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Ok guys and gals of the anti persuasion, here is your place to gather and do your thing. 

You all know the rules and you all know what got the other anti threads deleted.  Please, let's all be cool here and not go down that road again.  If you decide to travel that road once more, we won't be punishing the thread by deletion, we'll simply ban the member. 

Don't claim you haven't been warned!  This is the warning.

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I used to LIVE here.  Snuggie and all. >.>

Now I log in *maybe* once a month.

It's really sad, isn't it? I used to also practically live here and now I come on here for 3 minutes maximum per day, if that.

Going to be Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Halloween.



*high fives*


Okay okay.

So I didn't really take that many pictures during my Peru adventure (that was mostly left to my mother), but here they are:


Whee, waterfall!


 Alpacas! I named the one facing me Dean because the hair on his head was spiked up for some reason.


Roof of a building outside our hotel room in Cusco. The only reason I even took this picture was because of that little plant that decided that this was the perfect place to grow.


Next ones are all from the same place:

Paddy's Irish Pub is easily my favourite place to eat in all of Cusco. It's not very big, but it's got a lot of character. Plus, buy an alcoholic drink and for a mere eleven dollars, you get a t-shirt that says "No Gracias", which is the one phrase you'll use a LOT in the more touristy places.


Sacsayhuaman (pronounced "sexy woman") was really nifty. I didn't go for a picture of the "puma's teeth" walls of the fort, but rather this.  I liked the shapes of the rocks- they kind of reminded me of a waterfall made of stone.


Dr. Pedro clearly liked his time at the Llaqta hotel.

A little hint for when you're staying in Lima: Make sure your hotel is as far from the airport as possible. Not only is the area around the hotel just depressing to look at, but the air quality leaves a lot to be desired. Think diesel truck crashing into a barn. Personally, I'd recommend the Miraflores neighborhood, if only because you're within walking distance of the fantastic Larcomar mall.

I mean the area around the AIRPORT is depressing to look at.


Thinking of going to Peru? Specifically, thinking of going to the higher elevation places like Cusco or Lake Titicaca?

Well, you have two options for dealing with the inevitable altitude sickness: Altitude sickness pills, or a whole lotta coca products.


The pills are easy enough to take. Just follow the directions and you're done. BUT BE WARNED. One of the big things about altitude sickness is that it causes fluid retention in the tissues, and the pills me, my mother and three other people in the group were taking (Diamox, I think) deal with that especially well. And by "especially well", I mean all five of us got incredibly dehydrated and spend three days on the toilet. One of us got so sick she developed blurry vision.

Now, if you're taking the Diamox, your doctor is going to tell you to keep hydrated. WATER IS NOT ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH THIS. It severely messes up your electrolytes, and not even all the water in Lake Titicaca can fix that. Gatorade will be your best friend for the next while. Too bad we figured that out too late. I was so sick I couldn't even see Machu Picchu >:(


If that doesn't sound like fun on a bun to you, you can instead drink plenty of coca tea and pop coca candy like, uh, candy. It probably won't do you any good if you're already feeling the effects of altitude sickness, but if you start taking it before and continue taking it while at higher altitudes, it'll do wonders. And even if you don't have AS, coca tea is pretty good for other things like nausea and headaches.

Another helpful hint: If you're thinking of taking some coca leaves home, make sure they're the dried variety, and make sure you declare them at the airport. The fresh stuff is the first step in making cocaine, and you don't want to be caught leaving Peru with fresh coca leaves unless you're Coca-Cola Inc.


If taking stuff to prevent altitude sickness STILL doesn't sound like something you want to do, then there is another way. Take it slooooooooooooow. Don't over-exert yourself. And limit your alcohol intake until your body acclimatizes.

Curse you James.

Curse you for getting me interested in Corpse Party.*


*even if it's just an "oh god why would anyone make this game" kind of interest

I'm beginning to get the feeling that whoever made this game the first time really really hates kids. And high school.

And sewing. how in god's name would you sneak a pair of sewing scissors into an elementary school anyways. I mean, even in the seventies there must have been some sort of "NO SHARP OBJECTS" rule being enforced.

Cheated and watched the opening to Chapter Five on Youtube.

She mutilated the poor kids first, like, taking her time stabbing them with the sewing scissors, and THEN she ends their agony by snipping their tongues and letting them bleed to death, practically making them beg her for a quick end to their pain the whole time. Although in the case of the poor girl who was stabbed in the head so many times everything above her jaw just disintegrated, I don't think the tongue thing was really necessary.

Coming here now makes me wonder that was this site really that active in the past? :-/


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