The Twilight Saga

Ok guys and gals of the anti persuasion, here is your place to gather and do your thing. 

You all know the rules and you all know what got the other anti threads deleted.  Please, let's all be cool here and not go down that road again.  If you decide to travel that road once more, we won't be punishing the thread by deletion, we'll simply ban the member. 

Don't claim you haven't been warned!  This is the warning.

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Want me to find a Natalie Portman one for ya? ;))




Mila. I love you, Mila. <3

I second this.


In my search for Natalie, I found Zooey Deschanel. Who is my new human obsession.
She bored me in Your Highness
Didn't see that. She's mainly my obsession because of her singing career and she's married to Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie. I'm seeing 500 Days of Summer soon.
My loves, I must leave you all tonight.Thank you for this pow-wow of wonderfulness.I send you all huggles and luffles <33 Talk to me soon, yes?

Seemingly, bookface is our new home...but this thread is still special, IMHO.



Good night, and good luck.


Awww. My Hannah. <3

Alright. You and I need to Skype soon!

Huggles and luffles and stuff. <3

Have a good night.


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