The Twilight Saga

Ok guys and gals of the anti persuasion, here is your place to gather and do your thing. 

You all know the rules and you all know what got the other anti threads deleted.  Please, let's all be cool here and not go down that road again.  If you decide to travel that road once more, we won't be punishing the thread by deletion, we'll simply ban the member. 

Don't claim you haven't been warned!  This is the warning.

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Bye, Lyn :(

Good luck for your tests.
Talk to you tomorrow ( my today) XD
Thank ya, my stalker. Bye!
Have a good day tomorrow Lynette. Night. ^.^
Thank you. :) Night.
Well, I feel much better. Me and my friend worked it all out, and I didn't have to use Bludgeon!

See you all late tomorrow, dearies, I'll be with my stepsister all day tomorrow. Now, don't burn down the thread, y'hear? ;)
Bye! Goodnight :D
YE!!! I know you are long gone but had to comment on you being back!!!! Missed you heaps!!
I decided to come back around O:
Just spent an hour and a half of my life, reading through everything I have missed on this thread.
Woww.. There was a lot.
Still... Time to get some breakfast XD


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