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Bella & Edward love story!!!

Bella is a vampire that lives alone, but forges her school papers considering she is 17. She lives in an abandon forest close to Forks High School. Edward is in a steady relationship with Tanya and they live with Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, and Carlisle. Would Edward be interested sinse shes the first vampire that goes to Forks High School, drinks animal blood thats outside of his family and he cant read her mind? Would the Cullen clan be curious about Bella? Or would they think that Bella will cause trouble?

It's my first ff, so please tell me what you think. :)

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loving it!  can't wait to read your next chapter.
Im writing the next chapter now. Hopefully post it soon & hope its long enough! Thank you for waiting!!!! :)

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
Here it is!!! Thanks for being patcient! I hope you all enjoy! :)

Ch.2 Edward's POV

It was one of the days I hated the most, the first day of school. I was laying down next to Tayna, my girlfriend and hope to be future wife. Even though we wouldn't be able to have any kids, I still wanted to be with her. I know she isnt my mate, I wasnt looking but I was tired of being alone and she just happened to be the closes thing to me. I love her with all of my unbeaten heart but I knew I wouldnt find anyone else that compared to her and how wonderful she was. She had golden eyes like my family did, and her beautiful strawberry blond hair ended in the middle of her back. We spent all of our time together, there wasnt a moment I didnt want to spend without her. I knew every thought she ever had, I love hearing what she thinks. But sometimes I wish I had alittle mystery instead of knowing everthing. I knew life wasnt perfect so I love what was best for me.
"Edward!!!" Alice called me from her room. I knew that it had to be important so I got up from being with Tanya.
"What Alice? What is it? I asked as I entered the room, she seemed really frighten. I looked on what was going on inside her mind, but everything was moving to fast.
"Edward, something is wrong! There is going to be a new student at Forks High, but a vampire! But I can't sense anything from her! It's like a big shield is around her and I can't see the future cause she's all tangled in it. But I'm geting some wierd feeling from that vampire." Alice kept rambling on and on being extremely worried.
"What are you talking about Alice? What wierd feeling?" She is really going crazy! We were the only vampire clan within miles of Forks. No other vampire lived anywhere near here. Maybe it was just some random persom going through like always.
"There is going to a vampire other than us at Forks High, Edward! Tell me your not worried about exposure. The feeling I'm getting is like I know her, like she is meant to be in our family Edward. I don't know how to explain, it's complicated!" Alice was staring to yell. Yeah, I was alittle worried but not really. I mean if she causes trouble, we can take care of her. But man, Alice was really getting stressed out.
"Okay Alice, this is what we'll do. We'll go to school, find out about her and if she creates problems or plans to, I'll know and we can take care of it from there. Okay?" I hope that was good enough for Alice. Knowing her, she's do anything worth sticking her nose into.
"Okay, Edward. Yeah that's fine." Alice relaxed alittle. I was still watching her face, making sure she hadn't gone insane.
Soon enough Tayna knocked on the door, "Hey guys, school starts in less than an hour so time to get ready." Tayna said in a hurry.
I left Alice in her room, leaving her to her make up and all. I quickly changed and got my stuff for school. I was already on my way to my Volve when I noticed Emmett, and Jasper following me. Five minutes later, Rosalie, Alice and Tayna cam in the care and I drove off to school.

I hope you like it!!! I cant tell you all I updated but I will asap. Thank you for reading!!! Chapter 3 is when the Cullens meet Bella!!! Lots of stuff, hope to update tomorrow!!! :)

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
love it!!!!!! keep me updated :)

********************FRIST COMENT***************************

yea! lol love it post more soon edward is in for a BIG BEAUTIFUL surprise!!!!!!!



Sounds awesome. Can't wait for chapter 3 :)
love it cant what for more!!!!!
please updated soon
Sorry I couldnt update today. But I promise to update tomorrow afternoon! Ill put the meeting in both POV. Thank you for waiting so patiently!!! Ill write promise & ill update you all!!!!! :)

~Alice Cullen** {Elite Pack}
new reader alert! pretty pleae with a cherry on top will you send me updates, please! I love this and rememer its a please WITH A CHERRY on top!!!!!!!!!! (Woo-Hoo BellWard! haha)
Sorry I couldnt update earlier when I said I would. But I will give you a real treat. Hope to write soon. I already wrote it, just putting it up.
Love it! Can't wait to see how it goes!


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