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I was reading an article from this morning that Breaking Dawn 2 will have a different ending that the book. Your thoughts?

I'm upset but curious, does this lead to Stephenie writing more? Or is this the push Sumit is doing to create mini series or more movies with.
Please share I'm going nuts!

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yep I read it too, there is a change in the ending but its suppose to be good.. we will see I hope so.

If a cullen does, i will walk up to the theatres screen, and punch and kick a whole lot

i didn't like the book's ending at all. if they changed that uneventful ending, then that would be a GOOD thing. i think we should embrace this change if it is true. =) i think i have an idea of what they changed about the ending. i would have changed it, too if i was in charge. and i just saw the trailor for part 2. =D

I went on Twilight saga's sight for all twilight movie clips, pics and more. I watched the new preview and it shows Bella being chased, but then you see her and Edwards hands come together in the snow and she does a round house kick on a hooded figure. I am looking forward to the scenes that go back in time. I haven't heard anything about anyone dieing, but if it does then Mrs. Meyer let them kill. I would be $^@&&*(() I just hope that what they are showing is right before they get the chance to talk. i did notice the one vampire make a crater though. I just hope they didn't change it. I hope Stephanie does publish MS. I very seriously doubt there will be a movie because she is doing Edwards POV on Twilight. Unless she puts it all in one book. That would be great!!!!!!

I don't think she's touching twilight, it's too "awsome" the way it is. I dont want them to change the ending. I think it would be more dramatic if they fought but let the Vultri get their butts kicked

yes i guess that would be okay,but i would love it if they suck to the original plot,but of corse they won't go through with it,although they changed the ending, still think the Cullens and everyone else will get out safely,they just might have to fight their way out.

Oh yeah I saw that too. I thought they didn't fight though...I guess the director listened to people who said BD needs more action. My friends said that too.

wow!!! is she really working on midnight sun???.....m dying to get into edward's mind....i hope she writes all four and more!!!

ha!your kind of funny,and yes Meyer's is really writing it,if you really want to get into Edwards mind you can go to and cruize around a little until you find a page that gives some info on the book,you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the link and download the first 13 capters of the reminded though its just a rough draft (one of Meyer's best ones i would say).its really amazing,and no there actually kind of long capters.if your a very fast reader like me you will be finished really fast its a great book/rough draft you will LOVE it.Trust me!

I haven't heard about the ending to Breaking Dawn Part 2

I have seen the trailer of Breaking Dawn Part 2(the official trailer) on YouTube. It's REALLY cool!

Where Breaking Dawn Part 1 left off

I have no idea

There isn't suppose to be any fighting in the ending. What I am hoping is what they are showing in preview is what has been added strictly as an alternate ending on Blue-Ray/DVD. I am hoping that Mrs Meyer didn't let them kill any character that wasn't suppose to be. I noticed that Renesme disappears as well. The also show the one guy grabbing ahold of the one sister that sees her sister get killed. I am hoping that what they have put out as the ending in the previews is to get people talking and they added it to only those that buy the movie as an extra and you can change the ending to a fight before the talking.

When the midnight sun will be published?

I can not wait!!!


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