The Twilight Saga

Ok guys and gals of the anti persuasion, here is your place to gather and do your thing. 

You all know the rules and you all know what got the other anti threads deleted.  Please, let's all be cool here and not go down that road again.  If you decide to travel that road once more, we won't be punishing the thread by deletion, we'll simply ban the member. 

Don't claim you haven't been warned!  This is the warning.

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Inconsistent? So, you want this deleted so I stay consistent? It's called giving another chance. But, I can be robotic and rigid if you prefer. I swear, sometimes I just sit here shaking my head.
I agree with ModeratorKaty, She's giving you guys another chance, please dont waste it.
Rightly so.

You don't throw away the bunch for one or two rotten apples.
You toss out the apples.
Of course it would, why wouldn't it? But speaking for myself, I would like to have a place to come to chat, debate or what not. And let my opinions be accepted for what they are.
Yes they are, but to be honest, without a so- called- Mother thread, or what not, I don't post as much on TTS as what I did when there was one. This way, if the Fans would like to come in here to post directly to us, it benefits us both. There are threads are all over the website that are just mainly for fans, sure I could put in my two cents, but I don't want to "interfere" with anothers fun and result in a ban or warning.
Legitimately disagreeing with someone and being disruptive are two different things.
But sometimes those legitimately disagreeing with someone winds up getting taken the wrong way. You know, internet and all.
I know, fans are also guilty of being disruptive and abusive at times, that's when you have to decide if arguing a point with someone unreasonable is worth it or not.
How does this interfere with fans? This thread can possibly show them that we arn't as mean as some people make us out to be. Furthermore, can bring us together, and once again, get to know them.
This site is for everyone, not just fans. Maybe with a Mod having it as her own thread can help with the disputes, maybe not. Fans will always ask, that is how it is. They come here expecting it to be just fans, but it's not. I can say about 8 out of 10 times, the Fan who comes in asking really just wants to know. Usually they are new to the site and havn't experienced differing opinions yet. I know why the Mother thread was deleted, I was here for that. As for the others, I'm sure it was disputing, but I didn't really participate in those. Either way, this thread has its pros and cons. Both will come with it.
For the same reason that any thread, which is in use, gets deleted. Not just the Anti / Anti Anti threads were deleted for conflict. Conflict can break out on any thread, on any subject, and end in deletion.

Isn't that a question you should ask a Mod? You of many should know, I don't know the answer to this question. So why ask?


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