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Ok guys and gals of the anti persuasion, here is your place to gather and do your thing. 

You all know the rules and you all know what got the other anti threads deleted.  Please, let's all be cool here and not go down that road again.  If you decide to travel that road once more, we won't be punishing the thread by deletion, we'll simply ban the member. 

Don't claim you haven't been warned!  This is the warning.

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How are you? :)
Pretty damn good. : )
Good. :)
I just realized that for being a generally "happy" person, I listen to some really depressing music. XD

I second this.

I realize that for a generally depressing person I listen to really depressing music as well.

Samie Jayden and Lexus Amaanda. I would go lesbian for them.

Naya Rivera:

I have to go get a shower and finish homework. And finish watching Ever After - BEST MOVIE EVER. So bye guys. (: <3 Lyn, Luna, you should check my latest post on Tumblr. :P Dani, I hope we get to talk again soon!

Good night, and good luck.



Ah, alright. *Stalker time*

Byeeeee, we definitely should talk more!


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