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I was reading an article from this morning that Breaking Dawn 2 will have a different ending that the book. Your thoughts?

I'm upset but curious, does this lead to Stephenie writing more? Or is this the push Sumit is doing to create mini series or more movies with.
Please share I'm going nuts!

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Yeah. I`m mad!!! >:[ This is why I like the books better. It`s also not fair because people who haven`t read the book would believe the movie ending is the real ending.

I have not heard about the ending, but if it is true I will be sooooo upset that they changed the ending. What are they thinking?

I know right . ? They should keep it like the book .    >:[ GGRRRR i`m even more mad . hey , did you hear that kristen stewart is gonna make her first public appearance since the cheating scandal surfaced . ?

No, I didn't wow.

I think some of it is just publicity, she cheated, move on with or without her.

Yeah. I don`t get why peopleare hating Rob for breaking up with her if she cheated. They`re all making Kristen Stewart support videos **rolls eyes**. I agree that some of it is probably publicity. Kristen Stewart is 'devastated' or Kristen Stewart is 'depressed' . I don`t think she would go that crazy over a guy, just sayin`. Sorry if this is off topic :/

well,Kristen wasn't exactly making the whole cheating thing a sectet so i think she really didn't care about Rob that much,i just can't believe she did cheat on him i thought they were like the perfect couple,but hey no ones perfect,she made a mistake. : (

OMG!!!!!!!!!what kind of moron would change the ending of the book,that is so not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

stephenie is writing midnight sun, but its just on Edwards point of veiw on the the first I really dought they will make a movie on that.but i read in an article online that stephenie wrote a book about everything after the end of breaking dawn for her sister's birthday,but the book wasn't published.

Yeah. It was all the books together then some of it after BD 2. Her sister is so lucky.

i know i wish i could read it

I would love to read it!!! WAAAAAA!!!!! xDDDD

i would kill to read that book,i just can't believe she didn't publish it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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