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I was reading an article from this morning that Breaking Dawn 2 will have a different ending that the book. Your thoughts?

I'm upset but curious, does this lead to Stephenie writing more? Or is this the push Sumit is doing to create mini series or more movies with.
Please share I'm going nuts!

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I hope Stephenie writes more books and that thare are more movies. i can't wait for BD pt. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read something in a magazine (not that I'm going to believe it till I see it) that she might write a book about Renesmee.

Who know's I think that it's dumb that they are even doing another ending since the ending is final. She is writing Midnight Sun from what I hear.

Oh, I hope she writes MS, I want to read it entirely and have for years!!!! I would like her to do all 4 books!


I don't know/haven't heard anything, but in the previews it shows the Cullens/covens and the Volturi running toward each other, which would hint that there is a battle. But, I don't know. There is so much more she could write with the story as-is.. Jacob and Nessie, Bella and Edward.. Charlie, Renee. I would love to see her write more.

As long as none of the cullons get killed of that would be changing the story to much it wouuin it DON'T DO IT NONONONO!!!!!!!!!!

She was writing midnight sun, but some confident put it on the internet so she quit writing it. This is the first i have heard anything about a different ending. From what i understood she made it clear that no-one could be killed that wasn't done so in the book. I am curious at them running torwards one another, but i wander if it is before the talk begins. I have wandered and can't wait for two. I hope they put both together on dvd/blue-ray so that they can also put what was cut. Who knows????????

Maybe the ending might be better. I mean yeah it suckz about the change but I'm curios on what they might do. But one things for sure.... Bookz are always better! I do love the movies but............ books always has it first!

I went and saw the score of the movie at the Breaking Dawn movie site and from what I gathered maybe Aro dies in the battle, and from what I saw of the official trailer it is possible that Edward throws Bella into 1 supper awesome ninja type kick into whoever that might be Aro and kills him. Not sure if she gets thrown into Aro or not but one of the songs in the score is called Aro's end and she does get thrown into someone.

I heard on Youtube that The Cullens and The Wolves and some of the other vampires might die. They also included Bella, Edward, Renesmee and Jacob and said they might die to!!! I hope that`s not true!! Cause if it is then that`s messed up!!!!

That is true! i would be like" NOOOOOOOOO!"

Yes they changed the ending which I think is stupid the ending is suppose to be where Edward finally is able to see into Bella's mind that's how it ended in the book and that's how it should end. I don't think it will be the same if they change the ending.


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