail now, and promised me that there would be justice served for my loss. They also told me that my parents’ attorney said that I was to be taken care of by my mother’s closest friend-the doctor that had taken care of me when I arrived in the ambulance after the crash. Renee Swan.


Today is my 17th birthday. Exactly a year ago, I was named Charlie and Renee’s daughter. I woke up to the smell of my favourite thing; blueberry pancakes. Renee’s pancakes never tasted quite right. I didn’t understand why she wouldn’t just give up and use bisquik like normal people. She would just laugh and say, “Then it wouldn’t be much of a labor of love.”
I had all but forgotten about the steaming stack of blueberry pancakes when Charlie brought up the subject of school-it’s going to be my first year here at Forks high. I had skipped a year because Charlie said I had been taking advanced classes anyway when I went to school in Anaheim, California. That’s where my parents and I had lived when I was still with them. Or when they were still with me. It always amazed me he knew all about my life before them, especially when I know none.I credited his knowledge about me to the fact that he was chief of police here, it must be his job. Well, I had to believe him, because what choice do I have? I can’t contradict what they say, because I don’t even know if it’s a thing I should contradict. And I also skipped a year because Renee said that “the trauma is too great for me.” It would slow down my recovery and I would be overwhelmed.
I had a lot of obstacles to fight with. The first, my “amnesia” as Renee and half of the hospital staff had explained to me, was supposed to be getting better. But it never did. They also said there were supposed to be triggers of memories that were going to start coming back to me in flashes. But were they right? Big no.
I was nervous of course. I didn’t know anyone here in Forks! I would be the “new girl” tomorrow and the “new girl” who needs “special help” because I had memory loss. After breakfast, I went upstairs and was in the process of cleaning my room when I noticed the ring.

I stared at the ring.

It’s the onlPhotobuckety token of my past, the only thing I have as proof that I had parents. I assume that this was their birthday gift to me, and even if I have no proof of that, I don’t care. It’s too elegant to be a casual accessory anyway, so that’s what I thought when I woke in the hospital wearing it. It’s diamonds smiled at me warmly and I sighed. It’s going to be a boring day. Again.

It was noon when I finished preparing my things. I made a sandwich for myself and Renee asked me if I wanted to go with them grocery shopping but I refused, I said I would study. She smiled at me and she said it was fine.

Finally I was alone. With nothing to do. I watched TV for 5 minutes, but that was boring too. So I turned it off and headed outside.
I went walking in the woods near our house pretty often. I liked to go there to think; it was silent; peaceful. The truth is that somehow the forest is more like my home than Charlie and Renee’s house. Maybe because I didn’t really know where I used to live, but wherever that was, it still felt like home. Renee said that my real parents’ house in California was big, but the lawyers sold it too and all the money my parents left was put in the bank under my name. They told me the total, and sure, it was a big and I mean big amount, but it didn’t matter to me, not when I remembered that I lost my parents for that money. The woods were quiet, the wind purring in my ear, and as soon as I reached my “nest”, a part of the woods with a big rock I liked to sit on. Almost instantly, like everytime I go here in my “nest”,I felt like I was being watched as I sat alone on “my” rock.I hummed to myself but I pushed it back, I really needed time to think. I must have had fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, it was twilight, the only problem is, as usual, I am sure I am tired even though I just fell asleep, as if I did something while sleeping. Ugh. My stepparents wouldn’t worry, at least not that much anyway, for I was notorious for doing this a lot, almost once a week.No, not almost, it’s always. It’s a habit I can’t give up, hard as I try to. It feels like I do something here every week. I don’t know why but when I go here, I always fall asleep and wake up so tired. I always get back late because I fall asleep all the time. And they always believe that. But why would they not? A tiny voice said in my head. I sighed in frustration and made my way to the house.

When I arrived, there was a burned mac and cheese on the stove. I ate it up and Charlie yelled that he was sorry because he burned it. I laughed in response. Renee was taking a bath in the 1st floor bathroom, so I made my way to the 2nd floor for my shower. The rush of the warm water always made me tired so when I was done, I toweled off, blow-dried my hair, and put on my favorite pink pajama pants for bed.

I had a habit of thinking about everything that happened that day before I fell asleep. I remembered my time in the woods and the feeling of being watched. And I remembered my dream earlier. I was thinking of that when another dream began…

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Hey..your plot is so nice..please continue to write..I'm so into it(your story)...thanks for the update..
thank u, :)
Beautifull written, Rexanne. The plot line kid of remind me something from The Vampire Diaries, but everyhting is just so differently written and I could say, that your writing skills are brilliant. Can't wait for more!!!


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