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Anyone looking for a specific kind of story or author's looking for readers? Please click here.

I have an idea that might help everyone. Some people I'm sure get tired of looking for a specific kind of story so here is where you can ask for what you are looking for, by other readers or possibly by the author's reading your request for that particular kind of story. Either way, it's a winner. So if you would like to find that story, please follow the instructions below.

Readers, please describe the stories you're looking for so that other readers and the author's can leave the right links to what you are looking for.

Author's, if you find that someone may be interested in your story, do not leave just the name of your story for that may be hard for them to find. Please leave the link and the synopsis so the reader can decide if that is what they wanted.

Also, readers, if you know of a story that is so good and no one knows about it, leave a link and a small description so that others can decide. I know that I too read stories that many don't read and I can't figure out why they don't but then I realized that it's not so easy searching through all of the stories, so please, if you have any you think others would like, go ahead and leave the link.

I will try my best in routing everyone to where they want to be and if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.

If you're looking for a completed fan fiction that is all human, or one that sticks to the books, or one that is alternate universe (as in, the Twilight characters are all there, but in a different setting or a different time). If you're looking for a crossover (as in, Twilight and Harry Potter etc.). If you're looking for The Vampire Diaries story line. If you're looking for a story that the author has made up their own characters. Anything that you are looking for can be found here. So make sure you are specific in what you want so we can help find it for you. I really want to help everyone, but I can't do it alone. Please post links.


Hello everyone,

When posting, post something in the lines of this so it's clear to the viewers:

A Vampire Diaries story - Caroline and Klaus


In order to end the long feud between the five families of England, King Fell convinces peasant Caroline Forbes to become a princess. She is then sent off to marry Prince Kol Mikaelson as a peace offering between the two kingdoms. Caroline, trying to keep up her royal appearance, despite her non-royal blood, finds herself falling for Kol's older brother, Klaus Mikaelson.

That should do it. I hope everyone will post something, so we can get everyone where they want to be. Also, readers it's always a great thing to comment. Author's, It's always great to reply to those comments.

Best wishes and happy hunting! Delilah

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Hi everyone,

On here for just a few. Have issues going on again. Anyhoo, just wanted to say that when I have enough stories listed in the comments then I will add categories on my thread above with links to make it easier for everyone to find the stories they want without having to dig through all of the comments.

Please add stories or ask for them that you cannot find etc.




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